Waiting times for NHS ambulances in Penarth have never been worse. On March 16th a Penarth two-year-old with breathing difficulties had to wait three hours for an ambulance .

Waiting times for NHS ambulances in Penarth have never been worse. On March 16th a Penarth two-year-old with breathing difficulties and needing oxygen had to wait three hours for an ambulance .

Andrew R T Davies (Conservative South Wales Central)

Andrew R T Davies (Conservative South Wales Central)

Penarth’s Conservative Assembly Member, Andrew R T Davies, has dismissed as “laughable” the Welsh Labour Government’s latest claims of “record investment” in the National Health Service .

Davies – who is Leader of the Conservatives in the Welsh Assembly and an AM for South Wales Central – which includes Penarth – has  accused Labour ministers in Cardiff Bay of being “in denial” over the state of the Welsh NHS.

Welsh Deputy Health Minister and Penarth Labour AM Vaughan Gething

Welsh Deputy Health Minister and Penarth Labour AM Vaughan Gething

Deputy Health Minister, Vaughan Gething, (Labour AM for Cardiff South and Penarth) has issued the release which claimed that Welsh Labour Government has made “record investment” in the NHS and is helping people to live “healthier lives”.

Davies says Gething’s claims simply don’t stack up. Speaking in the Vale of Glamorgan Andrew R T Davies, said “This self-praising Welsh Labour Government is the first in the history of the NHS to end its term of office with lower spending in real terms than when it came to office.”

Welsh Government Finance Minister Jane Hutt (Labour Vale of Glamorgan)

Welsh Government Finance Minister Jane Hutt (Labour AM Vale of Glamorgan) is accused of starving the Welsh NHS of £100,000,000

He went on to say “Residents in the Vale of Glamorgan will rightly ask who is responsible for controlling the finances in the Welsh Government? Unfortunately, they do not have to look very far to see it is their local assembly member [Jane Hutt Labour AM for the Vale Glamorgan] who has starved the Welsh NHS of a billion pounds since 2011.”

Davies says “If Labour Ministers want to claim responsibility for the achievements of our hardworking NHS workforce, they should also accept their responsibility for doubling the number of people on NHS waiting lists; failing to meet emergency care and other key targets; and depriving cancer patients of the treatments they need.”

Davies added “Residents in the Vale of Glamorgan will not be fooled, Labour’s record on the NHS is proof that they are just not up to the job.”




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  1. Philip Rapier says:

    Many thanks to Andrew R.T. Davies A.M. , as dangerously inaccurate scaremongering on the Welsh NHS has -as David Cameron has found, given Welsh Labour an even greater lead in the Opinion Polls here. I challenge Andrew RT Davies here and now to turn up with his so called
    ” evidence” at the Penarth Hustings on April 16th.
    I’m sure the first past the post “real” Conservative Candidate for Cardiff South Penarth will have the courage to step down for the evening.

    • Yvette Parsons says:

      Let play RT Davies BINGO with Philip Rapier. 🙂
      Every time he posts and RT Davies is in his text, we can all shout RT BINGO!

      Why don’t you talk about Labour policies Mr Labour Councillor? rather than constantly spouting false statistics about other parties.
      The truth is Labour have run out of steam and its time for a change, most of the Labour AMs are not even contesting the election. (do they know something)

      • Ann Other says:

        Yes, and they are fixated on the idea that more spending equals better performance. This is fatuous. There is much, much more involved than that.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Poste Scriptum
      I am very proud we treat our Junior Doctors with respect in NHS, Doctor’s Strike free Wales. They are together with our World Class Consultants the most admired professionals in the Principality.
      There is I believe currently a selective DOCTORS STRIKE IN ENGLAND where an Ultra Right Wing Dogma led Government holds them in contempt. This now happens every month thanks to the poor Industrial Relations of Jeremy Hunt MPs’ ( Muti Millionaire) Secretary of State’s Dept of Health.
      Mr. Hunt receives generous “State Benefits” he doesn’t need in the form of a Ministerial Salary of c.£64000 p.a on top of private earnings of c£400,000 for the day job, a Chauffeur driven Limousine. Back Office Expenses charged to the Taxpayer are c.£141000 in addition.
      N.B GPs do not work for the NHS they are private contractors remunerated for a range of duties agreed with you guessed it Rt. Hon Jeremy Hunt MP Conservative Minister wonderfully adept at the promotion of Junior Doctors Strikes in England. .

