Twin pillars of flame frame the front entrance of Penarth's new 'conceptual restaurant and bar' "Etc"-

Twin pillars of flame frame the front entrance of Penarth’s new ‘conceptual restaurant and bar’ “Etc…”

For Penarthians who just can’t wait to find out what’s going on behind the obscured front windows of Etc… – the new ‘conceptual restaurant and bar’ in Stanwell Road – the waiting is almost over.

Alex Mules - the Penarth property developer and designer who's brought Etc to Stanwell Road.

Alex Mules – the Penarth property developer and designer who’s brought Etc… to Stanwell Road.

Etc... – is, of course, short for “etcetera” . Owner Alex Mules says the name was chosen to convey the notion of “and more” … and, in this particular case, it’s lots more.

The new venue will be quite unlike anything already open in Penarth. No expense has been spared to give the Etc… cocktail bar and restaurant  a high-tone, top-of-the-range fit and finish, both inside and out –   with a dining experience to match.

The former Sugo premises on Stanwell Road have been totally renovated. The classic Victorian exterior has not only been tastefully restored and redecorated, but wall-washer lights have been installed outside to show-off the beautiful original stonework of the classic Penarth Conservation Area building .

The restaurant frontage itself is now rendered in deep black with carefully-designed signage bearing that Etc… logo in gold.

Planters now enhance the pavement. The superfluous Vale Council posts - and that massive road-sign are to be moved

Planters now enhance the pavement of this section of Stanwell Road. Those superfluous standard Vale of Glamorgan Council sidewalk posts – and that massive road-sign – are to be moved

Customers won’t find it hard to find Penarth’s newest restaurant – in fact this one will be hard to miss.

On the pavement outside two powerful columns of flame – generated by twin patio-heaters – frame the main entrance. Tasteful planters have been installed on the pavement.

Inside Etc every table is lit by candlelight

Inside Etc every table is lit by candlelight

Inside Etc there’s a total transformation – with the black and gold colour scheme carried through to  create a warm, intimate but undeniably classy, up-market feel.  Every table has a central candle – a real one – the flame of which is reflected in a protective gold surround.

Lavish wall mirrors create a sense of space as they  pick up, enhance and bounce-around the light.

Some of Etc staff at the cocktail bar including front (left to right_ Amelia, Giovanna, and at the back Ash and Steph and James. The new venture is creating several new jobs in the town

Some of Etc staff at the cocktail bar including front (left to right) Amelia & Giovanna, and at the back Ash, Steph and James. The new venture is creating several new jobs in the town.

The colourful cocktail bar clearly stocks something for every conceivable taste . And for customers with something to celebrate there’s an impressive glass cabinet crammed with bottles of the best Mercier champagne.

Clever use of mirrors bounces the light around the restaurant.

Clever use of mirrors bounces the light around the restaurant.

Etc is creative tour-de-force by Alex Mules – a family name familiar to generations of Penarthians, two of whose forebears are commemorated on local war memorials.

Alex is a successful property developer and is also a qualified – and gifted –  interior designer . He says he doesn’t want to make it public just how much this new ‘conceptual restaurant and bar’  has cost to create – but, suffice to say, the keynote look is opulent, high-end and – one could almost say – downright extravagant.

The "Etc..." logo stands for "etcetera"

The “Etc…” logo stands for “etcetera”

Alex Mules - the man behind "Etc..."

Alex Mules – the man behind “Etc…”

The key ingredient of any new restaurant however  is its food – and here Alex has called in the  award-winning consultant chef Stephen Gomes to develop the “upmarket fine-dining” menu which will be offered to customers at the new restaurant.  Mr Gomes is the winner of the Ethnic Chef 2015 Guild of Chefs Award.

Alex Mules says “collaborating with Chef Stephen for our menu is a dream come true. His imagination and skills can be seen throughout our carefully thought out menus, which focus on stunningly prepared, innovative dishes that will visually delight and give our customers a wonderful dining experience.”

The new restaurant has been undergoing a series of dry-runs over the weekend to make sure everything runs like clockwork and is  just-right before Etc… opens to customers tomorrow Tuesday March 22nd at 16:00.


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  1. Christopher David says:

    Looks adventurous. My guess is it will ether be a raging success or a little too adventurous. Lets hope its affordable and the former. Key will be great cooking with the promised twist. Good luck.

  2. Looking Good! & looking forward to popping in
    Good luck guys
    Team Bottle Shop

  3. Lindsay says:

    Thanks for pointing out what “etc” is short for. I’d often wondered.

