Alun Cairns Conservative MP for the Vale of Glamrogan, has now been

Alun Cairns Conservative MP for the Vale of Glamorgan, has now been promoted to Secretary of State for Wales

The Conservative MP for the Vale of Glamorgan constituency – Alun Cairns – has been appointed Secretary of State for Wales in a reshuffle brought about by the resignation of the Work and Pensions Minister Ian Duncan Smith.

The move follows the appointment of Stephen Crabb as the new Secretary for Work and Pensions.

Alun Cairns Conservative MP for the Vale of Glamorgan

Alun Cairns Conservative MP for the Vale of Glamorgan – now Secretary of State for Wales

Cairns (45) has represented the Vale of Glamorgan in Westminster since 2010. Before that he was an Assembly Member representing  South West Wales and earlier in his career worked for Lloyds Bank.

The new Welsh Secretary says “There is no better role for Wales than sitting around the cabinet, making sure that Wales’s voice is heard loud and clear and also in shaping UK government policy developed to Wales’ benefit.”

His first task will be steering through a modified version of the Wales Bill – which extends the powers of the Welsh Assembly and changes how it will work with Westminster.

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  1. Philip Rapier says:

    A well deserved “demotion” in my view for Stephen Crabb MP. We don’t want his amnesiac’s attitude towards our Nation on St. Davids’ Day anyway.

    As the BBC reported
    “explanation for his absence – he was photographed at the Conservative Women’s Bexley lunch, where guests tweeted photographs of him speaking to them.”

    Sincere congratulations to Mr. Cairns who can hardly do any worse.

    The BBC reported on the way Stepen Crabb MP discharged Parliamentary duty as follows below on the 3 Mar 16.-( BBC website )- Reproduced in full which is fair use given the seriousness of the matter.


    “MPs refer to it as the Welsh day debate, the annual occasion when the House of Commons focuses exclusively on Welsh affairs.

    In the age of devolution, it is shorter than it used to be and led by a backbencher rather than a government minister.

    Unusually, in this year’s debate the Secretary of State for Wales didn’t even speak. Stephen Crabb’s absence was highlighted by Labour MPs, including his Labour shadow Nia Griffith.

    “I am amazed to see that the Secretary of State for Wales is not in his place to respond to today’s debate,” she said. “This is despite him making an extremely important announcement about fundamental changes to the Wales Bill on Monday to journalists and not to this house, with the Wales Office tweeting at the time that MPs could wait until today to debate these changes.”

    Mr Crabb’s deputy, Alun Cairns, told MPs he had “parliamentary business elsewhere”. This was later updated to “an important telephone conversation” with Welsh Economy Minister Edwina Hart.

    Caerphilly Labour MP Wayne David suggested Mr Crabb may have resigned or even died.

    He said: “Not only am I concerned about the secretary of state being absent from this important debate, but I am also concerned that he was absent at a St David’s Day reception hosted in Lancaster House earlier today.

    “Perhaps he has died or perhaps he has resigned and not told the house?”

    Shortly afterwards, as if to prove that reports of his demise were premature, Mr Crabb did appear in the chamber, but did not speak during the debate.

    There was another possible explanation for his absence – he was photographed at the Conservative Women’s Bexley lunch, where guests tweeted photographs of him speaking to them.

    A Wales Office spokesman said “It is very common for junior ministers to respond to backbench debates and the secretary of state was there for the closing speeches”.

    Asked about the “parliamentary business elsewhere”, the Wales Office said it would not discuss the secretary of state’s diary (although Mr Crabb himself retweeted photographs from the lunch).

    Mr David accused Mr Crabb of showing “disrespect” to MPs and to First Minister Carwyn Jones, whose reception he failed to attend.”

    • Tiffany Underwood says:

      Where does Mr Rappier find the time to compose these long, rambling and inevitably left wing posts? His reply is longer than the actual story!!
      What next a story about how the Penarth town clock is 10 minutes fast, followed by a Rappier post on the evils of capitalism in the clocks smiths guild in the 17th century.

      Perhaps he should set up Penarth_Left_Wing_Labour_News @wordpress where every story get vetted, to spin Labour into a positive light.

    • Mr Nelson Butler says:

      I’m sure Rt Hon Stephen Crabb MP would be equally disdainful about your good self, if you were even on his political radar that is!
      Those born with silver spoons should not cast the first stone against those that have made something of their lives.

  2. Huw says:

    Cheers Kev !

  3. Frank Evans says:

    If I were Alun I would get my own back on the vog after beach hut gate

  4. hopenotnasty says:

    Remember the nasty Torres of the 80’s well their back. Welcome Alun cairns, Welsh secretary and Stephen Crabb, works and pensions. Both voted to take ESA payments from the disabled and support George Osborne budget proposal to remove PIp payments from the disabled. We now know as a result of Ian Duncan Smiths resignation how ruthless they will go in attacking the less fortunate in our communities.

    The tories don’t seem to understand the word or concept of need. The disabled need more benefits to live a dignified live.

    The tories prefer to give tax breaks to corporations who swindle this country out of millions of tax revenue. Nye Bevan was right when he said the Torres are lower than vermin.

  5. Ian Perry says:

    I believe that Penarth daily News is inaccurate when it says Alun Cairns has “represented the Vale of Glamorgan in Westminster”.

    Alun Cairns is entrusted with the vote of the people of the Vale of Glamorgan in Westminster, yet it seems that our vote is used by Alun Cairns to further his career within the Conservative Party.

    Whist Alun Cairns was defending the cuts announced in the budget that have further reduced support for people with disAbilities in our communities, Iain Duncan Smith, a man with a poor reputation for caring, is writing a letter in which he write of the same cuts, “they are not defensible.”
    I do not believe that the vast majority of the people in this constituency are in favour of these cuts, especially when they learn that this money is being used to fund tax cuts for the some of the most wealthy people in society.

    He votes in favour of fracking at Westminster and then returns to the Vale to support what appears to be the majority of people here who oppose fracking.

    On 12 Jan 2011 Alun Cairns voted to privatise up to 90% of Royal Mail and for related restructuring. He specifically voted against requiring a ten year agreement between Royal Mail and Post Office Ltd relating to Royal Mail’s use of the post office network prior to the sale of Royal Mail. This restructuring has resulted in the possible closure of the post office in Barry – and Alun Cairns has joined the campaign against the closure…

    He has used our vote to support the Conservative ideology of privatisation, including the sale of our forests. The national outcry forced the government to drop these plans.

    On 8 Sep 2015, Alun Cairns voted to apply the Climate Change Levy tax to electricity generated from renewable sources. The UK government continues to offer subsidies and tax breaks to the oil and gas industry. How many people in the Vale of Glamorgan would have wanted our vote to deter investment in new and sustainable technologies – and to protect the investments of the most wealthy?

    He also voted against a bill this year that would have ensured rented homes are “fit for human habitation”. Alun Cairns is of course, a landlord…

    Alun Cairns MP does not appear to be representing the people of the Vale of Glamorgan at Westminster. However, his career within the Conservative Party is progressing…

  6. Kevin Mahoney says:

    Alun is the ultimate Conservative yes man.

    If Call me Dave told Alun to wear something red you’d find Alun running up and down Holton Rd in a bright red onesie the next morning.

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