The Welsh Assembly was designed with glass walls to impart the idea of "transparency" and accessibility. Now you can't get in without a pass.

The Welsh Assembly was designed with glass walls to impart the idea of “transparency” and “accessibility“. Now you can’t get in without a pass or winning an election.

No fewer than 71 candidates and a dozen different political parties will be vying for the support of the voters of Penarth in May 5th’s Welsh Assembly Elections.

Nominations for the Welsh Assembly Elections have now closed and Cardiff Council has now published the full lists of the candidates taking part.

The official list of Cardiff South and Penarth Welsh Assembly candidates as it appears on the Cardiff Cpouncil website

The official list of Cardiff South and Penarth Welsh Assembly candidates as it appears on the Cardiff Cpouncil website

The candidates' list for the Welsh Assembly South Wales Central constitutency - which includes Penarth

The candidates’ list for the Welsh Assembly South Wales Central constitutency – which includes Penarth

The Assembly has 60 members, all elected for a 5-year term. 20 of them represent five “electoral regions” (like South Wales Central) and are elected under the so-called “additional-member” d’Hondt proportional representation system . The other 40 are elected for constituencies on a traditional first-past-the-post  system.

The Polling Station at Albert Road Penarth

The Polling Station at Albert Road Penarth

Penarth voters will have two ballot papers to contend with when they enter the polling station to cast their votes [plural] next month.

One paper will be for the Cardiff South and Penarth constituency – which is similar to the Parliamentary constituency of the same name – and the other will be for the South Wales Central constituency – in which a total of 66 candidates are standing – including 1 independent.

There is  a wide choice of political parties in the contest – comprising :-

  • The Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party
  • The Welsh Conservative Party
  • The Freedom to Choose Party
  • Plaid Cymru
  • The Official Monster Raving Loony Party
  • UKIP Wales
  • The Wales Green Party
  • The Welsh Communist Party
  • The Welsh Labour Party
  • The Welsh Liberal Democrats
  • The Welsh Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
  • The Women’s Equality Party

Of all the declared candidates, a total of 6 actually live in Penarth. They are :-

  • Ben Gray (Welsh Conservative Party)
  • Vaughan Gething (Welsh Labour Party)
  • Richard Michael Hodgson Read (Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party)
  • David Melding (Welsh Conservative Party)
  • Anthony Slaughter (Wales Green Party)
  • Sarah Rees (Women’s Equality Party)


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  1. Andrew sarchus says:

    SIXTY AM’s! add in the 40 MP’s and 2 Euro jobbies and its only 23 less than the USA senate. USA Pop 319 Million. And Wales is still a shambles with it poor services- crazy spends on PC tripe and 72% of UK GDP ! Where is the talent? Gravy on your caviar sir?

    • Shelley Ballard says:

      Your readers may be interested that a friend who is a member of the Cardiff South and Penarth Labour CLP told me. They have all been asked to post replies and any news sites or bloggs they can find relating to politics or electioneering. One instruction was to get their views as near to the article as possible by responding to the first post. It only occurred to me that this is what Councillor Rappier has been doing for sometime and others from the labour party have now followed suit.
      I am not a member of any party, but I hate being deceived by underhand tactics.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      I have decided to follow David Cameron today and publish my Tax Return. My Assets have been thoroughly scrutinised by my Accountants Messrs Grabbit, Cashmore and Hyde who are based offshore in the British West Sully Islands. I will of course be declaring my similar tax efficient shares in Flat Holm, Lundy and my idyllic country retreat the Isalnd on Roath Park Lake.
      Panama may be a bit further away from Penarth than Aga Saga “Usk” (41 miles) where one of your “local” Conservative Condidates resides.
      ” Local boy” by comparison and far too good for the first past the post genuine election is Tory Party Leader Andrew R.T. Davies who lives a mere 18 miles away -such a short drive in a comfy Range Rover for both candidates. .A nice safe distance from Cardiff , Penarth and the reality of being submitted to the first past the post system for the Conservatives then..

      • Peter Church says:

        Very funny (not), but I think Shelley has you banged to rights good sir.
        Oh and as per usual you manage to get the words R T Davies into to your reply, spend sometime talking about labour would be cathartic for everyone.

    • Peter Davey says:

      Spot on Andrew, give them a bucket of tar to fill the Penarth potholes then they would be useful.

  2. Kevin Mahoney says:

    Theres actually 4 Euro jobbies for Wales not 2, although the Conservative Euro jobbie Kay Swinburne refuses to move from her house in England to the country that she’s supposed to be representing.

