RAF Typhoons escorted this German-registered executive jet into Cardiff Airport today

RAF Typhoons escorted this German-registered executive jet into Cardiff Airport today

Two Typhoon strike fighters from RAF Coningsby smashed the sound barrier this afternoon as they chased towards the Bristol Channel to reach a  twin engined executive jet which was not responding to radio calls.

The aircraft, a German-registered Bombardier Challenger 300, which has transatlantic range and can fly as fast as most airliners, apparently suffered a technical failure which prevented it responding properly to radio messages.

The RAF Typhoons were both part of Britain's Quick Reaction Alert group

The RAF Typhoons were both part of Britain’s Quick Reaction Alert group – and quick they were

 Local people in Oxfordshire –  along the flightpath of the Typhoons –  heard two sonic booms as the RAF aircraft – both part of the QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) group  – powered their way through the sound barrier in hot pursuit .

They caught up with the German jet – registration letters D-BTLT – over the Bristol Channel and flew alongside the aircraft – checking visually for any sign of life in the cockpit.

Visual communication was established and the RAF pilots then gave the pilot of the German aircraft the internationally recognised “follow-me” signal instructing him to land at Cardiff Airport.

The Challenger’s communications were eventually restored and it landed safety – although airport fire crew were in attendance as the aircraft touched down. It was escorted to a safe area away from the terminal building.

Cardiff Airport was closed for a time and an incoming KLM flight had to maintain a holding pattern over the West Country until the runways re-opened .  South Wales Police also closed some local roads around the airport.

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