A Paget Place pothole - almost deep enough to be a paddling pool

This Paget Place pothole  – almost deep enough to paddle in – doesn’t even figure on the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s  “to-do” list.

A leaflet from the “Vote Leave” campaign is being posted through the letter boxes of Penarth this week is  claiming that there are “1.7 million potholes in Wales”  but that – instead of them being fixed – British  taxpayers’ money is “being spent on bridges in Greece”.

The EU Leave Campaign's pothole poster

The EU Leave Campaign’s pothole flyer was distributed in Penarth this week

The leaflet may – perhaps unintentionally – have struck a raw nerve with many local  residents.

Motorists and cyclists who use the Penarth’s much-patched, make-and-mend, roads might well have concluded that a high proportion of those 1,700,000 Welsh potholes are probably in Penarth.

Every year  the Labour-controlled Vale of Glamorgan Council is having to pay-out thousands of pounds of council-tax-payers’ money  to meet claims for  damage sustained by potholes.

In the latest year for which figures are available (2014) the Vale Council  paid compensation of over £152,ooo for damage caused by potholes  and – on top of that – shelled-out £34,605 to meet compensation claims. The Vale Council has not yet released figures on how much it’s had to pay out in claims in 2015.

Race stewards on loudspeakers warned manathon runners entering the Marina of the "uneven road surface"

Race stewards on loudspeakers warned IAAF Half-Marathon runners entering the Marina of the “uneven road surface”

Even during last Saturday’s prestige road race – the IAAF Cardiff World Half-Marathon –  competitors, including Mo Farah, had to be warned by loudspeaker to watch out for an uneven road surface as they entered Penarth Marina. A stumble by a top athlete at this event could have cost the Vale a small fortune in compensation.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council's website promotes its pothole campaign "The Big Fill"

The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s website promotes its pothole campaign “The Big Fill”

The Vale Council operates what it calls a “Big Fill” campaign which is meant to receive reports of potholes and their locations from the public on its website – and then add them to its list of pending repairs.

The council says “Our inspectors regularly review roads by following a predetermined schedule (including road classification and route importance). Each observed defect is recorded with an assigned repair timescale. Consideration is given to the potential hazard in accordance with our safety inspection policy”

The Vale claims this pothole in Church Road was supposed to have been repaired in January. It's still there.

The Vale claims on its website that this pothole in Church Road was repaired on February 1st . It wasn’t.

However residents take the council’s claims with a large pinch of salt.  It doesn’t take long to discover a large pothole in – for example –  Church Road, Penarth, which the Vale claims it repaired in January/February, is still there – unfilled . Remnants  the yellow spray-paint used to identify it can still be seen, although they’re now fading – with age.

The Vote Leave campaign claims that “Wales sends £647 million to the European Union every year” – money which it argues could be better spent fixing potholes or – presumably –  saving steelworks. The campaign is seeking to persuade Penarth residents to vote to leave the EU, display a Vote Leave poster during the referendum campaign, deliver leaflets in the area , help with door-to-door surveys, make phone calls to other voters and – if they wish – make a financial donation to the campaign .

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  1. Philip Dawson says:

    The Vale Council pays compensation for pot hole damage? Really? Not my experience over the last 5 years and £400 worth of new tyres after 2 separate pot hole strikes. Despite full documentation including garage damage surveys, they delay and delay until finally they give you their solicitors’ address for all future communication on the matter, at which point you know all hope of compensation is lost.
    I’d love to hear of anyone who has successfully claimed.

    • Ian James Griffin says:

      May I suggest you issue proceedings through the Small Claims Court.

    • Nicola Matthews says:

      Had the same problem in January £100 for a new tyre and tracking. Council won’t pay out as their inspection was done in December which is covered for a month “but even if it was 2months later would still be covered ” I was told by the council … It’s a joke the pothole was massive .

  2. Frank (yawn) Bird says:

    Over 200 potholes, badly filled potholes, small mountains in less than half a mile in Andrew Road, see if your street can beat that!

  3. Christopher David says:

    And they look after the people!

