The "Seaside Gem" referred to in the Sunday Times of 13/3/2016 is, of course, Penarth

The “Seaside Gem” referred to in the Sunday Times of 13/3/2016 is, of course, Penarth

The Sunday Times – which every year assesses and compiles ranked lists of the best places to live in Britain – is putting Penarth at the top of the list of the ten “best places to live”  in  Wales.

The survey, which is due to be published on Sunday March 13th in the annual Sunday Times Best Places to Live Guide – names Penarth as the best place in Wales.

The Sunday Times found out what everyone here already knew - there just isn't anywhere better than Penarth

The Sunday Times discovered what we natives already know – there just isn’t anywhere better than Penarth especially on a bright March morning.

The Sunday Times experts toured 30 towns and villages across the whole of Wales and drew up a shortlist of 10 “Best Places” – but ranked Penarth at the very top.

Penarth's Victorian WIndsor Arcade

Penarth’s Victorian Windsor Arcade

Our Victorian seaside town came out head and shoulders above the attractive Pembrokeshire town of Narberth, the seaside town of Aberystwyth and Monmouth on the border with England.

Also in the running were Abersoch on the Lleyn peninsula, Colwinston (the second Vale of Glamorgan community to be listed) , Crickhowell, Langland, Llanidloes, and Llangollen.

A-Level results day 2015 at Stanwell School. Most parents are delighted with the education their children receive in Penarth

A-Level results day 2015 at Stanwell School. Most parents are delighted with the education their children receive in Penarth

The placings depended on more that just being pretty – they took into account crime rates, house prices and schools performances. Locations were selected for offering “the best quality of life to the widest number of people, and combining desirable features such as a positive community spirit, good local shops and services and attractive outdoor spaces”.

Penarth – known famously as “The Garden by the Sea” –  has a  population of 22,000 and could now be in with a chance in the UK-wide “Best Places to Live” placings

Deputy Mayor of Penarth and Leader of Penarth Town Council Leader Mike Cuddy (Labour St Augustines) is deputy mayor

Clrl Mike Cuddy  (Labour St Augustines)

The Leader of Penarth Town Council and Deputy Mayor of Penarth Cllr Mike Cuddy (Labour St Augustines) has told the Sunday Times “Penarth is a wonderful place to live and we are privileged to have excellent schools, a thriving town centre and great community spirit.”

There will be a second part of the “Best Places to Live” published in The Sunday Times on March 20 which will reveal the best places in the Southwest, Midlands, London and the Northwest, as well as the overall best place to live in the UK.


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  1. Robert Donaldson says:

    Have they seen Dingle station unused platform? Rubbish; litter; building material & rail equipment .

    Not a pretty site for train customers./ visitors, do you have a contact at network rail who can

    Cut back/clear & clean up , I have tried recently to no avail.



    • newsnet says:

      Robert: PDN will look into this. Thanks for the tip-off.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Proud of course but the fact that Penarth is the only Town in the Vale to get a mention makes me feel very sad. Still at least Andrew RT Davies A.M. will be pleased that his
      “UDI for the Little Vale Movement ” clearly thrives in some areas of the Vale. I congratulate the residents of Colwinston sincerely and agree it is a truly beautiful place but note that c. £600000 appears to be the cost of the average house there.
      I look forward to a time in our new brilliant future in the Cardiff Economic Region when all Vale Towns are fighting for first place in the Sunday Times Survey.
      Dingle Road
      I greatly share your contributors concern about Dingle Station.
      “Let’s get it put right asap”
      PTC are about to submit to the Welsh Government Public Consultation on the future of Wales and Borders Rail and will be looking at this Tuesday a. m. next week If you would like to e mail me via PTC or direct on this specific point of Derelict Platforms in relation to associated Environmental, Tourism impact and Health and Safety Issues I would be pleased to assist by adding your concerns to PTC’s submission.
      Please be aware any concerned citizen may submit to this Consultation via the Welsh Government Website. This is a very simple user friendly process I use it myself frequently and have had excellent feedback from Welsh Govt. ( n.b. Closing date IN 7 days18 March 2016) Nice survey from the Sunday Times and for me accurate of course as (Welsh speaking but Internationally renowned ) Llangollen is a great holiday favourite of ours. Sincerest Congratulations once again to all communities in Wales mentioned. Well deserved!

