Penarth AM Andrew R T Davies has castigated the Welsh labour Giovernment today after the Labour-controlled Vale of Glamorgan Council voted through another inflation busting council tax hike last week

Penarth AM Andrew R T Davies has today castigated the Welsh Labour Government  after the Labour-controlled Vale of Glamorgan Council voted through another inflation-busting council tax hike last week

Penarth’s Conservative Assembly Member Andrew RT Davies is calling today for the  Welsh Labour Government to freeze Council Tax after last week’s rubber-stamping of Labour’s latest 3.9% Council-Tax hike across the Vale of Glamorgan.

In an ill-tempered meeting last week the full Vale of Glamorgan Council had voted by 23 votes to 20 to fall in line with the 3.9% increase which had already been approved by the council’s ruling ‘cabinet’. (see PDN )

Andrew R T Davies is the leader of the Conservatives in the Welsh Assembly and represents the South Wales Central constituency  – which includes Penarth.

Penarth Conservative AM Andrew R T Davies  - Leader of the Welsh Conservatives

Penarth Conservative AM Andrew R T Davies – Leader of the Welsh Conservatives

He says that since 1997 – during the 17 years the Welsh Labour Government has been in power –  Council Tax in Wales increased by over 150%.  As previously reported by PDN the  so-called “average band-D property” in the Vale of Glamorgan will now be subject to council tax of £1,111.23 – an increase over the current year of £41.67.

Davies says that in recent years, families in Wales have faced the highest council tax rises in the UK.  In England, Council Tax was frozen – but wasn’t in Wales . Households in England  also had the double-protection of council tax referendums on bill rises of 2% or above. No such protection was put in place by the Welsh Labour Government.

Andrew R T Davies says “This is another hammer blow hardworking taxpayers across the Vale of Glamorgan who continue to get a raw deal; plain and simple. The Welsh Labour Government has the power to freeze council tax in Wales but the Finance Minister and Vale Assembly Member has stubbornly refused – again and again. Year after year, English householders have benefited from a Conservative freeze, yet here, the Labour Government snubs taxpayers and stands back while bills rocket.”

Davies adds “For over 17 years, the Labour Party has reigned over soaring council tax and vastly inflated chief executive salaries. Since 1999, council tax under Labour in Wales has risen by 121 per cent which is frankly scandalous.”



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  1. Chris Franks says:

    The Conservative Councillors opposed the use of £1.5 million saving in the council’s bank account to reduce the council tax. This would have increased Council Tax significantly. The Budget masks massive cuts in education and fails to offer any vision in terms of schools, investment in the economy or helping people find work. Labour has mismanaged the budget and is depending on cash put aside for emergencies. Plaid spoke against the increases but I’m afraid to say Labour and the Llantwit Major Independents group won the day.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      The 1.5 million will most likely be needed by the moribund Vale for severance payments and unknown variable expenses when the Vale is abolished and thankfully at last forced to join with Cardiff after Labour win a UK record 5th term to the Assembly in May. (Check it out with Ladbrokes who the odds on favourite Party is to win)
      I agree with Andrew R.T. Davies A.M. absolutely one hundred per cent this rise is regressive and will hit the spending power of people in Penarth. That is unfair but he surely must agree post amalgamation Cardiff and Vale will be allowed to retain more of their own Business Rates. We won’t have to grovel to Westminster for quite so much of our own money back.
      In other words after abolition of the Vale we are more likely to get the Freeze he wants from, reduction in the number of Councillors, efficiency driven economy of scale savings and Welsh Government are less likely to need to go to his friends in Westminster for a handout.

      • Kevin says:

        Phillip appears to have conveniently forgotten that the UK government has handed over hundreds of £millions to the labour run Welsh assembly over the last couple of years specifically earmarked to stop any council tax rises in Wales.

        The labour run Welsh assembly of course refused to pass these £millions over to local authorities resulting in continuing council tax rises.

        One can only speculate whether Phillip’s amnesia over this matter arises from his membership of the very same labour party

      • Frank Evans says:

        He is on about RT again!
        Should change your name to Philip RT Rappier

  2. EH says:

    I agree – scandalous! But why has this not been a bigger issue for years? We barely hear about it on the TV or news. Labour run Wales at all levels and thinks it can tax and spend as it likes, with impunity. There’s been no credible political challenge for a long time. Time for a change…

  3. hopenotnasty says:

    Luckily R T Davies and the tories has no chance of winning outright control of the Welsh assembly. Anyone who is so close to Ian Duncan Smith should be given a very wide berth. Smith has just brought in disgraceful ESA cuts for the disabled voted for by Alun Cairns.
    Davies divides his own party sacking his own AM’s after a disagreement with Nick Bourne and runs the anti-European campaign for Smith in Wales. He also would like to keep the vale fully knowing the duplication of chief officers, councillors, is wasteful. I would put money on him liking Donald Trump.

