Last year's Good Friday procession passing through Glebe St Penarth

Last year’s Good Friday procession passing through Glebe St Penarth

A number of streets in Penarth will be temporarily closed tomorrow for the annual Good Friday silent procession through the town.

The procession will take place from 10:00 to 11:00 and will be routed as follows: –

  • Arcot Street, Penarth, between its junctions with Plassey Street and Queens Road
  • Plassey Street, Penarth, between its junctions with Arcot Street and Glebe Street
  • Glebe Street, Penarth, between Plassey Street and Windsor Road
  • Windsor Road, Penarth, between Glebe Street and Stanwell Road, including the gyratory of the roundabout where Windsor Road meets Stanwell Road
  • Stanwell Road, Penarth, between Windsor Road and Woodlands Road

Penarth police officers will be on hand to direct and divert traffic as necessary. Although – strictly-speaking  – all the roads are being legally closed at the same time for the full hour of the procession, the intention is that vehicles will be halted only for the minimum amount of time necessary for the procession to pass . Meanwhile pedestrians will be able to access all parts of the route at all times.

The annual Good Friday parade is organised in association with all the churches in Penarth

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  1. Harry says:

    Absolutely amazed this is allowed – as a non-expression of ‘multi-cultural Britain’.

    • AK says:

      Get rid of Easter and Christmas public holidays as well ?

      Jesus gets a mention in the Qur’an as well as the Christian bible

  2. Peter Church says:

    Have you ever walked down the street here? Penarth can be in no way described as “multi-cultural”.

    • Parcel says:

      Don’t come to Newport expecting to take part, the muzzies stopped it. They got their own march past tho..
      Welcome to Wales, yakki akbar….

  3. Parcel says:

    Oh deer, caught in the headlites. Not PC nuff

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