A "New Adventure Travel" service bus stuck in a ditch on the Dinas Powys to Barry Road this morning (Photo Dinas Powys Pictures)

A “New Adventure Travel” service bus stuck in a ditch on the Dinas Powys to Barry Road this morning (Photo Dinas Powys Pictures)

The main road between Dinas Powys and Barry has been closed this morning following a bus crash.

The bus belongs to New Adventure Travel – the bus firm contracted by the Vale of Glamorgan Council to operate various subsidised routes in the Vale – including Penarth .

It’s understood that no one was hurt and no  passengers were on board the bus at the time of the incident 07:05 but traffic jams and delays persisted all morning . and no one was hurt. A team from Dragon Rescue is working on recovering the vehicle.

Other bus services – including the Cardiff Bus 93 and 95 services had to divert via Sully.

The road was opened again by 12 noon but another bus problem – a breakdown this time – also added to the congestion on the Cardiff Link Road


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  1. Ian Perry says:

    Vehicles can and do unintentionally leave roads.

    Fortunately, the bus did not end up on a foot or cycleway… because there is no foot or cycleway between Dinas Powys and Barry.

    Foot and cycleways need to be buffered from traffic to prevent tragedies, yet, here in Wales, engineers continue to built infrastructure for children to walk and cycle to school on that is perilously close to roads and traffic… Many parents are wise, and continue to drive their children, rather than take the risk of their child being killed or seriously injured by a vehicle, or debris, leaving the road.

    In Wales, we are spending millions of pounds on new “active travel” infrastructure that is not fit for purpose – although it meets the ‘design guidelines’ created by people who needed some money… No additional payment was made for creating guidelines around what people need, and what keeps them safe. It was more important to have guidelines, clearly set out, that related to existing terrible infrastructure, and made future infrastructure (slightly) “less bad” than what already exists.

    The new foot and cycleway along busy Port Road at Wenvoe (£350,000 of Welsh Government money/OUR MONEY) is a recent example of failure to consider the needs and safety of users – and as a result, few will use it.

    • Dan Potts says:


    • Peter Church says:


      Some here greatly respect your views, some very thoughtful incites into road and town planning.

      However, I would love to direct a play about a series of imaginary letters between yourself and renowned prolific poster, Councillor Rappier.

      Sort of Proust meets Kafka, could even be staged in the Penarth Pagets rooms!

      • Martin gossage says:

        Act 1 letter from MR Rapier Act 2 further communication from MR Rapier .Oops sorry Ian didn’t have space for anything from you .

    • Ford Prefect says:

      Completely agree Ian. The new paths at Wenvoe are very badly designed. They seem to be an excercise in box-ticking. They are only on one side of the road for some reason, and they move into and out of each junction entrance, with a stop-start crossing at each one. I recently found myself travelling south on that road, the new cycle path was in totally the wrong place for this, and had no provision for turning left other than going back on the main road.

      The powers that be are content to condemn our children to a future of obesity, anonymity, debt and breathing problems!

  2. Ian Perry says:

    Comments do reflect on the character of the individual. What does it say about an individual who posts “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”? I’d certainly not employ this person, or wish to engage socially with them. Do they contribute anything positive to society, or are they simply leaches on the rest of us?

  3. Ian Perry says:

    If some people do tire of my comments… At least I am attempting to hold the council officers (and councillors) to account – unlike some elected politicians – and improve the services received from the council.

    Many politicians say a few words, take the money and do little or nothing. Many citizens will moan and complain, and yet do nothing… Then some citizens will awaken from their slumber and criticise those who are trying to improve things (because those making an effort are often visible and easy targets, and minimal effort is required to type “zzzzzzzzzzzz”) and they rarely (if ever) do anything positive themselves…

    • Dan Potts says:

      I do more for the local community than you can imagine Ian, I do my 3 voluntary jobs to the best of my ability quietly and without any fus .

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