The horse-chestnut tree - outside 13 Augusta Road, Penarth is to be felled on April 21st.

The horse-chestnut tree – outside 13 Augusta Road, Penarth is to be felled on April 21st.

Despite  vociferous protests on social media, there’s to be no last-minute reprieve for the horse-chestnut tree outside No 13 Augusta Road , Penarth.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council's notice on Augusta Road's fated horse-chestnut

The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s notice on Augusta Road’s fated horse-chestnut

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has now  posted a notice on the tree proclaiming that it is to be felled on Thursday April 21st  – and that motorists should avoid parking in the vicinity on that day.

The tree has been the subject of a long running dispute and a protest petition –  signed by dozens of residents of Augusta Road after they found tree surgeons working for the council   had already amputated its branches.

Thirty five residents –  including next door neighbours Sir Derek Jones and his wife Lady Fiona  – had sent the petition  to “the Leader, Cabinet and Councillors of the Vale of Glamorgan”  pointing out that the tree was perfectly healthy and should be spared – but it was all, it seems, to no avail.

Plaid Cymru Assembly candidate Dafydd Trystan Thomas at Augusta Rd today.

Plaid Cymru Assembly candidate Dafydd Trystan Thomas at Augusta Rd today.

The Labour-controlled Vale Council, which has a policy of not replacing pavement-trees in what was once “leafy Penarth“, has already felled other trees in the same street leaving just unsightly bare stumps or concrete patches behind .

Today Plaid Cymru’s Welsh Assembly candidate for the Cardiff South and Penarth constituency, Dafydd Trystan Davies, paid a visit in person to Augusta Road to see the tree and acknowledge the campaign organised to defend it .


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  1. David Moorcraft says:

    What IS IT with this Vale Council that they want to fell almost every tree in what was “Leafy Penarth”. Arcot Street used to be lined with trees from Plassey Street upwards.
    If the tree in Augusta Road IS healthy, why has it got to come down. And what about liaison with the Penarth Civic Society ?
    Never mind not necessarily replanting in the same place (why not) , this high-handed council don’t seem to plant ANY trees.

    • Brickie says:

      Totally agree with you, Mr M.

    • Anonymous says:

      The council does not have the money to waste replanting trees so that people can live in ‘Leafy Penarth’. You can have trees replanted or children kept safe and libraries kept open. Or your taxes can be raised. That’s why not.

      • Hannah says:

        Yeah, totally agree with above. Does the aesthetics of your suburb matter that much to you, that a council strapped for cash should take money away from other things just so your house price in ‘leafy penarth’ is maintained????

  2. Andrew sarchus says:

    On want grounds are the felling the tree? Does sound like the Philistines stamping over the civilised again, so why? Ps- its not I understand Lady Fiona, Just Sir Derek?


  4. Kevin Mahoney says:

    Sad to see another tree getting the chop but rather amusing to see opportunistic Dafydd TristanThomas talking full advantage with a cheap publicity shot

    • WelshLass says:

      Particularly since the ‘save me’ notice has been removed now! His team must have only put it up for the shot!!

  5. Tree Hugger says:

    I might just park my car outside no.13 as near to the tree as I can do that they can’t get their equipment near enough to fell it without causing damage. Anyone else game for that?

  6. AK says:

    It doesn’t look like much of a tree!

    No conkers from that one.

  7. anne says:

    It has been pollarded but will recover. I wish more politicians would support Penarth tree. This tree is posing no damage to property as a report in January found. The Vale council should save money and leave it be. There is a new online petition you can sign. Vale of Glamorgan Council : Save Penarth Tree on Augusta Road – Sign the Petition! via @UKChanxx

    • Coup says:

      Anne – You’re wrong. The expert’s report concluded that the tree posed a continuing threat to the wall by the roadside and that the measures required to keep the tree under control (regular pollarding) will reduce its resistance to disease and negate its amenity value. He proposed the planting of a more appropriate species to replace. The council has accepted this recommendation but can’t afford the civil engineering required to facilitate this. Since they care so much about tree-lined streets I’m sure the signatories to Lady Fiona’s and Sir Derek’s petition and their friends in the civic society will put their money where their mouths are and gladly stump up the cash.

      • Anne says:

        The fate of the tree is all political, lots of maybes.

