Many of the Vale of Glamorgan Council's "Tourist Information Points " - i.e. noticebioards - are now way out of date.

Many of the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s “Tourist Information Points ” – i.e. noticeboards – are now way out of date.

The Vale of  Glamorgan’s so-called Tourist Information Points (TIPS) – the pavement signboards which partially replaced staffed Tourist Information Offices – are coming in for criticism because they’re so out of date.

In Barry Plaid Cymru councillors are pointing out that the specially-installed signs continue to promote facilities which no longer exist – like the Theatre Royal Cinema which closed in 2008 . Cllr Nic Hodges  (Plaid Baruc) says the out-of-date signs are “Not so much tourist information they are more like a history lesson.”

However the “information” on tourist information boards in Penarth – which were installed around the town in May 2013 – is now equally out of date.

Touists reading the wording displayed on the Penarth Pier "TIP" might well conclude the Pier Pavilion hasn't been re-opened yet

Tourists reading the out-of-date information still being displayed on the Vale Council’s “Tourist Information Point ” at Penarth Pier might well conclude the Pier Pavilion hasn’t been re-opened yet

The most obviously-dated Tourist Information Point sign in Penarth is the one immediately outside the Penarth Pier Pavilion  which says of the Penarth Pier Pavilion : –

“The £4 million project will be completed in October 2013. When it re-opens Penarth Pier Pavilion will ensure that Penarth Pier ranks alongside some of the most beautiful and best-loved piers in the British Isles”  .

Good news. Work has "officially started" on renovating Penarth Pier Pavilion ....but that was back in 2012

Good news! Work has “officially started” on renovating Penarth Pier Pavilion ….but – hang-on – that was back in 2012 – and the project was completed in 2013. This dated information  from the Vale of Glamorgan Council is still on display today.

Reading that, visitors might well conclude that work on Pier Pavilion is still under way and the Pavilion is yet to re-open . In fact the Pavilion re-opened in December 2013 but no one ever got around to modifying the signage.

The notice also invites visitors to cross the Esplanade and to Windsor Court to call at the “marketing and  information Centre”. In fact the Windsor Court premises have long since been closed and are now the up-market seaside retail store “Shore”    which opened in 2014.

The Tourist Information Points do not list all the local licensed taxi firms

The Tourist Information Points do not list all the local licensed taxi firms

The information on all the boards also provides an incomplete list of the names and phone numbers of local  taxi firms even though it is the Vale of Glamorgan Council itself which is responsible for licensing them. Licensed operator Cabs 64 which has now been in operation for some years does not get a mention.

The Vale councillor responsible for the signage is Cllr Lis Burnett (Labour St Augustines) . She is reported to have said work on “upgrading” the 22 Tourist Information Points in Barry began this month.

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  1. Christopher David says:

    Her again! Give her a bigger post it note budget and she can run round posting updates 🙂 Isn’t she the one that’s messed up the beach huts project as well. My guess is few even know they are there.

    • newsnet says:

      Cllr Gwyn John was responsible for the beach huts.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Some years ago a Local boyhood Rugby Hero of mine sadly passed away. He was Chairman of a neighbouring “Local Council” and served with distinction. He played for Wales, Cardiff, and what are now Bradford Bulls and Leeds Rhinos Rugby League Clubs. He was tough and mesmerising enough in skill to play alongside Cliff Morgan at Cardiff before “going North”. He held try scoring records. His cash transfer value today would be in excess of £200.000 in Rugby League.
      I witnessed so called Local Councillors attempt to bully this man in his advanced old age in a way they would not have dared to in his playing days or outside the Council Chamber. His playing weight equivalent would be a muscular 15 stone today.
      Those of us with a passion for our sport and knew of his Rugby League Career felt privileged just to be in the same room as him.
      One thing is absolutely certain no ten a penny tin soldier would have ever dared put an ill mannered post it note on his car and scuttle off and hide round the corner when my hero was in the prime of his playing days.
      They sure would have needed to be able to run fast if they did.

      • Martin gossage says:

        And what is your point in relation to this article??

      • Katherine Dennis says:

        Sad as is your friends passing is, I am not really sure the point of your post?
        Labour Councillor Burnett over re-acted to post-it note gate. Your laughable attempt to offer crumbs of support for her is just about as stupid, as is the so called politicians in the so called assembly acting like spoiled children.

