The honeymoon is over. Doughty has resigned from Corbyn's front bench

October 2015 : Corbyn eyes his one-time appointee Doughty paternalistically  – having just appointed him as a junior foreign affairs opposition spokesman. Doughty was that day expected to speak about the Chagos Islands – a topic of which he knew little.

Once a member of Jeremy Corbyn’s front bench  – but no longer – Cardiff South and Penarth Labour MP Stephen Doughty is now officially rated as being “hostile” to the Labour leader .

The revelation has come from a spreadsheet leaked to the Daily Mirror in which party officials have ranked all the Labour MPs in order of their loyalty to Corbyn. It’s split them up into four groups:-

  1. Core ( the MPs closest to Corbyn) –  people like shadow chancellor John McDonnell and Diane Abbott.
  2. Core Plus Group – sympathetic and compliant to Corbyn
  3.  Neutral but not Hostile – not 100% with Corbyn, but not necessarily opposed to him either.
  4. Hostile: Not supportive of Corbyn
  5. Core Group Hostile – just about as disloyal as you can get whilst still being in the same political party.
BBC political editor Laura Kuensberg cues Stephen Doughty to announce his resignation on Wednesday's BBC Daily Politics programme

BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg cues Stephen Doughty (Labour Cardiff South and Penarth)  to reveal all and announce his resignation as a junior foreign affairs spokesman live on the  BBC Daily Politics programme on January 6th 2016 .

Stephen Doughty, the Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth, now finds himself classified – according to Wales on Line (part of the Trinity Mirror Group)  – as being in the Core Group Hostile category .

It’s all  far cry from the balmy days of last October when Corbyn had plucked Doughty out of obscurity to become a junior opposition spokesman on Foreign Affairs and even came to sit  alongside him in a House of Commons committee lamenting the plight of the Chagos Islanders [a people who a previous Labour Government had unceremoniously booted-off their own territory].

Doughty has evidently still not been forgiven by the Labour hierarchy for publicly announcing his resignation from the Labour front bench on the BBC2 “Daily Politics” programme in January this year .

Doughty had then claimed that he “agreed” with Corbyn “on a number of issues”  but attacked the behaviour of  what he called “some of those around him and on his team”.

A spokesman for Jeremy Corbyn is reported to have denied that the listings were drawn up “in the Leader’s office”.




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  1. Ann Other says:

    This is surely great news for Mr Doughty, increasing the possibility (I wouldn’t say probability) of his re-election. Well done, Doughty!

    • hopenotnasty says:

      I well remember Tony Benn being subject to vile comments by the national Tory press. They saw him as a threat to the people who had money and power. They tried unsuccessfully to turn Joe public against him. Tony died a national treasure. The Tory press is at it again trying to demonise Jeremy Corbyn for what he believes. Gradually the worm is turning and people are listening to the alternative way.

      If the story is correct in the Daily Mirror about Stephen Doughty then I would be

  2. Martin Coffee says:

    It’s all very childish. Having said that he must regard it as an honour to be placed in the top set – core hostile.

  3. Peter Church says:

    Sums up what a once great political movement has become.

  4. Ralf says:

    He’s actually in “Core Group – Negative”
    Hostile is a different group altogether

    • newsnet says:

      The Trinity Mirror Group / WalesonLine – which had a copy of the original list – describe him as being in “Core Group Hostile”. The same terminology is used to classify him on the Daily Mirror’s own website.

  5. Peter Church says:

    “Core Group – Negative” or “Core Group Hostile”
    This is the local Labour Party MP attitude to the Labour Leader we are talking about 🙂
    Maybe Phil Rappier will give us all one of his fireside chats on the subject??

  6. Andrew sarchus says:

    Yes but Tony Benn had talent, wisdom & vision, experience, integrity and brains (remember Concorde). Doughty as business spokesman didn’t even know what a Ltd company was and victimised small business. Wasn’t he parachuted in just like a supporting former first minister? Lightweight, I doubt Corbyn will lose sleep.

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