  4. Christopher David says:

    Hey I’m supplying the wine Mr Bottle 😉 I’ve often wondered what the anon Lindsay stands for? Will you be imbibing Lin-anon

    • Lindsay says:

      Nope. You can have my share – doubt if it’ll be £1.70 a glass though. I’ve been wondering….why do use use both your forenames?

  5. RosyB says:

    You must be joking…!

  6. Sandy says:

    Wishing you great success …

  7. anne says:

    Amazed that the labour vale council can move huge signs in spite of the expense for a restaurant but not for convience of pedestrians. However the bollards are there to stop pavement parking and removal may be detrimental to pedestrians. Where has the pros and cons of removal been discussed?

  8. Bean Dimech says:

    Good luck on your new venture.
    Katrina from Shutter Hire

  9. snoggerdog says:

    if the vale is looking for a home for those superfluous sidewalk posts we will have them either side of the pilot gastro to stop the 4x4s parking half on half off & leaving our flagstones a crumbling mess.

  10. Dean Anderson says:

    Congratulations Alex it looks amazing
    All the best not that you will need it.

  11. R Stingl says:

    Wishing you great success on your new venture..
    Richard from Celtic Carpet Cleaning

  12. Taffy says:

    Looks gr8 but am concerned the street furniture is a danger to those with limited sight or registered blind. I think there may be either laws or by-laws relating to this issue.

  13. TOWIE says:

    Oh dear, maybe to some people’s taste, but boy oh boy who did their interiors (Sadam Hussan’s Palaces PLC)?
    The Only Way Is Penarth! eat you heart out Essex 🙂
    Are there enough champagne drinking socialists in Penarth to keep it going is what I want to know.

    • Lindsay says:

      Hi TOWIE. I’m a great fan of your programme. However, it’s a little patronising to imply that socialists shouldn’t partake of a little sparkle. £1.70 plonk good enough for them eh?

      • Christopher David says:

        Too good- Roche Mache at £6.40 for 6 on at the mo- and its still better than the Pseud Plebs will need heh. You have no eye dear.

    • Kevin says:

      Having lived in Saddam’s Iraq, in Baghdad, Tikrit, Mosul and Kirkuk, I can assure you first hand that it wasn’t not the feeling I got when dining in Etc this evening. In fact, nothing could be further from my mind. Such commercial adventures should be embraced as it lifts the land scape both financially as well as visually. The food was pretty awesome too and cheaper than Nando’s with a lot more sophistication, thought and attention to detail. Well done guys, you are a credit to Penarth.

  14. Local Hero says:

    “On the pavement outside two powerful columns of flame ”
    Are these sponsored by the Greens?

  15. Christopher David says:

    Aw cmon Taff, lets give the overly H&S, PC and ruddy rule book stuff a rest. I’m absolutely sure they’ve taken this into consideration, the “stuff” isn’t blocking anything. There are “hazards” everywhere and those with such disabilities know how to cope. Yes yes my Grandfather before you ask. In mainland Europe villages, small towns and big are just full of these areas +tables and chairs. Mind they don’t have our litter, rain and cold to cope with in a lot of places 🙂

  16. Andrew sarchus says:

    Oh Towie- how rude. B&Q fan? As for champagne socialists – you sound like the last labourite still drinking brown ale in Penarth ho ho.

  17. Dolores Collins says:

    Why are they moving the sign that tell people the approved route to Barry/Lavernock?
    What has this got to do with this venture anyhow.

    As for the road side posts, again these are there to stop people parking at the junction/railway bridge while the pop in for a kebab.
    Has everyone forgotten the car that plunged down the railway embankment a few years back.

  18. Michael says:

    All very gaudy, loud and bling…a symbol of ‘the new Penarth’. It might do well…

  19. Andrew sarchus says:

    Oh so many detractors…before they’ve even had a mouthful. Lets give it a chance eh!

  20. Andrea B says:

    Its great to see investment in Penarth by an independent. I don’t understand the people who making spiteful comments – maybe they would prefer to see another charity shop!! Good luck and success in your new venture Etc….

  21. Christopher David says:

    Well said A B. A jealous lot of Philistines aren’t they some of the old school pedantic Penarthians. Kevin’s actual tried it- how novel and he comes down firmly in Etc’s favour food and décor wise. Why don’t you moaners give it go before continuing to harp on eh. Kevin- please write it up on Trip Adviser.

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