Andrew R T Davies has now pledged that a Conservative Government in the Welsh Assembly WILL build the Dinas Powys By-Pass

Penarth AM and  Welsh Conservative Leader Andrew R T Davies has now pledged that a Conservative Government in the Welsh Assembly WILL build the Dinas Powys By-Pass

The Penarth AM and leader of the Conservatives in the Welsh Assembly – Andrew R T Davies has declared that if a Welsh Conservative Government is elected in May the long-mooted Dinas Powys By-pass will be built.

Davies made the pledge at a public session in Dinas Powys at which a number of local people raised concerns regarding traffic levels in the village, and the impact that’s having on congestion and safety.

The Conservatives say a Dinas Powys by-pass would also ease congestion for Penarth motorists  using that route and have undertaken – if elected – to put the scheme into the new Government’s National Transport Plan.

Andrew R T Davies says  “The current transport links to Dinas are completely unacceptable and congestion is a major issue. This makes it difficult for people to get to work and also poses many safety risks for vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly and disabled.”

He added “Labour only need to lose one seat to lose control of the Assembly ” and is campaigning for Tory candidate Ross England to take Labour Vale AM Jane Hutt’s seat in May’s election.

Alun Cairns (Conservative MP Vale of Glamorgan)

Alun Cairns (Conservative MP Vale of Glamorgan)

Last year Alun Cairns (Conservative MP for the Vale of Glamorgan)  had expressed his concern  after it was revealed (by a Vale Council official) that part of the land historically allocated for the proposed Dinas Powys By-Pass  had actually been allocated for  a 300-house development between Murch and Sully Road.

Cairns had said: “I am very concerned that land that was previously allocated for the by-pass will now be used, in part, for housing. I have long called for a by-pass for Dinas Powys to be made a priority. ”

Cllr Dr Ian Johnson (Plaid Cymru, Buttrills Ward, Barry)

Cllr Dr Ian Johnson (Plaid Cymru, Buttrills Ward, Barry)

However Vale Plaid Cymru Cllr Ian Johnson (Buttrills Ward Barry) had said in August 2015 he had  found it   “surprising” that neither Conservative or Labour councillors had actually then backed calls for the Dinas Powys By-Pass  to be included in the Vale of Glamorgan Local  Transport Plan.

The controlling Labour Party in Vale of Glamorgan Council voted comprehensively against the Dinas Powys By-Pass .


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  1. Silverfox7 says:

    a better road to the airport would be better …it would entice Bigger carriers as it has the runway length to take Jumbo jets to do long haul to USA, Middle East i.e. Dubai & Far East destinations

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Whoops! Shameful! Populist! Vote Catching Alert!!!
      Well at last Mr.Alun Cairns MP (Stay in EU) and Mr Andrew R.T. Davies AM
      (Brexit)-seem to agree on something.
      Cardiff’s Labour Controlled Council polcies are to drive people on to Public Transport with sound Traffic Management as PDN accurately described earlier. Andrew R.T Davies wants to drive Bulldozers through Country Park Hinterland.putting sites of ecological and archeological interest at risk The road is totally unnecessary and so are the houses. The population growth stats have been proved wrong since 1945 time and again. The Westminster Government conveniently deceives us and mis- uses them to help keep the Party Donation’s rolling in from the Building Industry. There are approximately 600000 empty homes in the UK at any one time. One house stands empty for every ten people. Most of whom have somewhere to live
      There are 1.3 million Households in Wales ONLY 14,160 households applied to their local authority for homelessness assistance in 2014/15 – an eleven per cent fall on the year before only 36 per cent were accepted as being homeless and in ‘priority need’.(CRISIS Homeless Charity )
      Where are our Granchildren going to live? Have you worked it out? In the empty Houses of course!

  2. Christopher David says:

    Well that makes sense. You cant easily get out or in to Dinas Powys at some times of the day- not helped by the fantasy bus lane. So the VOG solution, build 300 more houses with maybe 4-500 more vehicles using already congested roads. History will look back on these times in Wales with bewilderment and much amusement.

  3. Beth says:

    If they do this, they will get my vote.

  4. Shirley says:

    Tories are all over the place on this topic. All the tory councillors on the Vale voted against including the DP bypass in the VOG transport plan. It was a recorded vote and the Tories all stood up and shouted AGAINST. I don’t trust them.

  5. Timothy Hughes says:

    Andrew Davies’s policy on the M4 relief road tells me all I need to know about the Conservatives understanding of Transport. They intend to undertake a full review, choose the correct solution, complete the public inquiry, undertake initial scheme design, tender and let the contacts, and get the bulldozers on site, all in 12 months. And people wonder why large public construction sometimes comes in over budget.

  6. anne says:

    tories won’t get my vote after cutting £30 a week off disabled peoples benefits to give tax cuts to the wealthy.

  7. Christopher David says:

    Philip Rapier may have a decent answer for once. Although the fact remains DP is a nightmare on times. But maybe that the price we pay for overpopulation. We cant keep running rough shod over our countryside. Witness the unnecessary rape of the Gwent Levels to build a new motorway when their is a better alternative in economic and environmental terms.

  8. Who is this “Shirley” contributor ?? Sounds like a lady who knows the Vale Council very well as she talks about Recorded Votes etc. in the language of a Councillor. Other people would not know about that type of thing (or even care).

  9. Christopher David says:

    How do you know its a she?. But if “she” comes up with some original ideas and isn’t afraid to take a challenge then great- fresh air. But probably not, looks usual scaredy cat hiding behind a NDP.

  10. Andrew sarchus says:

    I’m not sure its an avatar you have Mr Ernest- but I get what you may mean. However as some have observed you do avoid challenges……..don’t you?

  11. Shirley says:

    How do I get an avatar on this site. I demand I have one. And I must look at least 20yrs younger in it. Avatar aside I describe what I saw at a Vale full council meeting whilst sat in the public gallery. Tories all shouted AGAINST. Haven’t seen former Vale Tory councillor Anthony Earnest there once since he lost his paid position.

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