        1.6 Fiona Jones then commissioned her own report to be carried out on the tree by
        Steve Ambler & Sons Tree Specialists Ltd. This report concluded ‘there is insufficient
        evidence presented within the BJ Unwin Report at this time to support removal of this

        From the ARBORICULTURAL REPORT Client: Vale of Glamorgan Council
        Site: 13 Augusta Road, Penarth, CF64 5RH Arboricultural Consultant:
        James Fuller FdSc.Arb, BTEC Nat.Dip.Arb, TechArbor.A Date: January 2016

        6.0 CONCLUSIONS
        6.1 The Horse Chestnut tree growing within the footpath of 13 Augusta Road, Penarth
        has been assessed by a qualified and experienced arboricultural consultant.
        6.2 The construction works to the wall and drive of 13 Augusta Road are not considered
        to have undermined the structural integrity of the tree. However, the loss of the
        fibrous root system could have had a negative impact on the physiological condition
        of the tree. The full impact of the loss of the fibrous root system will not be known for
        some time. If this tree is to be retained, it is recommended that annual inspections
        are carried out to monitor the physiological condition of the tree.
        6.3 The risk to 13 Augusta Road from subsidence is an impossible task to assess at this
        stage due to the lack of information. It is recommended that the claimant provides a
        soil analysis with shrinkage potential, tree root samples from under the foundations,
        an engineer’s report and level/crack monitoring to prove that subsidence has
        affected the property.
        CBA10536_2016-01-27 v1 Arb Rpt 8
        6.4 It is our opinion that the tree could be retained, but it would require continued
        pollarding works, annual inspections and there is the potential for future damage to
        localised structures, which obviously all have cost implications. The potentially
        limited future amenity value of the tree also needs to be considered.

  8. anne says:

    Save Penarth Tree says Dafydd Trystan

  9. Geoffrey Peters says:

    Cheap publicity stunt by a third rate politician and faintly ridiculous bunch of elderly middle class busy bodies. Haven’t they got anything better to worry about – third world debt, child abuse, civil war in Syria?

    • anne says:

      Send your party candidate there then so we can mock him/her.

      • Geoffrey Peters says:

        I was going to vote for him but not now. We need someone who understands the difference between the responsibilities of local government and the Welsh Assembly (which has no role at all in the management of trees in Penarth). If he interested in trees he should stand in local elections.

  10. Mark Davies says:

    Not being funny or anything, but I’m sure the council have a legitimate reason for cutting it down. I’m fairly sure they don’t have a mandate to rid penarth of trees, like these people seem to think they do. Probably best if people don’t waste their time parking their cars (or trikes) under the tree, or petitioning them.

  11. David Davis says:

    As ive said before this tree looks healthy enough to me, and what is the ‘real’ reason that they want to fell the tree??. The truth will come out after they have done the deadly deed, this tree has already been pollarded so its root growth has been halted , if left alone it will come into leaf again but not as large as before . This has been done to numerous trees in Penarth already, I am puzzled as to why this one tree has to be cut down. It will cost them money to cut it down so they are not saving money and they don’t intend replacing it so that wont cost anything . I did see a pile of bricks. I read the reason a Mr Miles gave for felling the tree, of course it was mostly claptrap, gobbled gook and a good dose of babble including, the ‘doublespeak’, people in a position of power use to cloud or obscure the issue or any issue they feel unable to justify or defend as in this instance.

  12. Andrew sarchus says:

    Well I’m sure that Sir Derek will have done his homework. He is a very considered man and as permanent secretary has all the info to hand. Once again there is no Lady Fiona, lets keep the record straight.

  13. Colin says:

    Pity it cannot be moved offshore! Things flourish offshore!

  14. Kate says:

    Are you referring to Geffory Peters (the above commenter)? If so I don’t think third world debt, child abuse and civil war in Syria can be described as ‘personal problems’ . And of course a report commissioned by the protesters is going to be completely unbiased. In comparison, I believe a report commissioned by the council (the people VOTED for by local residents) is unlikely to have a similar motive.

  15. Alice says:

    I’m pretty sure there must be well weighted reasons for removing this tree. Trees can’t be taken down without good reason.
    This seems to have got completely out of hand and impacting people more than it should.
    Tree lovers can plant new trees and everyone can get on with life.
    Let’s just look at this with perspective.

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