      • Dingle Berry says:

        Typical Labour Councillor, first sentence is full of negativity and criticism of RT Davies who at least produces something for this country, rather than bores us all with endless statistics. I look forward to the sight of Councillors Rapier and Burnett cleaning up Dingle Road station tomorrow.

  2. whatsoccurin says:

    Penarth is a great place but it does have its frustrations-getting out particularly when going East is a nightmare-Culverhouse is frequently congested and having Rover Way near the steelworks as a major route is embarrassing. Parking enforcement in Penarth is non-existent and perhaps we are expecting too much to be able to park at will on the Esplanade-in most Cornish coastal towns and villages it is accepted that you park some distance away and walk in.Local traders who trumpet their value to the town but manage to avoid opening on Bank Holidays. My personal gripe is with the uneven pavements-sending you stumbling like a footballer trying to get a free kick or moving and sending a gallon of muddy water up your leg if it has been raining.
    However in general I think with the parks and pier and the air display last year which will remain in the memory for years ,Penarth does deserve it’s number one rating.

  3. zanksky says:

    Yeh, but come-on Robert, let’s balance the relatively small negatives alongside the many positives about the town – thriving community engagement, excellent schools, great shopping centre, quiet, tree-lined streets, Pier of the Year, great coastal views…. and all this within 10 minutes of a Capital City! .
    …not that I disagree with your comments about Dingle Road station, but that’s something that needs some coordinated pressure on Network Rail – perhaps a discussion that PDN could start!!

  4. Captain Peacock says:

    Only the poor broken uneven road surfaces need to be addressed!

  5. In-The-Know says:

    Has anyone looked at the lane between West Terrace and Bute Cottage? It’s a dumping ground for load of bags filled with some building material? And lots of other refuse. Disgusting!

  6. Fiona Whitfield says:

    Uneven pavements 2 sprains in my first 6 months when I moved back, Dingle Road station needs a tidy I commute to work 3 days a week, but the views are breath taking!

  7. Proud to be Penarth residents and business owners. It’s a great place to shop with friendly people who actually have time to talk; sadly not many places left like that. Sometimes we all forget how lucky we are!

  8. Margaret Phelps says:

    We all want to support the Paget Rooms but on Wednesday there was no notice the performance was cancelled and publicly generally is pathetic

  9. Nick says:

    Only on this blog could an article about our town being named best place to live in Wales be hijacked by a load of miseries having a moan

  10. Lindsay says:

    Completely agree Nick, 12 responses, 7 of them negative, several regulars conspicuous by their absence Don’t worry though, this blog is quite unrepresentative of local people.

    • Frank Evans says:

      The great photo in the Sunday times shows pier 64 with a back drop of trees. Sadly labour decided to cut them all down and nearly caused a land slide! Penarth has prospered in spite of labour best efforts, Lindsay or lyndsay or Mr D. .. the only person with an ear to the ground! ☺

  11. Fishhenge says:

    Congratulations to the residents of Penarth, it is a fantastic place. I’ve been here all my life and love it.

  12. Fiona Whitfield says:

    Well Stanwell School is good but unfortunately my Daughter has to go to the other one !

  13. Frank Evans says:

    What people don’t like to talk about with nearly all of these best places to live thingys is house prices. This excludes all except white middle class, school’s become mainly white middle class, which then become very successful. This encourages other parents to want to move to penarth and pushes up house prices and the cycle continues

  14. AK says:

    We have a beach, a pier and Tony’s pizzas back in town.

    What more could we need ?

  15. Matt says:

    Having lived in various parts of South Wales over the years I can say hand on heart Penarth is a lovely town to live in and I am glad I moved here!

    Sure it isn’t perfect but compared to most places in Wales it offers more positives than negatives.

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