Penarth/South Wales Central UKIP candidate Gareth Bennett - now dubbed the Donald Trump of Wales - being interviewed by Andrew Neil on the BBC 2 Daily Politics programme

Penarth/South Wales Central UKIP candidate Gareth Bennett – now dubbed “the Donald Trump of Wales “– listens to questions from Andrew Neil on the BBC 2 Daily Politics programme

Gareth Bennett,  the prospective UKIP candidate for the South Wales Central constituency –  which includes Penarth – may be de-selected by his party after some uncompromising comments he’s made about the hygiene and bin-bag practices of “Eastern Europeans” who’ve settled in Cardiff’s City Road area.

Discussing  immigration in Wales on Line , Bennett said “I think in Cardiff, the starkest area which has changed completely is City Road” .

He said  “That’s probably where we have a multiplicity, a melting pot of different races all getting on each other’s nerves, I think, and certainly causing lots of problems because of different cultural attitudes, very visible problems of rubbish which is being left on the street uncollected all the time.”

Stephen Woolfe UKIP's spokesman on immigration

Stephen Woolfe UKIP’s spokesman on migration

Two senior UKIP figures moved quickly to quell the controversy.  Migration spokesman Steven Woolfe MEP said there was no room in the party for racist or xenophobic comments and said that  UKIP  was “not anti-immigration” but was “anti uncontrolled immigration only”. UKIP leader in Wales Nathan Gill  has also dissociated the party from Bennett’s comments .

Bennett though, isn’t backing down – and is refusing to withdraw anything he said .

UKIP's Gareth Bennett says the South Wales Echo voiced local residents' concerns before he did

UKIP’s Gareth Bennett says the South Wales Echo voiced local residents’ concerns before he did

On the BBC2 Daily Politics programme Bennett produced a cutting from the South Wales Echo which – before he got involved – had also highlighted the black bag mess in the City Road area and the concerns of local residents about the way some immigrants are –  allegedly – handling household rubbish .

Bennett – now being dubbed “the Donald Trump of Wales” – has  also laid into the Labour Leader of Cardiff Council Phil Bale calling him “brain dead” and adding “That view is widely held in Cardiff even within the Labour party .”

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  1. Brickie says:

    Mr Bennett’s argument is too simplistic. There have been many changes in the past 15 years, not least increased over-packaged takeaways.

  2. penarthblog says:

    No evidence and as Brickie says one of the problems is over packaging, it’s not the only reason as fly tipping in many parts of the country is yet another reason for this as is the decrease in rubbish collections by many councils, so the area in question is but an extreme example of a national problem, which can be seen even in the most affluent areas and even in rural communities. So to blame particular elements of society with no evidence is not only wrong but potentially explosive.

  3. Christopher David says:

    I agree broadly with the above. However putting aside racism, immigration and people spouting off with a hidden agenda what happened to freedom of speech, reality and truth? Racists and terrorists have won if the PC brigade manage to make it a crime to say what you think. I can tell you (for example) Canton and Riverside town areas are filthy. Especially if you go a street back. Its not just a bit of litter, the streets and even gardens are strewn with all sort’s of waste. Britain is a dirty country. I travel extensively in mainland Europe and usually go long haul for a month so on top and I have never seen anywhere as filthy as some areas of the UK. Britain was also very dirty prior to the recent immigration crisis. So are “they” just seeing a precedent and adding to it- or not? We don’t know but if someone has evidence they should be allowed to air it. I have suggested to Riverside Council who had a meeting on this subject last week, that they lobby Cardiff CC to get the blitz team out doing one bad area a week.This should be preceded with an awareness campaign and backed up with sever penalties for offenders- of any nationality. There is also a huge pool of fit unemployed people that could be utilised to help.

  4. Anne says:

    This man is nasty and racist . The rubbish problem in Cardiff is due to a recycling centre being closed, smaller bins, and high charges for bulk rubbish collection. It is a city wide problem. There has been a huge increase in fly tipping denied by Cardiff labour. In the city road area there have been problems in the past with students being careless with their rubbish especially at the end of term.

  5. Mark Foster says:

    UKIP are just a bunch of w*****s who do not have the nous or guts to take the action necessary to save the British people. How would you like to be a pensioner living off City Road or Crwys Road, unable to move out, seeing your life destroyed by geopolitical mass immigration? Monsieur Cabanes de Plages, you would understand it better if you read The History of the Russian Revolution, where Leon Trotsky (Lev Davidovich Bronstein) writes about the creation of the political strategy of racism to demonise and destroy the indigenous people of Russia. The expulsion of the Jews from Russia by Catherine the Great in 1790 into Eastern Europe and the Russian May Laws of 1882 preceded the Nuremburg Laws and the expulsion of the Jews from Europe by Hitler by 50 years but are never mentioned in today’s Jewish media. History tells us that the cycle will be repeated in the next 50 years or so and you will soon be saying goodbye to the House of Windsor, the process possibly starting with the election of the Muslim Lord Mayor of London. The Israeli strategy is first to destroy the nations of the Middle East, then to destroy the nations of Europe by mass immigration and finally to destroy Russia and Iran, thus saving the state of Israel. Just accept the fact that they have preserved their DNA over 3000 years and it is superior to yours. They are a superior people with superior intellects. Evidence of the truthfulness of these comments is that you cannot make them in the mainstream media or possibly in this publication.

  6. Christopher David says:

    Second oversimplification Anne. I nor most people contribute to street litter regardless of the problems you outline above. Lets all keep to the truth ay! Some people are dirty and throw rubbish from dog ends to takeaway containers onto our streets as a habit. Its the norm for a minority. Thus problem has been a UK one for a long time. Why are areas like Riverside worse than say Penarth or Whitchurch albeit these areas have their litter issues. lets just stick to the problem and the facts- all the facts not just the PC scapegoats.

  7. Christopher David says:

    Ahh M Foster from behind the bars of window 10. As we’re reading your diatribe I presume you agree you’re hoisted by your own petard! As an aside only 50% of the Jewish population is of at least a partial Mizrahi descent. Preserved DNA!

  8. Archeopteryx Trig says:

    The rubbish has been a problem around there for years. From personal experience, the main culprits, however, are students, not immigrants. When I was studying and living in the area, the careless berks would often put bags later the correct day but after the bin-men had visited. Bags would therefore be left out all week with attendant cats, foxes, rats and other pests digging in to make an unholy mess.

    • Ivor Bagman says:

      This is a problem all round Penarth.
      I have seen rats in the street
      At midday in Maughan Terrace.
      Bold as brass – bin bags out all week !!!!

  9. Christopher David says:

    Love that name! Best NDP here by far. Always respect the opinion of a bird 😉 Yup but students are unlikely to be the problem in Riverside or Canton, Penarth et al- in fact I know they’re not. Its a mix.

  10. former_roath_resident says:

    I lived in Roath/Cathays when I was a student and the problem with rubbish lies with the student population on the whole, I don’t see why he is holding that article and blaming immigration when that article only talks about students…more lies by UKIP

  11. Andrew sarchus says:

    As stated by others FRR lets keep to facts. Students are a problem in SOME areas. Different areas have different dirty people littering. Its needs a wide approach to solve it. Why do people peddle their own prejudiced agendas instead of dealing in the truth.

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