  4. Lindsay says:

    Could be worse. 10,000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire

  5. Martin Coffee says:

    So the reason for staying in or leaving the EEC comes down to…. potholes.

    It’s pathetic.

  6. Billy Shears says:

    Now you know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall.

    • Lindsay says:

      I read the PD news today oh boy. At first I thought the news was rather sad. Then, well I just had to laugh – I saw the photograph.

  7. Ian Perry says:

    The Dutch and Germans have no problems with potholes. The EU Leave Campaign is after the votes of those who know very little about the world past the shores of this island.

    What the Dutch do, is repair road surfaces before potholes form. It seems so simple, but it’s beyond the abilities of some people on this island.

  8. David Davis says:

    I’ve said it before the Council is not up to the job, instead of sorting out the massive pothole problem in Penarth , they would rather build a viewing platform so we can see the sea , ‘better’??? never mind the potholes the uneven and cracked paving stones, the viewing platform is a necessity!!?? And while we are at it lets build a ‘Cresta Run’ down to the Dingle (nice though it looks) a more modest affair would have sufficed , same with the path constructed at the end of Sully Terrace, no one asked for it, but the Council made sure they got it!. To me that’s a Council who is not listening to the people but aloof and finding ‘things to do’ instead of the things that ‘need doing’. This same Council was the one who tried to impose a Town Square on the town, not once but TWICE despite the traders not wanting it , this was another flight of fancy costing thousands , even employing clowns and jugglers to dress up the idea!!. Forget the potholes the Council at this very moment are probably dreaming up another ‘folly’ as we speak, and don’t forget we have the ridiculous flight of fancy of a pathway around Penarth Headland . Just what people want, ‘a road to nowhere’ running along the bottom of a cliff face and at the mercy of the sea, insanity unless you have nothing better to do. Look around town and youll find lots requiring attention (and not getting it). The alleys in the town used to be swept ever 2 or 3 weeks , now its every 3 MONTHS . if your lucky! , and that was told to me on the phone from the Council themselves.

    • snoggerdog says:

      surely you mean lanes,penarth doesnt have “alleys”,they were small glass spheres we used to play with in the gutt sorry the rain sluices at the side of the highway.

  9. Teresa Mitchell says:

    There’s a lot of truth in all this. I think the problem is there are not enough people coming forward to stand as councillors. We seem to have the same old faces with the same old policies…

  10. Peter Davey says:

    i wonder how much has been spent on yellow paint/

  11. David Davis says:

    Alleys or Lanes what does it matter? at least you knew what I meant and it wasn’t worth correcting me ,as for your glass ‘wot nots’ I have never ever heard of them ever so perhaps I should be asking you not vice versa?????

  12. David Davis says:

    Now lets just spare a thought for the 2 follies being foisted on the people of Penarth one already complete, the other still on the drawing board. I refer to the insanity of the folly called a viewing platform ,and the totally bonkers idea of a road to nowhere called a headlands walkway or footpath to be situated around the base of the cliff. Spare for a second a thought about the ‘viewing platform’ this white elephant has in its construction around 80 tons of concrete part of it in ditches dug in the ground, this edifice is also situated 8 feet, I repeat 8 feet from the cliff edge. Now id say 80 tons is a lot of weight, and it wouldn’t surprise me that at some time that weight begins to subside or sink into the ground. Now imagine a walkway at the base of this cliff with people walking along it , and imagine a weakness or crevice opening up either visible or invisible in the vicinity of the viewing platform, and imagine the weight of the platform begin to fall into this crevice in part or whole and imagine this weight being put on the cliff face . Further imagine a cliff face rock fall on the walkway below followed by 80 tons of concrete in blocks or whatever . That’s goodbye walkway , goodbye platform and goodbye those unfortunate to be on the walkway at the time. Of course you may find the clowns up proposed this platform or walkway idea saying , “oh we have thought of that”!? I doubt that very much.

  13. AK says:

    Still, these potholes must be saving a fortune on traffic calming measures.

    When was the last time you saw the council installing a road hump ? No need for them now !

  14. Andrew sarchus says:

    Ha – love it AK

  15. Sib says:

    I hate potholes

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