Lavernock Road Penarth - near the location of yesterday's three car collision

Lavernock Road Penarth – near the location of yesterday’s three car collision

A Penarth man whose family was involved  in a three car collision on Lavernock Road yesterday afternoon has taken to “Twitter” to  criticise the South Wales Police Roads Policing Unit  for not showing-up there.

On Twitter one of the drivers invol;ved in yesterday's crash criticised the Police Road Traffic Unit for not turning up.

On Twitter today Andrew Baker, whose family was involved in the three car collision, criticised the South Wales Police Road Traffic Unit for not turning up.

Mr Baker says that local police units called for the South Wales Roads Policing Unit to attend – but no one arrived. The South Wales Fire and Rescue Service which often turns out to serious crashes to cut people out of wrecked cars – says it was not asked to attend the incident.

The South Wales Roads Policing unit runs its own Twitter page

The South Wales Roads Policing unit runs its own Twitter page

The South Wales Police Roads Policing Unit – based in Barry –  prides itself on nabbing uninsured motorists and drivers with no licences. It runs its own Twitter page on which it displays a constantly-updated rogues-gallery of apprehended vehicles.

Yesterday afternoon’s crash happened at 16:14 at a notorious accident blackspot on Lavernock Road, Penarth – where there have been several previous collisions and where a tragic fatal accident occurred in  December 2014.

Police said later that a BMW a Land Rover and a Toyota had been involved in the multiple crash on avernock Rd at approximately 16.14hrs but no one was seriously hurt. The say  officers were on the scene at 16.33. The road wasn’t re-opened until 18.30hrs.




One Lavernock Road  resident, Mr Eifion Pritchard, is calling for action from the Vale Council  He says  “this latest incident comes as no surprise given the excessive speed at which many vehicles travel and at peak times, the tail backs caused by vehicles turning into  Westbourne Road.”



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  1. Penarthal says:

    A local resident spent about 30 minutes directing traffic away from the accident spot : she then gave it up as many motorists ignored her. Some time later a police van turned up.

  2. AK says:

    4pm, pffft.

    Too close to the end of shift mate.

    Mind how you go.

  3. Ron Foxton says:

    The extremely short arm of the law…

  4. Paul says:

    I completely agree about the speeding on Lavernock road. It’s crazy and so dangerous. It’s not limited to the classic boy racer stereotype either. As a resident it’s reached the point that I’d be happy to see traffic calming measured introduced

    • AK says:

      Traffic calming measures already in place – they are called speed limit signs, give way signs and warning signs.

      What is needed is the return of the traffic cop lurking behind a hedge and jumping out with his radar gun.

      • ruddpl says:

        True, but the police are rarely there at 3 am when someone decides that nice straight stretch of road is best tackled at 60 + mph. I’m no fan of speed bumps and cameras but if people won’t pay attention to the signs then that’s the only option left. Accident on Sunday hadn’t slowed up a single person driving the road at 7:30 this morning

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