Morel Court the Methodist Home for the Aged in Raisdale road

The Morel Court Care Home in Raisdale Road, Penarth

The Morel Court Care Home in Raisdale Road, Penarth is the latest institution to have been subjected to one of the routine regular inspections carried out by the care-home watchdog – the  Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW).

Inspectors say the home – which they say “looks clean and smells fresh” –   provides care of a high quality and encourages residents to remain “active, engaged and as involved with decisions about their own care needs as possible”.

The CSSIW report on Morel Court, Penarth - just published

The CSSIW report on Morel Court, Penarth – just published

Morel Court  cares for 36 people aged 65  and over  and is run by Methodist Homes – but when CSSIW inspectors called unannounced at the home last month they found there was no registered manager there. A newly-appointed manager had just been appointed but was still in the process of becoming registered.  However inspectors found there were no “non-compliance issues”.

Since the last inspection a year ago a new passenger lift has been installed, several bedrooms refurbished and new carpets were being laid. The CSSIW inspectors spoke to many residents who – “without exception”  said they  were content and happy with the service that they received.

One resident said “it’s like a home from home; the staff are very kind and always willing to help”. Another said the staff were “extremely pleasant. I was worried about settling somewhere strange away from home but the transition has been smooth. I don’t have to worry about the upset of my family finding me lying on the floor, because if it happened here someone would be there to help me very quickly”.

Morel Court in Raisdale Road

Morel Court in Raisdale Road

Inspectors also found that relationships between staff and residents were “affectionate, professional and respectful” . They say “comfort and support being offered, witnessed friendship and a sense of neighbourliness, with more able residents assisting less able residents.”  At lunch the inspectors noted that “care and support was discreetly offered so as to preserve the dignity of residents”. Staff worked in a “calm and orderly manner” and said they felt well-supported and happy in their work.

However the CSSIW says that  care workers at the home would benefit from “training to assist them to complete positive behavioural support documentation and to provide them with the confidence and insight to manage situations where residents may display behaviour which challenges others“. That recommendation was acted on immediately and  training opportunities have now been arranged for all careworkers.

One interesting feature is the home’s policy of  encouraging residents to continue to visit the local community, but also of inviting  “the community into the home “. Residents told the inspectors that they “love visits from the children who attend a nearby nursery” 

Access to health professionals at the home was “good and timely”  access to health professionals. A chiropodist and a reflexologist visit regularly and there are annual dental and eye checks . Staff also keep a careful eye on  any unintentional weight loss by residents and “skin integrity” – and  medication records were found to be “in good order”.

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  1. Pamela & Alan Armstrong says:

    Well Done and congratulations to all the staff and residents for such a positive report – which accurately conveys the high standard of life at Morel Court. Bless you all.

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