B&Q is the store which is credited with having invented DIY. Now this familiar frontage on Hadfield Road is to close - in ten weeks' time

B&Q – the store which is credited with having almost invented DIY. Now this familiar frontage on Hadfield Road is bedecked with “Closing Down Sale” notices . It shuts for the last time in May

At last there’s a plausible excuse for all those people who aren’t that keen on a bit of DIY over the weekend  –  the B&Q the do-it-yourself store on Hadfield Road, Cardiff is to close at the end of May.

From the look of the store – and the crammed car park – potential customers might be forgiven for thinking the DIY mecca was actually shutting up shop tomorrow, but there are still 10 weeks to run before Penarth’s amateur carpenters, plumbers, painters, brickies  and sparks can be let off the hook at weekends.

B&Q’s other stores in Cardiff  – at Culverhouse Cross and Cardiff Gate, both of which were built after the Hadfield Road branch –  are remaining open as normal  – but that’s something which reluctant handymen might want to keep to themselves.

Penarth's nearest B&Q store at Hadfield Road was a busy as ever yesterday

Penarth’s nearest B&Q store at Hadfield Road was a busy as ever yesterday

As from yesterday March 21st  what B&Q calls “a number of standard B&Q services” will no longer be available at Hadfield Road including “TradePoint” cards and  B&Q Club Vouchers. The firm also says that any B&Q promotion “advertised elsewhere” will not apply in the Hadfield Road store from now on.

The closure decision comes as part of a scheme announced in September last year to reduce B&Q’s total “selling space” by 15%  over the next two years. The firm says that “following a review of retail space requirements in Wales” a total of 9 B&Q stores in Wales – including Hadfield Road – will have closed by January 2017.

 Wasons of Penarth - open 7 days a week - will be picking up the cusotmers who might have gone to B&Q

Wasons of Penarth – open 7 days a week – will be picking up B&Q’s former customers

The impending closure of B&Q however doesn’t mean Penarth will become a DIY desert – far  from it . Penarth’s biggest independent home improvement retailer Wasons’  will continue to be open seven days a week –   offering a 1o% discount to senior citizens on Tuesdays and, no doubt, a warm welcome to former B&Q customers.


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  1. Big Davey says:

    I used to shop at Wasons until the manager killed the business development district initiative. I will happily drive to Culverhouse Cross now.

    • Ralf says:

      So your’e going to drive 13 odd miles there and back in a fit of pique. Makes about as much sense as the Business Development Plan

  2. Johnabutt says:

    This article is the first time I ever saw Wasons offering a discount to anyone and I have used that shop for years. Perhaps a bit more promotion in the shop would help get customers in. At lease B & Q promoted the mouldy oldie discounts on Wednesday for everyone. Sad to see it go.

    • Siencyn says:

      Wasons have had a large sign in the window advertising their discounts to senior citizens for several years, I’m not sure what more they could do to advertise this!

  3. Philip Rapier says:

    There are few winners in a situation like this, sadly a lot of USDAW members, will lose their jobs within our Retail Catchment Area and as well we lose an enlightened Equal Opportunities employer who has a much admired positive recruitment policy to offer jobs to the Over 50’s Age Group and others who fall in to the employment diversity categories.
    For Greens and Gardeners in our Community a major resource will be lost but others close by hopefully will remain and equally hopefully.Penarth Town Centre will gain some.Economic benefit.
    We achieved ” Sunday Times Best Place to live in Wales ” thanks to a team effort by the Penarth Community and the help of everyone at PTC this year. This was without the Business Development Plan.
    We could have achieved so much more with it..
    The objective of a Business Development Plan is to achieve the highest possible Retail Sales per square foot/per Capita in a Traffic Calmed, Envronmentally Friendly Town Centre.
    Please be, optimistic and reassured that there may be another opportunity to revive the Policy after the Local Elections in 2017 when the Cardiff and Vale Economic Region starts to come together.

    • Mr Amos Schneider says:

      “We achieved ” Sunday Times Best Place to live in Wales ” thanks to a team effort by the Penarth Community and the help of everyone at PTC this year. ”

      I think Penarth achieved Sunday Times best place to live because house prices are hi and Penarth is ethnically 99.5% white. As were are the regional winners in the Sunday Times competition strangely enough?

  4. NICK OSBORNE says:

    Firstly I would like to take up the point made by Big Davey.
    I have owned Wasons since 1978 (38 Years) It was not me who killed off the BID it was a democratic vote of the traders.
    Taking Mr. Philip Rapier point.
    I would also mention that I furnished the leader of the Penarth Town Council with E-mails which I received from their agent Mr George Grace threatening me with legal action. The e-mail read ” In the unlikely event the ballot is a NO We will of course have to review; if we find that your statements cannot be substantiated we will consider action to recover costs incurred to date which as you know are not inconsiderable” This is only one of many extracts received by me what happened to the democratic process.Both our MP and AM did receive copies of e-mails at the time and I would add there was no reply to our meetings with both parties.

    It was also mentioned about my store and promotions we sell Dulux brilliant white paint 7 litres for £14.50 which has been the case for the last 18 months please check this price in any stores mentioned.

    Nick Osborne
    Managing Director (Wasons)

  5. Paul says:

    I guess people will have to go to Wickes which is about 200m away

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