Crepes are selling like hot cakes in London - and now they're coming to Penarth

Crepes are selling like hot cakes in London – and now they’re coming to Penarth

Penarth’s ever-expanding variety of eating-out places is about to be added-to next month with an exciting new enterprise being launched in Glebe St – this time offering something totally different in the town.

The “Crepe  Escape” is a brand new creperie setting-up  in Glebe St to offer Penarth real French-style crepes with a variety of savoury and sweet fillings , along with with unique-to-Penarth fresh-roast coffee and top-quality Italian gelato ice cream.

Penarth entrepreneur Alison Jones of "The Crepe Escape" with restaurant manager Francesco Scarpatti

Penarth entrepreneur Alison Jones of “The Crepe Escape” with restaurant manager Francesco Scarpetta

Behind the enterprise is Alison Jones –  a native Penarth entrepreneur with a distinctly French connection. Alison’s grandmother was a French teacher –  and her mother not only taught French, but ran a business bringing French people who wished to learn English over to Wales to live with local families. As a child herself Alison travelled frequently to France – picking up not only the lingo but also a taste for all things French  .

The real crepes are very thin and can be folded and filled with almost anything - sweet or savoury.

The real crepes are very thin and can be folded and filled with almost anything – sweet or savoury.

Crepes – for the uninitiated – are very thin pancakes  cooked on a hot-plate . They have  ingredients that make them subtly different from ordinary pancakes.  Unlike American crepes (which Alison says – disapprovingly –  are made with baking powder to make them rise)  the crepes in “The Crepe Escape” will be the real authentic thing.

The crepes will be served along with a choice of fillings including cheese and ham, smoked salmon,  cream cheese and chives and garlic mushrooms.  Customers will also be able to opt for the sweeter variety of crepes with flavours like  banana, toffee,  and fruits. The special coffee will be blended and roasted especially for the Glebe St restaurant by Peter James in  Ross on Wye .

Also on the menu will be award-winning gelato Italian ice cream (which Alison emphases is not the same as ordinary ice-cream ) made from Jersey cream and natural ingredients in season .

There's another six weeks of work before the Glebe St premises will be ready for the opening of "The Crepe Escape"

There’s another six weeks of work before the Glebe St premises will be ready for the opening of “The Crepe Escape”

The brand-name  The Crepe Escape, Alison hopes, will not only have connotations of the famous movie but is also  suggest a rather nice place to drop in and have a coffee and a  pancake and “escape from the world“.

Right now, a stem-to-stern refurbishment of the Glebe St premises is underway . The Crepe Escape with Italian manager Francesco Scarpatti at the helm will be opening in mid-April .


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  1. CoexistinPenarth says:

    Uh oh! This does not bode well for my diet!!! This looks amazing, much luck to them both!

  2. lloydmedley says:

    The name doesn’t work though, assume it’s trying to sound like the great escape.

  3. Jane says:

    Can’t wait – sounds wonderful! I fancy the banana filling but will need to try them all to establish a favourite.

  4. Christopher David says:

    Well Lloyd I think personally the name works very well, or course it sounds like the Great Escape! I see you’re point though as it is pronounced crep not crape, I still like it. This should go down well with really good French coffee et al to support it. Proper steamed bean continental coffee is much better than the environmentally damaging muck the big chains chuck out. Crepe cafe’s are a hit in London and boy is it a big hit on France- of course. My favourites are plain with lemon juice and a little sugar but the fillings are nice. Jolly good luck. Just get it right……please.

  5. The very best of luck, looking forward to tasting these! On a serious note, it will be really good to have somewhere that a) won’t cost the earth and b) will be suitable for families.

  6. Christopher David says:

    Couldn’t agree more Funkey team as long as the children are properly behaved as they are in France and we don’t see little Justin and Tracy-Mercedes running around and “expressing” themselves 😉

  7. des lloyd says:

    Wow! Things are just getting better and better. Good luck with this enterprise.

  8. Fishhenge says:

    Good luck ! It’s time to rename Glebe Street as Caroline Street….

  9. Yes!
    We like food …. we like new businesses …. double win
    welcome to Penarth (in a business sense )
    Good Luck
    Team Bottle Shop

  10. hopenotnasty says:

    C’est magnifique. We normally use the “creepery” at Victoria park which is delightful. We look forward to the opening and wish them both well with their new enterprise.

  11. Christopher David says:

    Spot on Bottley- by the way. How’s you’re LinkedIn training going? 😉

  12. Christopher David says:

    No probs- biz is biz. Ps… you ….should be “you” eh! France beckons now- bring ya back some wine 😉

  13. Christopher David says:

    Euro a ltr if you take your own plastic bottle to the Cave. And believe you me at 2 in the morning they’re drinking it with gusto and appreciation- “Connoisseurs” included, but don’t tell anyone.

  14. The Crêpe Escape says:

    Thank you all for your kind comments and support I am overwhelmed with the support I have had. I will do my best to make it everything you hope it will be.
    My sister also commented on the pronunciation of Crêpe it bugged her too and I see where you are coming from. It is only a bit of fun and a play on words.

    • RetailGuru says:

      Go for it Crepe Escape, a super name and I’ll be one of the first to try your offerings. Best of luck!

  15. Christopher David says:

    I concur Ret. I’ll be in France for the opening but will partake of a local offering in Sympatico.
    Good luck Crepe. Ah so that’s your house Ret 😉

  16. Ali's Dad says:

    I am the most lucky person in Penarth, I have had a pretasting, let me tell you the coffee is great, the crepe’s are superb, and I have eaten a lot of crepes in France. You are all in for a treat. The staff I have now also met, they are so friendly and extremely obliging. They are open officially on Monday the 18th .And I havent mentioned the ice cream. You must try some. Go for guys and gals you wont regret it, crepe escape from this world just for a while.

  17. Alan says:

    Hello, I am a 16 year old looking for a job for after the 24th of June. Will it be possible for we to work here if I send you my CV?
    I have previous work experience as a waiter in JRC Global Buffet Cardiff Bay.

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