The Penarth Clock Roundabout - the hub of the town. The concrete slabs laid on it have disappeared.

The Penarth Clock Roundabout – the hub of the town. The concrete slabs laid on it only last week have now mysteriously disappeared leaving just bare earth.

The Penarth Clock-Roundabout mystery has taken a dramatic new turn – with the mysterious disappearance of  the 30 or so new concrete paving slabs which had been carefully cemented into position there only a week earlier on March 9th.

Normally the roundabout – the “Piccadilly Circus” of Penarth –  is full of colourful spring flowers at this time of year – but so far this year all that’s been in evidence has been  bare brown earth and lots of concrete .

The new paved "patio" installed on Penarth's iconic clock roundabout

The new paved “patio” which had been installed on Penarth’s iconic clock roundabout last week. Now it’s all been removed. No one seems to know why.

The arrival of the paving slabs last week had originally been explained by the Vale of Glamorgan Council as a “Health and Safety” precaution to ensure that crews installing the town’s Christmas Tree wouldn’t accidentally lose their footing when standing on the soft earth, and be at risk of possibly falling over.

Some residents however attributed more sinister motives to the concrete slabs  and speculated that it was all part of a plan to turn Penarth’s Clock Roundabout into another of the defining edifices of the Labour-controlled Vale of Glamorgan Council – a skateboard park.

Now you see then - Now you don't . What a difference a week makes to Penarth's Clock Roundabout.

Now you see it – Now you don’t . What a difference a week makes to Penarth’s Clock Roundabout.

Now however, the expensive concrete paving-slab “patio”  – and the footings on which it was laid –  have disappeared,  Penarth’s Clock Roundabout is just an expanse of bare earth with electrical wires poking up out of it. ….A few plants would have been nice but no doubt it’s all down to austerity.

Puzzled passers-by  accused the Vale Council of seemingly having no sense of direction and apparently going around in circles. They’re asking just what the roundabout redevelopment – and this week’s “re-re-development” –  is actually costing council-tax-payers. With the next council elections only 14 months away – they are also reminding councillors of the old adage that what goes around – comes around.

As for the roundabout contractors actually doing the job – it appears they’re now pretty much back where they started.





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  1. Captain Peacock says:

    It’s for flowers not slabs of stone #standards #peoplepower

  2. This story reminds me of the Sunday Sport story from the 1980s: Lancaster Bomber found on the Moon. (And the follow up story the next Sunday: “Lancaster Bomber: Its Gone!”

  3. David Moorcraft says:

    I’ve spoken to other Penarthians of my (older) age group, and one of the main complaints against this Vale administration is the sheer lack of communication.
    No discourse with their Rate- paying citizens about what they’re doing – or why.
    Which prompts the question – do they know themselves ?

  4. anne says:

    ‘There will will be new herbaceous planting which is more sustainable environmentally and economically’ Li’s Burnett tweeted whatever that will mean …. But we miss the daffodils…

    • Don’t believe what she says. She said the new road onto BARRY ISLAND would be ready by easter last year. WE ARE STILL WAITING. Perhaps she ment easter next year

  5. Christopher David says:

    Ahh Labours VOG haven’t quite got the hang of what J M Keynes was saying eh. Wasters.

  6. Fishhenge says:

    Some deckchairs would be nice.

  7. bizzilizzi says:

    That is Penarth’s ration of new paving stones for the year gone awol.

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