The incorrectly translated red road signs had to be be swiftly modified to save further embarrassment

The incorrectly-translated red road signs had to be swiftly modified to save further embarrassment (Photo Catrin Awoyemi)

Warning signs have been set out on Vale of Glamorgan roads in Penarth Marina this week to alert motorists about that massive Cardiff half-marathon race that’ll be coming along Penarth Road and through the Marina at the Easter weekend.

…But there’s been an embarrassing snag. The signs are bi-lingual…. And something fairly vital appears to have been – as they say – “lost in translation”. 

The Welsh-language wording at the top of the signs says the big race is going to be happening on “Sul y Pasg –  meaning ‘Easter Sunday’.

The English wording however, tells motorists the race will be happening 24 hours earlier  – on Easter Saturday” – which means –  umm  – ‘Easter Saturday’. …The Welsh translation was close – but not quite close enough ; 24-hours out in fact.

A highway engineer gets ready to stick on a replacement translation.

A highway engineer gets ready to stick on a replacement – corrected – translation .

Today, to try to recover the calendar confusion and to save officials’ blushes, a hit-squad of yellow-jacketed highway-sign guys have been dashing around Penarth in a van trying to rectify the mistranslated signs and retrieve the situation .

The teams were armed with specially-made amended versions of the wording –  printed out on sticky tape .

Although the signs had been erected on Vale of Glamorgan highways with the permission of the Vale it appears the signs themselves had been supplied by Cardiff Council who admitted they’d got it wrong and were putting it right as quickly as possible .

Every sign had to be changed with a line of new wording being stuck on top of the incorrect verbiage . Now all the errant signs have been corrected and everyone should be aware what day the race is being run . It’s March 26th … Easter Saturday .

The modified signs at least now agrees which date the race will be held on - Easter Saturday

The modified signs now display the correct day for the race – in both Welsh and English

Highway officials are hoping no spoil-sport is going to come along and peel-off their handiwork – otherwise they’ll have to start all over again.


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  1. Brickie says:

    A bit of tippex should do the trick

  2. Captain Peacock says:

    I wonder what that little exercise cost the tax payer ! Bloody nonsense

  3. Frank Evans says:

    Demonstrates what a complete waste this bilingual charade has become. The languages police just reads the English and then complains that the Welsh is a comma or a day out. (More like a century out)

  4. Martin Coffee says:

    Why is Barry putting out these signs? I hope they’re not paying?

    • AK says:

      Who is Barry ? Is he the bloke in the photo ? I think we need to be told !

      Probably double time plus a day in lieu as well.

      Just as well the majority of the officials for the event do so on a voluntary basis

      • A local Penarth Resident says:

        No, there are two blokes one called Barry and the other is called Y-Barri. The later just hangs around and duplicates what-ever Barry does, but being sort of thick, often as not, he just gets it wrong!

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