  3. Peter Church says:

    Just noticed Vaughan Gething’s address. 2 Royal Close Penarth. With values over 1/2 million pound.
    These are the newly built, very large 4 bedroomed town houses with fabulous views over Cardiff Bay. The one most of us can’t even afford!
    He might like the photo opportunities down in deepest Butetown, but he has his priorities right when it comes to his light airy home comforts.
    Typical Labour, do as I say, not as I do.

  4. Frank Evans says:

    These houses are now worth a lot more than half a million now. Congrats Mr Vaughan, nu labour and the Welsh taxpayers have done you proud.

  5. AK says:

    One of the independent candidates has been spamming business facebook pages in Cardiff with ‘vote for me’ posts.

    Cheaper than leaflets I guess.

  6. Not one word said about the election for Police and Crime Commissioners (PCC), but everything is focused on the WAG gravy train, I have been out and about as much as I can telling people about the PCC election and very few people are aware. I have also been told in no uncertain terms by the Electoral Commission that I will not be given any help (financial) for my campaign, yet the parties have all the help they need.

  7. Martin gossage says:

    PDN ..as you say the list has to be published with candidates addresses but I continue to be absolutely flabbergasted that this is done . When I worked in the NHS one could choose to keep ones address off the national proffessional registers .
    OK if someone wants to find the candidates address they can do so eventually but there would be some form of “enquiry trail” . This list is instant access with no traceability of the viewer .
    As noted it’s in the public domain so PDN isn’t doing anything wrong but again the general accessibility can’t be safe?

  8. Christopher David says:

    Yes Mr Baker – another reason we should avoid Political candidates at all cost. Its corrupt. The clear attempt to undermine your position is reason enough to keep the PCC bent party politics free. Kevin my maths were wrong anyway. It of 100 senators and 425 in the house of reps. So Wales has FOUR more politicos than America has senators. What a joke.

  9. JohnMc says:

    It’s fun to play ‘look how many over-remunerated politicos we have’ but I yhink you need to be sure to compare like for like – for eg, you haven’t counted in any wales based ‘peers’ in the Lords ….. but you also haven’t counted in the members of each of the 50 US states own upper and lower legislative chambers, broadly equivalent to the assembly – as an example, chosen randomly, North Dakota (pop c.750,000 – about 25% of that of Wales) has 47 state senators and 97 state representatives, in addition to a governor, deputies, attorney general etc etc. That’s about 8x as many as we have! Then to be really complete, in each case you would need to count up councillors (here) and county/parish reps (US).

  10. Andrew sarchus says:

    Oh yes Mr Mc and Wales of course has 22 unitary authorities- there are areas in England with one council overseeing populations not that far short of Wales. Each council has in the most mediocre club members they call managers taking over a £100,000 PA off us + pensions and perks. Cardiff alone has circa 18 “managers” taking out £110,000 and over PA + the extras. VOG has a few hundred grander’s that cant even set a meals on wheels budget. You may get a Porsche in West Wales, Welsh councils have nearly 200 people earning over £100,000 a year (and one pay package is worth more than £300,000) You may be kidded, or feel you get value for you tax pound, I don’t know but I don’t and I’m not.

    • Alwyn says:

      Why do we have 22 authorities? Because the London Tory government in the early 1990s wanted to break the power of Labour in the eight Welsh Local Authorities ( which on the whole worked pretty well between 1974 and 1996). So, instead, they set up 22 toothless and ineffective ‘county councils’ like the Vale of Glamorgan, or even more ridiculously, Blaenau Gwent, Merthyr and Torfaen. They also fueled the gravy train by introduced salaries for all councillors. The result? Power in the hands of small numbers of well-paid ‘professional’ (!!) career politicians, and most other councillors ( still paid a good sum) political yes-men. Oh, and large numbers of new and expensive extra ‘county’ HQs.

      Then, when Labour took over in Wasteminster, what did they do? Yes, that’s right, they set up 22 even more ineffective Health Authorities in Wales to parallel the county councils. They soon got realised their error and amalgamated those in yet another botched ‘Health Boards’ reorganisation , but left the county councils untouched… all this of course imposed before the Welsh Assembly was even established.

      Since then Labour’s devolved Welsh government has been flailing around ineffectively trying to compensate a bad system by enouraging ‘voluntary’ cooperation between largely unwilling councils. Leighton Andrews finally lost patience and tried ( far too late) to force amalgamation. Not unnaturally, the vast majority of councillor turkeys didn’t want to vote for Christmas, which would mean most of them lost the nice salaries they’d got used to. So we’re still waiting for sensible solutions. Tory dogma-driven cuts to local services don’t help either

    • Alwyn says:

      Who decided on 22 local authorities with ( for the first time) paid councillors. None other than the Tories at Wastemonster

  11. Christopher David says:

    Love it both but nicking my Westmonster- come on now.

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