      • Martin gossage says:

        Just what is your point regarding this article.?

  2. Christopher David says:

    Wasn’t it reported here she was responsible for pricing and marketing them? Didn’t she personally turn down a long rental for some voting campaign? Maybe its been misreported or I’m just having a memory lapse. Do tell.

  3. AK says:

    Just fairly typical of the Vale.

    I’m sure plenty of staff noticed they were out of date, and no-one had the authority to remove them without jumping through several layers of committees and management.

    We had computerised TICs at some point, which lasted for about a week before they broke!

  4. Robert says:

    Why isn’t there a timetabled plan for when these notices need to be refreshed, with set dates in the diary?

    Putting the Penarth Pier completion date on the sign seems very short-sighted, with information out-of-date after 5 months. It could have been written assuming it was already completed, with “was completed in 2013”. For shorter-term information, a temporary sticker should have been used.

  5. Christopher David says:

    Thank you newsnet. So whada we got? Too many cooks? Mangled management? certainly a failure and an amateur one at that.

    • Lindsay says:

      What we’ve got is too little funding probably. But hey, it’s much more fun to be offensive.

  6. snoggerdog says:

    i think christopher is a little bit in love with cllr burnett!

  7. Daft o dull says:

    Really should be using digital signage these days, could be used to promote all sorts of events throughout the year.

  8. Christopher David says:

    Oh wow snogger- ya got me XXX

  9. anne says:

    Surely the town council could manage a notice board – obviously beyond the labour Vale of glamorgan council.

  10. Martin gossage says:

    .Penarth Town Council are aware of these anomolies . Tourist information and “revolving” council and event information are on the agenda for the next momentum and Tourism meetings .

  11. whatsoccurin says:

    last year spoke to tourists on the pier who were looking at the timetable for the MV Marine ferry which does the Weston-Flat Holm-Cardiff Bay run. I had to explain to them that was in fact the 2014, not the current timetable and they should look on-line to get up-dated information. What a great advert for the town!

  12. John Guilfoyle says:

    Surely this only goes to show that ‘local’ authorities should be local. a Penarth – or Barry – Council charged with Tourism would get it right, or people would be knocking on their door. It also shows the impossibility of being a member of two councils: one constituency will lose out, and it’s always going to be the one that doesn’t pay the salary.

  13. Martin gossage says:

    PTC is aware of the anomolies .The situation is on the agenda for the momentum and Tourism meetings .

  14. Christopher David says:

    Oh I do hope of before the 2017 plans are made at the….”momentum” meeting. Couldn’t make it up. Or maybe yes you could. A new sit com. Calamity council(s) Armchair amateurs. Two seaside towns run by wanabees that insist in being called councillors and think they meet in “cabinet” cock up everything from meals on wheels budgets to beach huts. Watch as they beat Gavin and Stacey into another division, Out soon on NUTflix.

    • penarthblog says:

      You would be more than welcome to make a contribution to the Momentum Group should you wish to do so. Penarth as you know, is a great place to live, but there are problems, parking being one as well as the state of certain roads and pavements. So if you have any ideas on these or other issues and possible solutions, it would be good to hear them.

  15. Colin says:

    Is there a pier master? Not everyone likes digital boards, as they product placement biased. Where are the said visitors to park? Where are the amusements for everyone? So many missed opportunities.

  16. Anne says:

    There is indeed a ‘pier master’ or a ‘resort management person’ who likes to park his huge gas guzzling 4×4 vehicle in front of the pavilion, a nuisance to tourists who want to take a picture and people seated enjoying an ice cream. Sitting in the vehicle seems to be a large part of his responsibilities.

    • Colin says:

      He does have a shiny roll bar on the gas-guzzler. I’m impressed. !!!!

    • A CLEAR VISION says:

      Why is this Truck Parked on the Promenade. REVERSING PAST PEDESTRIANS (Unsupervised ) ITS A ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN !!! Just a short distance away is a Gated Compound Which could be used.

  17. snoggerdog says:

    talking of which whatever happened to m/v dame shirley bassey,didnt it have a specially designed walkon donated to it by penarth council,never to be seen again!

