Penarth Esplanade - improvement works have been postponed.

Penarth Esplanade – improvement works have been postponed.

A Vale of Glamorgan Council scheme to “enhance and regenerate” Penarth Esplanade has been postponed  – the council’s ruling ‘cabinet’ is to be told on Monday.

An internal council report says that “Work with partners to enhance and regenerate the Penarth Esplanade and ensure sustainable and convenient links with the Town Centre and Penarth Haven has slipped due to the volume of work in Highways”.

There are actually double yellow lines on both sides of the Esplanade Road at Beachcliffe. The "echelon" parking there is technically illegal

There are actually double yellow lines on both sides of the Esplanade Road at Beachcliff. The “echelon” parking currently there is technically illegal

Details of the scheme are not given in the report but it is known that road-resurfacing of the Esplanade and Cliff Hill are overdue and that the controversial re-assignment of parking slots outside Beachcliff,  and Restaurant James Sommerin – including the newly opened boutique hotel Rooms James Sommerin    have not yet been carried out.

The original double yellow lines which once prohibited parking outside the old Beachcliff and the old Rabaiotti Cafe pavement/alfresco dining area are still faintly visible.

In a Vale of Glamorgan Council Cabinet meeting last month  ( see  it was announced that – notwithstanding objections from Beachcliff’s developer Richard Hayward  – the Vale would install 13 echelon parking slots for “all-comers” outside Beachcliff which  Mr Hayward would have to pay for.

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  1. sjleworthy says:

    how would all this be policed? it’s a free for all down there. has been for years.

  2. Johnabutt says:

    Too many potholes for them to fill in, probably impinges on the break between tea brakes so they might have to actually do some ****!

  3. AK says:

    Was this the enhancement scheme which included a cycle lane coming against the traffic flow?

    I think the Cardiff Bay Noddy train should be allowed to continue up the hill and on to Penarth esplanade and cliff top, that would bring more tourist visitors (without more cars).

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