One of the posters has appeared on a litter bin outside the entrance to Windsor Arcade

One of the posters has appeared on a litter bin outside the entrance to Windsor Arcade

An anonymous  Penarth Town Centre poster campaign  is now urging residents and visitors to do the decent thing when it comes to disposing of their litter.

In what some might regard as a somewhat hectoring tone, the poster tells townspeople and tourists alike that Penarth has just been “voted” (sic) as the best place to live in Wales and all that  – and, without so much as a please or thank you, urges them to help keep it that way by “using the litter bins provided” .

The uncompromising poster which tells townspeople in no uncertain terms just what they can do with their litter

The uncompromising poster which tells tourists,  townspeople – and presumably traders as well – in no uncertain terms just what they can do with their litter.

In a final barbed thrust to the conscience of passers-by, the poster adds an angry pay-off :-  “…Not to much to ask is it ?? !!”  with double question-marks and exclamation-marks added just to drive the message home.

Innocent visitors might well conclude that the poster is saying rather more about Penarth than about its litter problem – such that it is.

The poster does not bear the imprimatur of Penarth Town Council nor even of the Vale of Glamorgan Council. The only clue as to the origin of the missive – which is about as subtle as a wild-west “Wanted Dead or Alive” sign – is the curious – but unidentifiable logo at the top of it.

However the meaning is pretty clear : anyone coming into our town in future had just better watch their step … and watch what they do with their litter.

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  1. Brickie says:

    why do we have to beg people to keep their environment clean; what happened to personal pride?

  2. Prozac Boy says:

    This Best Place to Live is going to be a mill-stone around our collective necks for the next year.

    “Penarth have been vote best place to live in Wales….. Help keep that way by walking on the pavements provided”
    “Penarth have been vote best place to live in Wales….. Help keep that way by keeping new house out”
    “Penarth have been vote best place to live in Wales….. Help keep that way by voting for the Councillors we have”
    “Penarth have been vote best place to live in Wales….. Help keep that way by lunching in the non chain restaurants provided”
    “Penarth have been vote best place to live in Wales….. Help keep that way by teaching your dog to swim”
    “Penarth have been vote best place to live in Wales….. Help keep that way by asking your kids not to drink in the parks”
    “Penarth have been vote best place to live in Wales….. Help keep that way by building in your back garden”

  3. Martin gossage says:

    I always drop my rubbish on the floor and dont go anywhere near the bins so didn’t see these .

  4. Christopher David says:

    I applaud any effort no matter how condescending if it will help clean up the town. The UK is a dirty place- se we must be a dirty people? Just go and spend a little time in other parts of Europe and when you come back you’ll be shocked. It really hits home.
    I have put forward proposal’s to Cllr Ernest- he of the worthy clean team and the Momentum Group but am ignored. They never have any original ideas on thus subject themselves- they just do the holier than thou publicity screech. Question is de we really care? Seems the councillors and highly paid council managers just pay lip service.

    • penarthblog says:

      I also applaud any effort to keep the town clean.

      • Sarah says:

        Me too!! I live in the center of Penarth and fed up the litter, black bags etc from businesses and passers by. I’m all for telling everybody to keep Penarth tidy in any which way possible.

  5. Emma says:

    They look like biffa waste bag’s for business . Just like the blue bag’s provided by the Vale for business waste

  6. Huw says:

    Fly postering is a crime just as littering is , now when they’re eventually removed , there’ll be adhesive stuck to the bin collecting dirt and looking unsightly or paint will be removed and the bin having to be re painted , all costing more money ! Well done , next time you have brain wave fools , make sure you’re part of the solution not the problem !

    • David Davis says:

      Dear Huw I have it on good authority that the adhesive used for the posters is environmental friendly and is easy to remove so you can be assured that no long lasting evidence will remain. What I would remind you of Huw is that if you care to take note around Penarth town centre it is usually festooned to some degree with fly posters advertising charity events , or local bands or sometimes cancer care support groups and not forgetting the Paget Rooms at the odd times . I take it you have contacted bodies such as these to air your concerns, so distressing as they seem, (to you).