  2. Mr Tim Gould says:

    You talk some complete rubbish Labour councillor!
    Waiting lists in Wales are longer, GPs/Consultants/Nurses per head of population are less in Wales than are in other parts of the UK. Less money is spent on health care in Wales.
    Reason: LABOUR, the monies received from Westminister by the WAG for spending on health care and education gets spent on pet project such as buying airports, subsidising flights to Angelsey, running a fleet of Volvo S40’s for ministers!

  3. Andrew sarchus says:

    Whatever, whomever spout-eth lie-th. The NHS in Wales is in many areas very poor- and its NOT the fault of the care staff. NHS management is often poor and over-costly. Resources are misdirected. Politicians are useless. The three highest paid AM’s are all responsible for the NHS and get paid more than the Perm Sec. Chaos? The lion’s share of the Welsh government’s total expenditure of £15.9bn comes from the UK Treasury, apart from about £1bn raised in business rates. Almost half of the budget is spent on health. Trying to get an appointment at Stanwell health centre is a nonsense with the ridiculous follow the herd ring early lottery. Then if you ring back later they tell you that heart thump problem will have to wait three weeks to be looked at if you want an appointment now. Waiting times up. A&E a shambles at times. Dental treatment is third world in terms of service. Its goes on. The truth is most, even all of those politicians concerned are truth benders and pretty poor quality- no matter which party. They just want your money. Mr Rapier you should be concentrating on the problem not petty party politics.

  4. Chris Franks says:

    How’s this for a health policy;
    A national commitment on cancer – 28 day diagnosis guarantee. Cut waiting times by investing in addition 1,000 doctors and 5,000 nurses. Abolish home care charges for the elderly and people with dementia? All costed. These are Plaid’s commitments.

  5. hopenotnasty says:

    The latest patient satisfaction survey on the NHS services in Wales is 88%. Well to me that seems pretty good compared to other services public or private. We must not forget that the UK government has dished out 20% less money to WAG over the last 4 years. As for R T Davies he reminds me of the old duke of York who marched them up and after May will be marching them down yet again.


  6. Harry Herbert-Hyde says:

    Labour is bad for your Health if you live in Wales, is my observation.

    It took an ambulance over 5 hours to arrive at my elderly neighbours house after she had a fall.
    I was with her and they rang back many times giving us updates, in the end her son came from near Gloucester and drove her to the Cardiff!
    Fractured ankle, and the ambulance? well it arrived with flashing lights while they were at the Heath, despite me telling them to cancel it. I thought it was for someone else for a moment.
    Makes my blood boil how badly services are run and money is just plain wasted.
    I bet if Mo Farrow twisted his ankle, he would get a police escort to A&E.

  7. hopenotnasty says:

    The NHS England has over spent by £930 million in three months this year and is on course for a annual deficit of at least 2bn, in what regulators described as its worst financial crisis in generations,

    The NHS England is missing many waiting time targets. Hospitals are spending more than their budgets as they struggle to cope with growing demand for care, 2bn of unexpected staff costs and the service’s finances being the tightest for years. Be careful what you wish for as Conservative run NHS England are in a dreadful financial mess. All brought about by cuts, cuts and more cuts.
    All this misery brought on by a chancellor who gets economic recovery wrong every year. We are financially still in a mess with a massive deficit. Now picks on the disabled for his mishandling of our economy.

  8. Andrew sarchus says:

    Exactly Lindsay- compliant with NHS. Oh another labour-right. Boy do I hate politicos- no different to other barmy belief system followers. Mr Franks- you “offer” a lot here but never seem to answer direct questions. Policy talk is easy. Plaid have no credible economic policies and propose wasting hundreds of millions on language support.

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