London Mayor Boris Johnson (left) with Andrew R T Davies (right).

Talking earlier this week, London Mayor Boris Johnson (left) and Welsh Conservative Leader and Penarth AM Andrew R T Davies (right).

Penarth AM Andrew R T Davies has pledged that if the Conservatives gain control of the Welsh Assembly in next month’s election they will place a freeze on council tax across Wales.

The Conservatives say such a freeze would ” bring an end to 19 years of unfettered council tax rises overseen by several Labour governments in Wales, which means that since 1997 rates have risen by 178%.

The party says  Welsh families are now £794 worse-off than they were in 2011/12 – when the current Labour Welsh Labour Government was formed – making Wales “the most taxed nation in the UK on this measure”.

In some parts of Penarth - particularly in long-established Victorian areas - familiues are now having to pay £2,500 to £3,000 a year in Council Tax -  just for the privilege of living in their own homes.

In some parts of Penarth – particularly in long-established Victorian areas – families are now having to pay £2,500 to £3,000 a year in Council Tax – just for the privilege of living in their own homes.

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau says 6,000 households in Wales are now struggling to meet Council Tax bills . Now, the cost of paying Council Tax amounts takes away an average of 4.56% of the total income of Welsh workers . The comparable figure in Scotland is   3.88% of earned income.

The Welsh Labour Government is accused of “consistently refusing”   to use £94,000,000 in consequential funding from the UK Government, following its decision to provide grants for council tax freezes in England.

The costs of the promised “Council Tax Freeze” would be met by offering local authorities in Wales what are being called “Council Tax Freeze Grants” , which – in total – would cost an estimated £16,000,000 to £17,000,000 a year.

Penarth AM Andrew R T Davies

Penarth AM and Leader of the Welsh Conservatives Andrew R T Davies

Penarth AM and Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Andrew RT Davies, said: “For 19 years, one inert Labour government after another have been sitting on their hands while the people of Wales suffer from crippling rises in their council tax bills. This has to stop.

Davies, who is the AM for South Wales Central – which includes Penarth added  “Since 2011, the Welsh Conservatives have been calling for a council tax freeze, which if elected to government in May is exactly what we would do.

“The freeze would last an entire Assembly term, allowing people to keep more of the money they earn, helping to deliver financial security for hardworking families and offering a much-needed boost to local economies.”

This move forms a key part of a Welsh Conservative vision to make Wales a low tax economy, bringing an end to the state of isolation in which it currently exists, as the only nation not to have benefited from millions of pounds of government money allocated to halt council tax rises.”

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  1. Kaye Brennan says:

    Would you happen to know how people can respond to the consultation on the Tree Management Strategy?

    • Philip Rapier says:

      ” Panama” Hat is at the ready for me to eat if Andrew R.T. Davies ‘ prediction comes true. According to some Polls (Cardiff Univ) he could be on his way out to the UKIP Candidate at South Wales Central anyway hence the sheer desperation of a Boris photo-opportunity.
      Following Boris Johnson and Andrew R.T. Davies out of the E.U. will make Panama Hat Fat Cats fatter and your kids hungry.
      Perhaps you can’t get the Financial Times as far as the Wild West of Ye Olde Vale of Glamorgane but what use will a Council Tax Freeze be if as the National Farmers Union (Executive Member Passim Andrew R. T. Davies) predict our kids will have less Beef Burgers to eat. Following the Welsh Conservatives-UKIP unconfirmed and unholy alliance policy of exit from the E.U is extremely dangerous for the National Food Supply.
      You simply cannot have your fruitcake policy and eat it.
      According to my copy of the Financial Times 3 days ago Food prices will rocket if Wales in accordance with Boris Johnson and Andrew RT Davies wishes comes out of the E.U. It may be a good vote winner to pedal Brexit and a reduction in Band XYZ down there in Aga-Saga Land but –
      As the FT warns (April 5, 2016 8:32 pm)
      “Consumers would face higher food prices if Britain were to leave the EU under two out of the three most plausible trade scenarios modelled by the National Farmers’ Union.”

      “If the UK were to strike a free-trade agreement with the EU along the lines of Canada — an option that has been suggested by Boris Johnson, London mayor — it suggests farmgate prices, or the price of goods if purchased directly from the producer, would rise by 5 per cent.”

      “The NFU suggests that with lower tariffs, the price British farmers would get for their beef would fall by about 15 per cent and for poultry by 7 per cent. Production — and thus Britain’s levels of agriculture self-sufficiency — in these foods would fall, it says.”

      “A loss of direct subsidies would hit average farm incomes by between €17,000 and €36,000, dependent on the trade scenario, it estimates.”

      • Peter Church says:

        You missed him Frank!! Labour Councillor Rappier posted a reply to the first response as per usual! Maybe just to get noticed.
        He has R T Davies in his first sentence as usual, then goes off on some long winded tangent as usual, which could well be about the Spanish civil war if I could be bothered to read it all.

  2. Martin gossage says:

    Of course they will cut council tax but get it back by shafting some disabled or needy group of their facilities .Is it just me but we don’t pay council tax ” just to live in our own homes” We pay for local services don’t we .Thus see above ..cut tax = cut services ( but only to those who might not vote for you anyway)

  3. Alwyn says:

    Presumably Andrew Davies will ensure that even as his party in London cuts the finance of local government year on year,as they are committed ideologically to do, the services provided by those same ‘frozen’ councils will still remain at their present ( pretty inadequate) levels? You’re pulling my leg!

  4. Frank Evans says:

    Can’t wait for councillors rappier post on this. Bet it will something along the lines of how the Spanish civil war defined our collective fight for freedom through socialism. Labour. Committed to spending your money cutting down trees.

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