Stephen Doughty on his feet in the House of Commons yesterday

Stephen Doughty on his feet in the House of Commons yesterday

In the House of Commons Stephen Doughty the Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth has been crossing swords with the newly-promoted former Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb  – who is now Secretary of State for Work and Pensions  .

Stephen Doughty tallying debating points

Stephen Doughty tallying debating points

Addressing Crabb in his new cabinet post Doughty said “ The Secretary of State may strike a different tone but in the end he is going to be judged by his actions. My constituents would like to know the following: will he scrap the bedroom tax? Will he scrap the cuts to ESA? And will he deal with the shameful treatment of older women and their pensions?”

It was the first day in the new job for Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb

It was the first day in the new job for Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb

The Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb replied “I say to the hon. Gentleman that if this is about judging by actions, I will happily stand by the record of this Government every day of the week when marked against the record of previous Labour Governments, who allowed the benefits bill to spiral out of control but left a legacy of long-term unemployment. They left hundreds of thousands of people who had not worked a day in their life with no effective support from the state to help them make the transition back into the workplace.”

Doughty questions Treasury Secretary David Gauke

Doughty questions Treasury Secretary David Gauke

Doughty also asked why the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne was not in the House to – as be put it – “apologise” [ over unchanged Personal Independence Payments (PIPs)] .

He demanded that Treasury Minister, David Gauke, tell him where the Chancellor of the Exchequer was. He said  “Nearly 7,000 people with disabilities across Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan would have been hit by the cut to PIP. The Minister has not answered these questions, so I will ask them. Where is the Chancellor and why he is not here to apologise?  Secondly, how will the £4.4 billion black hole be filled?”

Treasury Secretary David Gauke tells Doughty that the Chancellor is working hard

Treasury Secretary David Gauke tells Doughty that the Chancellor is working hard

David Gauke – Financial Secretary to the Treasury – replied “The Chancellor has worked tirelessly to turn the British economy around, and he is continuing to do that. In terms of a black hole, I just point out that every single day we hear proposals from the Labour party to oppose some spending item or tax cut—more borrowing, borrowing, borrowing.”

At this point Doughty’s fellow Cardiff MP Craig Williams (Conservative, Cardiff North) stood up to tell MPs – and remind Doughty –  that the Chancellor’s budget had, in fact, been a welcome budget for Cardiff” which wasincredibly popular” .

Craig Williams (Conservative MP for Cardiff North) did not agree with his fellow Cardiff MP Doughty.

Craig Williams (Conservative MP for Cardiff North) did not agree with his fellow Cardiff MP Doughty and said the budget had been well received in Cardiff.

Craig Williams said “This welcome Budget for Cardiff is delivering the Cardiff city deal, in stark contrast to the Labour Assembly Government, which is the most centralising Government in western democracy. Businessmen and women welcome the business rates relief, and the localism in the Budget is incredibly popular. Would my honourable friend encourage the Labour Assembly Government to follow our lead and empower businessmen and women?”

Financial Secretary David Gauke suggested a way that this might shortly come about . He said  “If the Welsh Assembly Government are to follow our lead, they need to change their leadership, and there will be an opportunity to do that in just a few weeks.”

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  1. Lindsay says:

    Unchanged PIPs indeed. And why was that?

  2. Philip Rapier says:

    Leadership ? What Leadership exactly does Andrew R.T. Davies represent?
    Which Welsh Conservative Party or indeed which Welsh Conservative Leader in Wales does their Westminster Party suggest we follow!!??
    Andrew R.T. Davies AM was reported by the BBC on 22 Feb 2016 as follows
    ” Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies AM has said he will be voting for Britain to leave the EU in June.”
    FOUR DAYS LATER on 26 Feb 16
    Alun Cairns MP was reported by the Barry and District News saying exactly the opposite.
    “After careful consideration however, I have decided to vote to remain as I believe an exit would lead to uncertainty at a critical time for our economy.”
    I am proud the Welsh Dragon has two tongues but in the case of the disunited Welsh Conservative’s Leaders on Europe it appears to be a forked tongue as well.

    • Penny McArt says:

      He is off again on one of his petty rants about RT Davies. (I think he is really in awe of someone who runs a successful business 🙂 )

      Never heard Mr Rappier criticise Doughty on not knowing what a limited company was or even the concept of limited director liability. Still I suppose being Labour you don’t have to know how money is made in the economy , they just how to spend it!

      • Lindsay says:

        Blimey Chris, gender confusion as well

      • says:

        Every labour government since 1945 has borrowed less than the Conservatives, and has either matched or beaten them for economic growth, so Penny please check your facts before making these sort of comments.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Poste Scriptum
      A Poll published even before Osbornes shortest and worst “soak the poor” Budget in Living Memory by ITV yesterday suggests the Andrew RT Davies’ A.M anti European strategy is working well for BOTH Labour and Plaid with the wheels falling off that UKIP Little Englander in Wales Chariot as well.
      . Will we see Andrew switching his candidacy to a nice safe little seat in the Welsh Shires instead of sneaking in the South Wales Central back door as usual? He can’t be feeling that confident as the anti E.U.UKIP vote collapses.
      . Watch this space I’ll let you know as soon as my sources tell me “whatsoccurin”
      Cardiff Uni Poll below courtesy of ITV WALES
      “A new YouGov poll commissioned by Cardiff University for its Welsh Election Survey shows a sharp drop in support for leaving the European Union, compared with recent Welsh Political Barometer polls. The key findings are that Labour remains well in the lead for this May’s National Assembly election, while the UKIP bandwagon appears to have suffered a setback. The survey therefore asked respondents how they intended to vote on both the constituency and regional ballots for the National Assembly election. Here are the figures for the constituency vote (with changes from the most recent Welsh poll, the February Welsh Political Barometer poll, in brackets):”

      Labour: 34%
      Conservatives: 22%
      Plaid Cymru: 21% (+2%)
      UKIP: 15% (-3%)
      Liberal Democrats: 6% (+1%)
      Others: 3% (+1%)

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