Flybe will operate four flights a day from Cardiff to London City

Flybe will operate four flights a day from Cardiff to London City

Travellers from Penarth who need to get to London this autumn will have  a new alternative to the prolonged rail journey (caused by the closure of the Severn Tunnel – starting in September) and the option of tackling the M4 on weekday mornings.

The UK airline Flybe is planning to operate  up to four daily return flights from Cardiff Airport to London City Airport as from Monday 12th September.

Flybe already operates a number of scheduled services from Cardiff airport

Flybe already operates a number of scheduled services from Cardiff airport

The airline says this new ‘city to city’ link has been “put in place to ensure people in Wales can continue to connect to London while works on the Severn Tunnel are underway”.

The fares will be comparable – or cheaper than – existing rail fares , starting at  £34.99 one way including taxes and charges.

There have been previous attempts to run Cardiff to London air services – one of which was operated by the Welsh airline Cambrian Airways which began  daily flights to Heathrow  in 1969. This service however lasted only 10 weeks before it was cancelled because of lack of support.

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  1. Martin Coffee says:

    I need to travel to London during this period. Like most people in Penarth I live within 15 minutes walk of a railway station. By the time I allow for the extra time to reach the airport, time to park, check in time and security, hanging around for boarding, and then getting back into central London it will still be quicker to use the diverted rail services.

    PS Does everyone realise that all the electrification will achieve is that the railway journey times to London will be restored to what it was when the High Speed Train service was originally introduced? The government, political people, Network Rail, and fGw are keeping very quiet about that.

    • snoggerdog says:

      thats why its not an HST anymore.

    • Peter Church says:

      I don’t even think we will get back to 1hr 50mins to Paddington, reason no matter what the propulsion system they will not have added any extra tracks to ease congestion.
      The South Wales section will still be 90mph max after electrification.

  2. Philip Rapier says:

    Flybe make (by the skin of their teeth) just £3.78 per seat profit across the business so I wonder who is paying for this little jolly. Fatcats taking the Ordinary Shareholder/Pension Scheme Member to the cleaners as usual. Tax free Airline Fuel helps but there is no such luxury for Great Western Passengers. (Thanks for the memories PDN. my late father was a member of the Engineering Management at Cambrian Airways in 1969- he signed the Aircraft off himself then as he frequently did. He then climbed on Board with his characteristic amazing confidence in Air Travel and went on that first historic flight to London)
    Of course post electrification of the South Wales Line the Boris and Dave Heathrow Runway fake Tory play fight will continue. There will be no factoring of Cardiff Airport in to the equation or help with increasing traffic. Westminster loves charging full APD to Regional Airports as well that is why Rhws struggles. The we pay for Westminster ripping off the Welsh Taxpayer by us subsidising Heathrow/Gatwick is difficult to quantify but Air Passenger Duty (APD) is a great Westminster Scam. APD is the Government tax on passengers departing UK airports. It raised over £3.1 billion in 2014/15 and this amount is estimated to increase to £3.7 billion by 2019/20.
    Welsh Government have paid a heavy price for Rhws Airport in more ways than one I can assure you.

  3. What amazing value! I’m the second person here to wonder who’s subsidising this. But I need not wonder for long – I’m sure its those boys in the Senedd, down the bay. I can feel an FoI coming on – to be raised early in 2017.

    • Wiggle says:

      ^ I really do despair at people who don’t understand the difference between the Welsh Government (which has its base at Cathays Park) and the National Assembly for Wales (in the Senedd/Bay). The ‘boys in the Senedd’ don’t subsidise anything!

      • Well, I was speaking somewhat figuratively but I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t understand how the Welsh Government works. So, Wiggle, are you saying that the “boys in the Senedd” didn’t have any part in the subsidisation decision?

  4. Andrew sarchus says:

    Very interesting Mr Coffee. Why has the service slowed?

    • snoggerdog says:

      elf & safety, detioriation of the track,so speed limits have changed,anyway lets think positive,hs2,hs3, crossrail3,heathrow terminal? essex mud flats,where is wales anyway?

  5. The Value Planner says:

    Singles start at £34.99 out but the cheapest back is £47.99.
    Parking/buses/taxis/security/leave an hour too early
    I will still stick with the train even if its via Brum!

  6. AK says:

    National Express coach from £7 single.

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