  4. says:

    The Welsh Assembly tries to protect Local Government from the austerity cuts as much as possible, in contrast to the situation in England, where Parliament has sough to shift responsibility for budget cuts in services to the Local Authorities, and presumably some of the blame.

    As a result the average council tax for a band D property in an English unitary authority is £1484.

    In Wales the average is £1088, and in the Vale of Glamorgan it’s £1069.

    A council tax rise of 3.9% in the Vale doesn’t look too bad by comparison, especially compared with the Local Government Association predictions of council tax arrangements for 2016-17 in England.

    There, 89% of Local Authorities, (LA’s), expect to increase Council Tax, 40% of council say that their budget will lead to cuts in services that are visible to the public, and 82% will be digging in to their reserves. Jonathan Carr-West, the Chief Executive of the Local Government Information Unit, (LGiU), said in a recent report, “Local government finance is a mess. Our research shows that right now councils are cobbling together their finances by using reserves and increasing charging wherever they can.

    Despite a 2.2% cut in funding from the Assembly the Vale of Glamorgan has by contrast managed to protect its most vulnerable residents by increasing the social care budget,( adding an additional £2.2m to ensure funding to look after older residents), and to ensure that schools are funded above the SBA, (including finding an additional £1.2million to meet the changes in employers National Insurance contributions so that schools don’t have to fund it).

    • Kevin Mahoney says:

      The labour party representatives on the Vale of Glamorgan council repeatedly trot out the council tax is higher in England line whilst refusing to accompany such statements with the fact that average wages in Wales are thousands of pounds lower in Wales than in England.

      I pointed this out to labour leader Neil Moore at last weeks meeting in which labour councillors all voted to raise the council tax, and requested that if he used his oft repeated line about tax being higher in England again could he also highlight the disparity in wages.

      He failed to acknowledge my request

      Lis Burnett then got up and trotted out the same, council tax is higher in England line and of course despite having heard my request failed to mention the lower average wage in Wales to England.

      I suppose sticking rigidly to her already prepared speech precluded this as she clearly hadn’t included the wage disparity in her notes

      She did cop for more heckling during her speech than any other that I’ve heard during the 4 years that i have been on the council which may well be an indication of how well her statement was received by other councillors.

  5. Christopher David says:

    Yes the big picture here is get rid of Labour. I’m largely apolitical but Wales is a very unhealthy state to live in. Anyone please but not this feckless lot again.

  6. AK says:

    The UK, the WAG and the Local Authorities are bankrupt because of the profligate borrowing and expenditure of Tony Bliar and his successor in the last Labour Government.

    The Government does not have money -it is tax revenue money or borrowed money.

    If we want more, we have to pay more..

  7. It is wrong that Cllrs. Chris Franks, Mahoney and Rapier do not readily identify themselves as COUNCILLORS when writing in PDN – they might not get such a polite hearing if that were the case !
    Nevertheless, unless Welsh Labour wins more than 30 seats in the Assembly Elections on May 5th, and if the Libs and Plaid do not side with Labour (they usually do of course when the chips are down), then Labour will not get their Local Government Re-Organisation through the Senydd afterwards. Not sure why everybody thinks joining Cardiff is the answere to all ills – just wait and see (or hark back to 1996 for more info).
    Some of us at any rate will welcome “Stay Out” !.

    • Kevin Mahoney says:

      All three mentioned including myself have repeatedly identified themselves as councillors on this site Anthony. Some of us are less vain than others in labelling themselves as councillors in every avenue of life.

      And all three take any criticism sent their way alongside any agreement with their comments.

      I must confess that when asking Vale of Glamorgan council officers for information and they initially addressed me as councillor this and councillor that I asked that they dropped the councillor bit and just refer to me by name as they would with any other member of the public / work colleague and was appalled when a number of them said that many councillors insisted on being addressed as councillor by Vale of Glamorgan staff.

      Which I think just about sums up many of the rather vain people insistent on parading around with their temporary minor titles to the fore.

      Lets hope that you are not one of those people Anthony.