      • Huw says:

        And people park on double yellows and in disabled bays when they’re not supposed to , do you ? Pick and choose the rules you follow or support , just remember your leniency next time your condemning planning infringements ?

  7. Christopher David says:

    Oh so many assumptions Huw. No doubt you’ve carried out a glue viscosity test- but wasn’t it flour and water? Washes orf Huw. Yes though I look forward to fly posters being prosecuted when the elections get underway 🙂 .

    • Huw says:

      What many assumptions have I made Christopher ?
      How do you know it was flour and water ? Inside information ?
      There’s a right way and wrong way to do everything in life , sticking snooty, poorly made posters to litter bins is in the latter !
      Back them all you want that’s your right , as is to constantly try belittleing people with your so called evidence based “facts” , but don’t be suprised when people yawn and skip over your comments

      • Christopher David says:

        Well if you don’t understand your own text you’ll never understand mine. Whoosh- over the head it goes. Its always the inaccurate but attack dogs types that just hate being exposed 🙂 You’ve even made assumptions and assertions in the latter text above- hah that’s funny.

      • Huw says:

        There’s no assumption. I gave 2 possible outcomes, the stickers will fall off or be removed and they WILL leave what ever they are stuck on with behind, if you’ve proof that it’s just flour and water and a signed statement from the person responsible that every remnant will be removed by themselves, then publish it here. Without your proof the second outcome is still viable and repainting of the bin is required .

  8. Brickie says:

    I’m quite shocked by the hateful and nasty remarks posted to this story. With Penarthians like these, it’s no wonder we have litter strewn streets.

  9. Andrew sarchus says:

    Yes actions made with the best intention attacked by the very petty. And moaning minnie petty at that. Well said Brickie.

    • Peter Church says:

      They start with silly posters asking you to be tidy, next they will be dressed in black uniforms rounding up Penarthians who dare to disobey orders.
      Mark my words friends, stop these people before its too late.

  10. Just for the record Mr.David. You may well suggest ideas to me about cleansing Penarth, but that is not my role in life and I have no direct responsibilities for those services – the Vale of Glamorgan Council does.however. Also I am not a member of the Momentum Group. These are just two reasons why I do not respond to your somewhat annoying comments.
    I prefer to spend my time in the better interests of the town and its residents.

  11. AK says:

    That waste was still there in the middle of this afternoon. Right outside Lloyd’s Bank and the Arcade.

    Aren’t there laws against fly tipping ?

  12. Andrew sarchus says:

    Huw and Mr Ernest make a contrast. Cllr Ernest runs way when challenged and Huw brings in irrelevances like parking. That’s a balance act we could all benefit from, isn’t it? Oh come on chaps- lets come up with some ideas for keeping Penarth litter free. Up the posters and down the jobs worth’s. Cllr Earnest you could do better.

  13. Christopher David says:

    Huw you really are a very silly boy. Stop now ay! x

  14. David Davis says:

    I Would like to say to the Huw chappie , do you not believe in freedom of speech or freedom to express your views old thing?? It seems some take every thing too bally serious, does one need to ask permission to do every little thing?? As a somewhat apparently celebral chappie one would think youd see both sides of ones point of view etc. Most of what you see around you in Penarth at some degree belongs to the people , the people pay for all the fixtures and fitting in Penarth from the roads to the street furniture, bus stops…. etc etc. It is not the fault of ordinary people that the Councils is unable to get its priorities right!!. So we have a town full of potholes ,cracked or uneven paving(newly installed dimmer street lights on Plassey St for example), whilst the paving on that street is in terrible condition and is treacherous to walk on at night AND LEFT THAT WAY. We also have puddles around the main shops, whilst white elephants like a viewing platform to look out to sea ,gets erected using tax payers money (im sure that will help a lot when shoppers try to avoid tripping over or paddling in man made puddles as they shop !!!????) It appears those organising such work are completely lost as to the plot to what the town really needs, what they should be doing. and their priorities (such as lots of repairs). The fact that the town has been voted the best in Wales is a minor miracle based on all that. And Huw old thing, have you ever spoken out about those real concerns around the town instead of being somewhat of a ‘moaning Minnie’ about a bit of paper and a bit of adhesive??, really old chap is that as good as it gets !!! regarding your grouching??.

