Mrs Joy Atkinson and the home she bought for £90,000 . If the Couoncil decides against her second application she could be made homeless

Mrs Joy Atkinson and the home she bought for £90,000 . If the Couoncil decides against her second application she could be made homeless

A Penarth nursery nurse and grandmother Mrs Joy Atkinson is still waiting to hear whether a second bid she’s making to carry on living in her own home will be allowed by the Vale of Glamorgan Council

If a second planning application which has been made for “change of use” of  her home – a former artist’s studio at 34A Plassey St, Penarth – is not approved,  a Vale of Glamorgan Council Enforcement Order requires her to leave the premises within six months.

Penarth Town Council – having supported  her original “change of use” application has already recommended refusal of her second application

The Vale of Glamorgan Council had refused the original application because it did not provide for “amenity space” – a courtyard or garden – which Mrs Atkinson says she does not need or want  . This decision was supported by the Planning Inspectorate when the matter went to formal appeal

Mrs Atkinson then submitted a second planning application  involving the demolition of the rear of the building in order to create the unwanted space the council says she must have. Contrary to an earlier  report the Vale Council’s planning officers have yet to decide on this scheme – but the Enforcement Order remains in place with a September 2016 deadline .

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  1. Louise C says:

    I think we should remember that if change of use is agreed, the ‘house’ doubles in value. Whatever the current owner’s intentions, it can be rented out for £400pcm. Maybe that’s why the Vale is reluctant.

  2. Kevin Mahoney says:

    I certainly wouldn’t want to see this lady made homeless but at the end of the day I’d have thought it was quite simple. Don’t buy a property to live in that isn’t authorised for that purpose.

    i don’t agree with all planning application decisions but presumably theres a reason for planning laws one reason no doubt is to stop the establishment of ramshackle shanty towns.

    Surely there isn’t a solicitor practicing in the country who wouldn’t have pointed out to this lady that the property was unauthorised for the purpose that she intended to use it for at the point of sale, so the question must be why did she go ahead and buy it? I’d suggest that it was extremely foolish to do so without taking sensible and qualified advice from the legal profession.

    If she did and was given incorrect advice then I’d have thought that she would have a right to challenge that advice and it’s implications with the law society’s complaints procedure. If she did and was given correct advice I don’t see where the basis for complaint now is?

  3. ron says:

    Has Mrs Atkinson been paying council tax on the property. If so, in my opinion the council have agreed that it is fit to live in.If they refuse planning permision, then they should refune the tax.

    • Ivor Bagman says:

      Nice thinking !
      I know someone who lived in a
      Steel shipping container for
      3 years and paid nowt.

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