      I note that you have failed to respond to my highlighting of your hypocrisy in voting for a draft LDP whilst a Vale councillor and cabinet member yourself ,which proposed 650 house on the Cog Rd site in Sully which you now say will clog up roads in the Eastern Vale as presented in an article on this site.

      Are you ashamed of your previous support for the plan that proposed such large numbers of housing on this site and avoiding responding?

  8. Christopher David says:

    Well here’s an idea to help freeze council taxes. Firstly Tories and Labour et al are all the same by and large self serving greedy bunch. Westmonster (sic) is worse than the Assemblies. It has a fiddling 650 MP’s, 850 unelected wasters called Lords to “manage 70 million people. USA with 319 million people mange with 525 Senators and Reps!. Welsh AM’s were / are fiddling with the best- Google it. Then you have Cardiff 18 council mangers on between £110,000 and over £200,000 PA +pensions and expenses- that’s the thin end, even the VOG has circa 4 on the port gravy train! They’re all part of the club.
    So savings and efficiency, as far as benefit recipients are concerned, those that have physical and mental disabilities that prevent them working deserve more not less. But I’d scrap benefits for those registered for work and name a new system. I give you “The Community Salary jobs for all act”. All those registered for work would indeed work…. on projects where we are short on services. The formulae would be benefits claimed divided by minimum hourly rate x hours worked for the community. They could receive training to fill in where we are short of semi skilled people and work on street cleaning projects and the like. No free rides. That benefits the unemployed and the community not to mention the economy. Madness to have millions sitting at home getting paid when we are losing services and frankly some areas of the country like Riverside are filthy. So training and networking for those on benefits and able to work. The “benefits” are now switched and enhanced to the individual, add in the community and economy. Now that’s thinking it out and coming up with a solution – but the politicos inc the councillors here won’t back it. No guts and they didn’t think of it- shallow lot eh! And NO Mr lefty it will not have a negative affect on the job economy, planned, set up and managed properly- by pros, some drawn off the job register its win win. I’ve mentioned this to Cllr Earnest who avoids me- and accused him of having no vison or original ideas. He avoids me because he is scared. ANY councillors here with the guts to reply?

  9. hopenotnasty says:

    I believe Sweden has a system where the unemployed are compelled to work in the public or private sector. They are also offered training. If they do not comply the benefit is stopped. People can voluntarily refuse to work but again they lose the benefit.

    Obviously many thousands of people in the UK cannot work due to serious injury, brain injury as one example. I do hope you’re not suggesting these unfortunate people should be targeted as well?

    As for the scheme in Sweden there must be consequences for the community as not everyone would adhere to rules. This could result in serious begging outside shops in our nice place to live. Crime would also rise. This is a subject which has no easy solution but certainly merits further discussion as long as safeguards are put in place for the vulnerabe.

    Christopher I am not a Councillor.

  10. Chris John says:

    Christopher David, you are not apolitical ! And Andrew R T is NOT Penarth Am, he is the South Wales AM

  11. Christopher David says:

    Jeeez I wish you chaps could read. Hopenasty (who are you?) I made it clear those genuinely disadvantaged should actually receive MORE. Don’t be patronising. C John what do you mean? Demonstrate I am not apolitical and what the hell are you on about re Andrew R T?

    • hopenotnasty says:

      Just sick of the U.K. Government picking on the disabled. Saying one thing and then doing the opposite. I can read but wary of people’s motives. Oh and I agree with Chis John if your apolitical I will eat my hat. As for R T Davies represents South Wales which includes Penarth. A Tory list candidate not really elected by the public.

  12. Christopher David says:

    Well hopenasty (who are you?) I wouldn’t be so stupid or dishonest to “say” something I didn’t mean in print. You could be a bit more charitable and get you facts right. I made it clear the real disadvantaged need more support and the genuine jobseekers and workshy should contribute to that. As for me having a political motivation give me one example where I’ve supported a party (not a policy- there’s a difference) here or anywhere else. If I am- or will become anything it will be green- we’ll all HAVE to be green one day but at the moment they aren’t professional enough to support. So unless you have facts its best you keep your unfounded opinions to yourself or maybe I’ll make things up about you- whoever you are. Have the guts to give us your name. Ps- tomato sauce goes well with a red beret- eat sonny.

    • hopenotnasty says:

      Oops! You sound like a bully. Throwing toy’s out of the pram will not help. I suggest you read your first blog on this thread which clearly shows a political leaning. Your slur against all elected MP’s Am’s and Lords is appalling.
      Surely you’re not the editor of PDN?

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