Cog Road is a country route used by tractors and unsuiitable for heavy commuter traffic

The yellow protest poster – one of dozens – says “Say No to Cog Housing”. Cog Road is a B road on the North-West perimeter of Sully village – used by agricultural vehicles –  but a proposal to build up to 500 new homes alongside it could make it – and Penarth – a heavily trafficked commuter route

Residents of Penarth’s southern neighbour – Sully – are galvanising again in opposition to the proposed Taylor Wimpey scheme to build 350 new houses on a grass field on Cog Road – on the north West perimeter of the village.

Ultimately this development would probably contain more than 500 homes with maybe 700 cars – most of which would be choking the local country roads and then heading to – or through – Penarth to add to the existing commuter and school congestion here.

The Contentious Cog Road site in Sully where Taylor Wuimpey want to build 350 - and ultimately over 500 - homes

The contentious Cog Road site in Sully where developers Taylor Wimpey want to build 350 – and ultimately over 500 – new homes

"No to Cog Housing" flyer from the "Saving Sully" organisation urges people to send objections to the Vale council by March 18th.

“No to Cog Housing”: The “Saving Sully” group wants residents to submit objections  by March 18th. (The full-size poster is at the end 0f the item)

The protest group “Saving Sully” is now distributing a new flyer around the village highlighting the traffic problems the new development will create. They claim the existing local roads can’t cope with the extra traffic  and wants local residents to submit objections to the Vale of Glamorgan Council by the deadline of 18 March .

However the implications for congestion in Penarth are potentially just as serious as they are for Sully. In February 2014, when Penarth Town Council had the development on the agenda of its planning committee, the discussion was stifled by the Labour councillors who did not want the matter discussed. (See PDN )

Once the extra traffic from the new Cog Road Estate  has escaped the daily snarl-up in Sully, much of it would be heading  for Lavernock Road / Redlands Road towards Cardiff and would probably also affect other Penarth routes like Victoria Road and Westbourne Road too .

Hundreds of extra vehjcles from Sully would use this junction en route to Cardiff

Hundreds of extra vehicles from Sully would have to use this junction en route to Cardiff

Cllr Anthony Ernest (Conservative Plymouth Ward)

Cllr Anthony Ernest (Conservative Plymouth Ward)

Cllr. Anthony Ernest (Conservative Plymouth Ward ) says “The substantial planning application for 350 new houses in Sully, in addition to other applications believed to be under development in the village, are going to throw a large number of additional cars onto Penarth’s already busy main routes, such as Westbourne Road, Lavernock Road, Plymouth Road and Marine Parade.”

“Almost certainly most of the traffic will be Penarth or Cardiff bound, rather than Barry bound, and if this application, together with that for the Sully Social Club’s proposals for around a further 200 houses, were eventually to be approved, this would have a major impact on Penarth residents and their quality of living.”

Cllr Ernest says he appreciated the need for some new houses in the Vale but “the scale of these likely developments in Sully is out of all proportion, and I hope that Penarth residents will support me in objecting to both the large number of dwellings proposed, as well as a readily-apparent lack of infrastructure and facilities  for the new householders.”

Evenlode Primary School Penarth where pupils accessed inappropriate images" on the internet last week

Evenlode Primary School Penarth – already bursting at the seams – may well have to accommodate some  of the children from the new Taylor Wimpey development at Cog Road, Sully

It’s not just a matter of road congestion; critics also argue that Penarth schools will also be affected.

Cllr Ernest says “Inevitably there will be a further demand for both Primary and Secondary education in the village, and it is inevitable that this demand would shift towards Penarth’s primary sector, such as Evenlode, whilst Stanwell Secondary is already at capacity. Regrettably I do not see any proposals for new schools in the developers’ proposals”

The full size Cog Road Protest flyer is reproduced below:-

"No to Cog Housing" flyer from the "Saving Sully" organisation urges people to send objections to the Vale council by March 18th.

“No to Cog Housing” flyer from the “Saving Sully” organisation urges people to send objections to the Vale council by March 18th.

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  1. Philip Rapier says:

    Why is it the Vale is happy to associate with self styled so called Independent Group Llantwit First until it is time to overcrowd Penarth’s Roads, Schools and Doctor’s Waiting Rooms? Then and only then is it–let’s ” urban sprawl” “Penarth First.”
    I suspect it is part of Andrew RT Davies’ A.M. “UDI” for the Vale master plan. (UDI=Unilateral Declaration of Independence) which he will find is doomed to fail at the Ballot Box in May. Perhaps then we the re-elected Welsh Labour Government will step in and restore sanity by bringing Vale Housing Policy in to Special Measures.(i.e. direct Control by the Welsh Government)

    • Frank Evans says:

      Is it just me but labour are fighting the assembly elections using scare and fear tactics. Labour Councillor Rappier seems to mention RT is most of his posts, perhaps he would do well to let us know what labour will do differently from the last 17 years

    • Philip Rapier says:

      P.S. There is no Housing Crisis in the Vale or the UK as a whole it is a myth created by Westminster, the Developers and other Cementoholics The really clever con is they use the same grossly exaggerated method of ridiculous Population Projection that was used by Attlee at the end of the World War 2.

  2. Jon Rat says:

    So where will our grandchildren live?


    It will one day be our childrens turn to set up home, so why can’t they have the same chances as we did and to stay in area.

    Or do we only want professionals and retired from away, moving in?

  3. Chris Franks says:

    The Tories supported the Local Development Plan with enthusiasm. At every planning committee with few exception they are more than happy to see more house without the necessary traffic improvements. I’m pleased to say that Plaid Councillors did not support the latest Local Development Plan.

  4. Ivor Bagman says:

    There must be some
    Impotence in
    Being Errnest.

  5. A Paddock says:

    Building houses by large corporates is big business (easy money). These big house builders have clearly lobbied the governments and local councils (Free Masons and Buffs et al) to build. They’ll come in, not employ any locals, leave low quality boxes behind and move onto the next loaded – thanks. Destroying villages across the country in the process. I suppose with net migration there is demand but it all seems fishy to me i.e. It’s driven by greed

  6. AK says:

    Plenty of houses already – trouble is, they get snapped up by landlords rather than someone who would like to buy.

    The cost of owning several homes, especially in the same council tax area, needs to be made less attractive.

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