A total of 18  workers at the Vale of Glamorogan Council have lodged formal complaints of "bullying"

A total of 18 workers at the Vale of Glamorogan Council have lodged formal complaints of “bullying”

It’s been revealed that a total of 18 employees of the Vale of Glamorgan Council  have lodged official complaints of “bullying” by the council since 2009  – but only 3 of those complaints have been upheld.

The information  – issued this month – has been derived from a “Freedom of Information Request” made by  a “Mr Lewis” who asked how many Vale employees had  made an  official complaint of harassment and bullying at work since 1st April 2009.

Of the cases which were not upheld, 5 subsequently went to appeal – but none of those appeals found in favour of the complainants.

The Vale Council was not able to say in how many cases the complainant had accused the alleged bullies of “telling lies” because that information was not recorded .

The latest available figures for the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s staff numbers is  5,457 (as at 2014). The current staff numbers are not given on the council’s website.

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  1. Martin gossage says:

    Be interesting to see who was accused of bullying .One person in particular? And who was doing the accusing?. Bullying is extremely difficult to prove .Bullies don’t just walk up to you and smack you in the face. It’s subtle and cumulative .when you start to notice and monitor and report you have already missed and poorly recall 99℅.

  2. whatsoccurin says:

    I am retired now but certainly in the last 10 years or so bullying has become an “issue” especially in public service. In private firms it is accepted that you have to turn up on time. work hard and at times be reprimanded by your boss. In public service (BBC Loval Govt etc) the threat of “bullying” is used by employees as a means of having an easy work life-many managers back off” when confronted by such threats-similarly an Asian lady I worked with made it clear she would use the “race card” if her flexible work time (i.e working 30 and being paid for 37 hours per week) was threatened-of course this does not solve the problem-other staff have to be pressured into doing the work that these “victims” avoid

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