    • newsnet says:

      It did – but the new gangway (the cost of which was funded by Penarth Civic Society) proved to be too heavy to manhandle up and down the stairways linking the two landing-stage levels beneath the pier and is no longer used.

  18. Christopher David says:

    Well Penarth blog I’m not a councillor. But give me a brief I can work on and I’ll certainly have a look- as long as I’m not wasting mine or anyone else’s time. I wont be back in Penarth until August but if YOU are someone in power message me in private. I can work online- as I do. Litter is one area I have made a few suggestions on but the councillors inc Cllr Ernest refuse to engage!! I have to say though- why are we paying councillor managers over £100,000 PA and the head councillor £48,000 PA if they can’t think and manage?

    • penarthblog says:

      Among the topics at the next Momentum Group meeting are better signage and town centre seating, a subject of particular interest to me. There are other things like street lighting and the state of roads and pavements, but those are things that the Vale Council need to address with a input from Penarth Council. As for litter, I’m not aware that this is a particular problem for Penarth in the national context. Still if you have any views, I would be very happy to pass them on to the town council, after all we want the same thing, a better Penarth.

      • Christopher David says:

        Penblog- I’m sure you mean well but this is pointless. You are anon- I don’t deal with anonymous people. I can go direct myself if needed, you have no power!. This is not a brief. I only WORK on briefs. Some briefs need presence, others can be dealt at arms length. But they all need detail. Otherwise I just comment as do you, but under my own name! You may also have noticed that when radical solutions are offered (I have complied my own brief in one area) the councillors here run scared. They- not exclusively but by and large, look after votes not communities. Some even believe they are important! (call me councillor ha hah) Too important to listen.

      • penarthblog says:

        My name is Des Lloyd and I volunteered for the group to see if I could make a bit of a difference having seen and heard a lot of people complaining about various issues about the town I love and now one of my main concerns and that’s seating, maybe solved. If this happens, I’ll be more than happy.

  19. PENARTH EYE. says:

    Chris Not a Councillor fair enough Offering your services for FREE ? sounds Good. With your VAST Experience having Previously Worked for the WELSH ASSEMBLY ( WELSH OFFICE ) on I guess a tidy salary I hope by August after your Summer Break You will ENLIGHTEN us a little with suggestions on how to Improve some of the MANY points/concerns you seem always to have a view on.

  20. Christopher David says:

    Thank you Mr Lloyd. Refreshing- one of the NDP’s who’ll actually put up their name. My brothers and I are planning a seat for Pen or possible DP for personal reasons- much later in the future we hope. That’s about all I know about the issue. But I will have a look at the momentum group you mention in case there’s a small chance I have something to offer outside the usual comments were all good at! Ta again

  21. For information – the Penarth Town Council’s “Momentum Group” is made up of a number of unpaid and willing volunteers who came together last year to suggest improvements that could be considered in Penarth (not the Vale). The group also has 3 Town Council “Observers” (unpaid) who contribute as well, and also represent the wider Town Council. However the group itself has no budget and its ideas are then considered by the whole council who make the decisions required to effect the ideas.
    The Momentum Group has some very good suggestions about improvements for Penarth and these are under regular consideration by the Town Council.
    Of course a number of the issues are outside the remit of PTC and will have to be addressed by the Vale who have their own priorities.
    I hope this helps to put the situation in a clearer light for residents.of the town.

  22. Christopher David says:

    OK question Cllr Ernest and Mr Des Lloyd.. Does the VOG have what I call a heavy blitz team for rubbish removal and street cleaning? The type that Cardiff council have for cleaning up after events such as internationals. From what I’ve seen of this team they are committed and skilled. If the VOG does- or could have such a squad why not start a proper anti litter and filth campaign as as follows. Advertise a campaign in the press et al warning litterers that a crack down is taking place. Everyone from dog end droppers an gum chuckers to the people that bump takeaway cartons and even bags of rubbish. Follow up with a blitz squad doing various districts on a rota. The blitz must be professional and in depth, not just town centres. Cleaning up gum & graffiti as well as litter / rubbish. The adverting and warnings must be backed up with action. In the long term with “education” it could be a big money saver and take us back to a clean country- just like the civilised towns in mainland Europe! Most people in the UK are civilised and don’t litter. But there is a hard-core that just don’t give damn.

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