Cog Farm is run by Mr J R Davies and partners

Cog Farm is run by Mr J R Davies and partners

A local tenant farmer has now added his objections to the growing clamour against the controversial 350-home Cog Road Housing Development between Sully and Penarth.

The development has already been criticised for :-

  • the congestion and added traffic it would bring to local roads and the main routes from Sully – via Penarth – to Cardiff  and
  • the additional strain on Sully and Penarth schools which are already full to bursting point.

Now however, the detrimental effect on local farming has been highlighted . The tenant of Cog Farm, Mr J R Davies, stands to lose 32 acres of his current 200 acre holding if the Taylor Wimpey housing scheme goes ahead.

The 350 homes would be built on what is now a busy and productive farm on Cog Road

The controversial Taylor Wimpey scheme involves building 350 homes on what is now busy and productive agricultural land alongside Cog Road between Sully and Penarth

A firm of agricultural consultants Reading Agricultural Services has produced a report – now lodged with the Vale of Glamorgan  Council –  which says this amounts to losing 16% of the total farmland.  The report says the loss of 32 acres “would have a major adverse effect on the farm business and could jeopardise its existence due to the lack of available local land to rent in replacement”.

The Vale Council is being reminded that the Welsh Assembly Government has a declared  objective of ensuring a “sustainable and profitable future for farming families and businesses”  and that the loss of part of any agricultural holding can have important knock-on effects for the viability of the remainder of the farm.

Cog Farm's farmhouse would be adjacent to the new development

Cog Farm’s farmhouse would be adjacent to the new development

The report also says that farms with urban development close to them tend to suffer from “trespass and other forms of disturbance which may affect the efficiency and upkeep of holdings” and that “Trespass will be a major issue to Cog Farm “

The Vale Council is now being asked to take these agricultural objections into account in addition to those already made by local residents to the Cog Road Housing scheme .

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  1. penarthblog says:

    This is a very emotive subject and rightly so, any developments, especially on a scale like this are going to effect a wide area and that will mean not just an increase in traffic on some very narrow roads but will impact schools, hospitals and many other things. That more houses are needed is a given, but I would like to have seen more of an effort to connect with public transport to include some way of linking the development with existing railway stations, for example. Obviously this wouldn’t be the whole solution, but it could help.

    • Timothy Hughes says:

      I agree. Perhaps also use of 106 monies to extend the railway path.

      • snoggerdog says:

        if they could think into the future (outside their box)why not put the railway back (allbeit light, like the london docklands) from barry via cadoxstahn,sully,alberta & onto penarth town too forward thinking even with the blinkers off methinks.

  2. Cog resident says:

    A railway will not stop all the cars screaming up and down the lanes here.
    I’ve lived at Cog for 13 years. I’ve noticed the lane increasing in width just by cars scraping the verges. The school run produces an effect like the m6! It’s a nightmare sometimes and doesn’t seem to be getting better.
    And anyway, why use valuable farm land for housing when there is so much brown field sites over near Hayes Road. A huge expanse of old industrial estate just sitting unused. And the roads are better there. Nobody ever asked the farmers if they’d like to loose the land. It was just taken for granted by the developers.

    • penarthblog says:

      Your points are well made, I don’t know much about the Hayes site except what I see on Street view. But from what you say and what I see, you have some very valid points as you say the road network there is much better than the Cog Rd site. But my main points are that neither councils nor developers seem to have any idea of the impact such developments have on the wider area.

  3. penarthblog says:

    Good except that beyond Forrest Rd, some of the track has been built on, houses in Sully and a road in Barry. The line from Penarth could be extended to Forrest Rd, using the existing heavy rail or some sort of tram system, but would the cost be worth it? I said in my original post that it would be good to consider connecting developments to existing railway stations, but that really a pipe dream in the UK, I don’t think people or governments here give such ideas any serious thought, unlike many other countries around the world.

  4. The Value Planner says:

    Strangely enough nearly all farm land that border towns/cities has been already sold off and the profits banked. The tenant farmer should know the score, he can object all he likes but who actually own the land? I bet its owned via an offshore investment trust!

    • Kevin Mahoney says:

      I am told that the Cog land is owned by other family members who don’t farm not an offshore investment trust.

      The bottom field which is also under threat of development is owned by a different fairly local family trust and currently rented by an adjoining farm.

      So net result, two farms viability under threat.

      The line through Sully has been built on so no prospect of opening back up to link to Barry such a shame really thanks to Dr Beeching and the Conservative party and I assume that the houses on the Paddocks stop any link up to Penarth.

  5. Colin says:

    Loads of money spent re-pointing the double track width bridge on St.Andrews road recently, and Wenvoe tunnel is still there. Its underneath Culverhouse Cross roundabout! Gone, but forgotten?

  6. Alas there is no realistic prospect of recreating the bucolic branch line that once connected the communities of Penarth, Lavernock and Sully to the wider rail network. Compulsory purchase would be required for existing housing including Birch Lane, Rowan Close and crossings or bridges would be need on Lavernock Road. After years of road-centered planning of employment and retail zones the majority of commuters and shoppers now have little option other than driving to reach these destinations in a timely manner. As mentioned by another correspondent, the narrow lanes bounding the area of proposed development will become even more intimidating for all road users should this development take place. There is little scope to mitigate this through public transport provision.

  7. AK says:

    Plenty of housing available – they just needs to be sold to people who want to buy a home, not to a landlord for multiple purchases.

  8. David Moorcraft says:

    People do need housing. But as others point out, where are the school places ? Infrastructure ? I imagine much of the extra car traffic would go via Lavernock , Redlands roads towards Cardiff.
    ALL Sully , Dinas Powys and Penarth main roads are already heavily overloaded.
    Have the Vale Council any proposals to address these problems ?

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