    • Mandy says:

      Great punctuation by the way David, if you keep practicing then I’m sure you will figure it out.

    • Jayne.E says:

      Wait. Could it be? David, your poor punctuation and below-average level of computer literacy; evident from your comment, is somewhat similar to the posters that deface our litter bins. If it is you, please stop it because it looks dreadful and if you were really that concerned about shoppers’ safety you’d move the rubbish yourself. Stop complaining and enjoy our town!

  15. Mandy says:

    …and when the wind blew the sign sailed across Windsor Road and joined the rest of the litter.

  16. David Davis says:

    Jayne old thing are you another nit picking fuddy duddy that descends to the level of a child to find something to moan about??? I maybe unlike yourself did not get a degree in English or spelling or whatever but the message is more important than they way its put. You seem the kind of jolly person who would go up to a protester with a slogan and tell them they didn’t put a full stop at the end . Dear oh dear oh dear , deface the litter bins dear oh dear, and what a ridiculous thing to say at the close of your mean spirited missive, quote , “If you were really concerned about the rubbish you’d clear it yourself!”, oh dear , I think the posters you decry were intended to get people such as yourself to place litter in the bins , so you seem to have missed the whole point of them in the first place. And to think your reply started off in such a high mannered tone and had to descend to farce.
    !!!? Hope I got my punctuation right ??? MISS!. As for the posters I think if youd have taken the trouble to check the posters were at a minimum not festooned everywhere. Now stop being petty and think before you write anything else. The same applies to Mandy, thank you for taking time to read my more reasonable response, more intelligent than the bitchy ones you deemed to post.

  17. Summer Stephens says:

    Let me see if I have this straight. There is a man in Penarth who cares enough about how his town looks that he has taken it upon himself to encourage people to use the bins instead of the pavement to toss their rubbish. A bunch of odd fellows are more concerned with a bit of glue residue left on the bins rather then applaud his efforts. Then to make matters worse the guy who defends the Bin Avenger gets hammered by the grammar police. What on earth is the matter with you people? In a time when most people are complacent and have no civic conscience, you do nothing but whine and criticize. I personally think the bin postings are not only amusing but a good reminder that we should all be using them. Please don’t bother to check my punctuation or spelling as I don’t have a doctorate in English Grammar but mostly because frankly I don’t give a damn what you think. Don’t let them put you off Bin Man stand you ground and continue to promote the use of bins.

  18. Lindsay says:

    Wow, Summer, that’s much too reasonable a comment to post oh here. Don’t you know that this is the spiritual home of the Penarth whiners and critics? Nonetheless, well said!

  19. Christopher David says:

    Oh! I agree with Lindsay!! Very well said Mr Stephens. There’s a saying. The lowest intellect often hides behind the most hyphens. Indeed Dr Johnson himself said “its a poor man that can only spell a word one way”. I doubt the grammar gals have even heard of him. Mr Davis- those of us with even a few grey cells find your grammar perfectly acceptable and your comments just fine. Keep Penarth clean.

  20. Andrew sarchus says:

    HA HA and the brainiac (sic) Mandy say “figure it out” What a fool. Please Mandy just get a broom out and sweep a street.

  21. David Davis says:

    I would just like to express my thanks to the Stephens letter , I tried my best to defend the person posting the leaflets as he/she is promoting a worthy cause, but as you noticed theirs always some thing that crawls out of the woodwork who’s sole purpose is to be petty and critical. Once again thank you to all the letters who have defended my right to support the bin campaign and to say so on this website.

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