The five candidates for South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner are (left to right) Purcell, Michael, Baker, Davies and Woodman

The five candidates for South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner are (left to right) Purcell, Michael, Baker, Davies and Woodman

Nominations have now closed for candidates contesting the election on May 5th for appointment as the South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner with no last-minute surprises .

The full list of candidates is published on the Cardiff Council website on

The candidates list for the May 5th Police and Crime Commissioner Election

The candidates list for the May 5th Police and Crime Commissioner Election

The candidates in alphabetical order are :-

  • Mike Baker (Independent )
  • Tim Davies (Conservative)
  • Alun Michael – former Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth who is the incumbent PCC
  • Cllr Linet Purcell (Plaid Cymru)
  • Cllr Judith Woodman (Lib Dem Pentwyn)

Should the incumbent PCC be defeated then the Home Office arrangements dictate that he remains in his post for a week or so after the election whilst the new Commissioner is sworn-in and takes up his or her position.

The current salary paid to the South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner is £85,000 a year . There is no mention of any employment package, healthcare package,  car or pension – implying that there are no benefits over and above the basic salary set by the Home Office .

The Commissioner’s website also states – somewhat misleadingly – that “between 22 November 2012 and 30 March 2016, the Commissioner did not claim any expenses.”. In fact travel expenses are claimed for, and the Commissioner appears to travel usually by First Class Rail . There seems to be an arrangement however by which the Commissioner can only reclaim the cost of an ordinary standard rail ticket for each journey undertaken and  – should the actual cost of travel exceed this –  any amount above that of the rail ticket has to be repaid.

The incumbent Police and Crime Commissioner's most recent Travel Expenses

The incumbent Police and Crime Commissioner’s most recent Travel Expenses. Most travel is by First Class Rail.

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  1. Martin gossage says:

    Seems a bit unsafe to list actual home addresses

  2. Christopher David says:

    I just hope we vote in someone with NO political affiliations. Someone not biased or subject to the party whip. Preferable someone who has experience of the police and the law.

  3. David Davis says:

    Lets hope they vote for someone with a mandate from the people? this time , correct me if im wrong but I think the turnout for voters was around 20% or 24% and in no way is that a mandate and should have been re- run. If my figure is wrong I stand corrected but I do know the figure was well under half the number allowed to vote,

  4. Peter Church says:

    First class travel, no wonder he wanted to up the police precept by 5% AGAIN.
    This is mine and your money he is spending, why don’t your just retire like normal politicians do??
    Shocking, champagne socialism at its worst.

    Lets vote for someone who isn’t tied to a party machine!!
    Vote Independent

  5. Andrew sarchus says:

    Roll on Mr Church someone independent indeed. Whst the chances eh. A politician here would be no more than an eel in the fundamental mud upon which organized society is erected.

  6. Lindsay says:

    Nice to see Christopher, Peter and Andrew agreeing with each other. It’s uncanny, they might have been joined at birth.

    • Peter Church says:

      I can assure you I have no connection with anyone else on here, no matter what you might think and whoever you are, for that matter?
      You maybe also be surprised that there is more than one person in Penarth with my view point.

      Anyhow, I though you normally stand up for Labour, are you having a night off?

      • Lindsay says:

        Of course I accept what you say Peter, I was deceived not only by the similarity of views but also the way in which they are expressed. We know that there are some people on here who conduct conversations with themselves, to create the impression of a consensus, and they do a disservice to others with legitimately held views. I’m not sure I understand where the perception that I “normally stand up for Labour” comes from. I can’t recall an occasion where I specifically did this, although, as a fair minded person, I might have sympathy with the views of a range of people and groupings. I do think it important that a fair and balanced set of opinions are given an airing.

  7. Andrew sarchus says:

    I think your correct Mr Davis. Truth is an awful lot of folk don’t even know we have police commissioners. Back door by the politicos eh!

  8. Christopher David says:

    Lindsay states “I’m not sure I understand where the perception” Don’t be silly- you can’t be “I’m” you aren’t anyone!

  9. Christopher McGilvray says:

    I have a good idea, why dont we allow the Chief Constable run the Police Service instead of a politician. Save the council tax payers a lot of money.
    Politicians should retire gracefully when at the end of their career not look for another money trough to stick their noses in.

  10. Lindsay says:

    Very entertaining bluster as usual Christopher. Skewed views? That really gave me a chuckle! How do you know it isn’t my real name?


  12. As the only independent candidate in the Commissioner elections, it is difficult to get people to understand that we must keep party politics out of policing, especially when you see how they have behaved in the last few years, what with being almost invisible unless it is their own interests or when they get caught out on expenses, I am not connected in any way with any party and am self funding in my campaign. Please have a look at my web page to see what I am about..

  13. Andrew sarchus says:

    Exactly Mr Baker. You deserve support. Pity we cant get rid of the lord as well but that’s another issue sadly.

  14. Christopher McGilvray says:

    Michael Baker the independent candidate self funding. I hope he removes the politicians who wish to run the Police Service. After all the Police service was and should be impartial to any political party. Michael Baker has worked the streets of South Wales as a Police Officer, where as the Alan Michael’s of the world has only sat on forums and would not have a clue with the workings of a Police service. Vote independent, keep politics out of it. The Police service was and should always be impartial to Politics….Of course allow the Chief Constable to run his force, that is what he is paid for.

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