This year "Winnie Davis of Penarth" is endorsing Labour's Vaughan Gething

This year “Winnie Davis of Penarth” is endorsing Labour’s Vaughan Gething

When there’s an election on the way it seems there’s always at least one faithful supporter in Penarth that  Labour Party politicians can depend upon.

She is a lady called – variously – “Winnie Davies” or “Winnie Davis” (the Labour Party itself doesn’t seem entirely sure which version of her surname is correct).

In 2015 "Winnie Davies of Penarth" was bacvking Stephen Doughty - but her name was then Davies with an "e"

In 2015 “Winnie Davies of Penarth” was backing Stephen Doughty – but her name was then “Davies” with an “e”

In 2015 – back in the day when Ed Miliband was Labour Leader – “Winnie Davies” of Penarth let it be known – in both English and Welsh – that “I am backing Stephen” [ that would be Stephen Doughty Labour Cardiff South and Penarth]   “because we need a Labour Government to stand up for the vulnerable in our communities and scrap the bedroom tax”.

“Winnie” permitted the Labour Party to use her photo and her comments (in both English and Welsh) in election pamphlets delivered on every doorstep in Penarth – the only Penarth resident to be so quoted .

This year "Winnie Davis of Penarth" - nopw with a differently spelt surname - is backing Vaughan Gething

This year – 2016 – “Winnie Davis of Penarth” – now with a differently spelt surname – is backing Vaughan Gething

Twelve months on, and a lot has changed.

Miliband quit. Jeremy Corbyn became Labour Party Leader and appointed Doughty as a foreign affairs spokesman. Doughty voted against Corbyn in the Commons, resigned on daytime tv  and then found himself re-classified by Labour as  “Core Group Hostile” .

But none of that – it seems – has done anything to dent “Winnie’s” party loyalty. With the Welsh Assembly election coming next month, loyal “Winnie” is once again rallying to the red flag – this time by appearing in pamphlets issued by Cardiff South and Penarth Assembly candidate Vaughan Gething.

“Winnie Davis” of Penarth now provides the top endorsement in Gething’s 2016 flyer , above those of “Saeed Ibrahim” of Butetown and “Nisreen Mansour” of Cardiff Bay .

"Winnie of Penarth" also appears in a publication called "Cardiff South and Penarth Herald"

“Winnie of Penarth” also appears in a faux “newspaper”  called “Cardiff South and Penarth Herald”

There’s been only one small change in the intervening year . “Winnie” now appears to have changed her surname from “Davies” to “Davis”.  …..and this time, a Welsh-language version of “Winnie’s” comments has been ditched and there is no Welsh-language comment from fellow-endorsers “Saeed Ibrahim” and “Nisreen Mansour” either.

“Winnie” says in her latest pamphlet statement :- “I’ve been impressed by Welsh Labour’s record in government, particularly on the NHS [Vaughan Gething has been Deputy Health Secretary] Cancer survival rates in Wales are improving faster than anywhere in the UK and are now at a record high. I’d like to see that continue so I’ll be voting Labour”. 

That’s something that the rest of Penarth may somehow not have been too surprised to hear.

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  1. Andrew sarchus says:

    Should be “whinny” by the sound of it- especially as she backs losers. Or maybe its Lindsay 🙂

    • Lindsay says:

      Or maybe it’s the Winnie Davies with a long history of voluntary work, longstanding commitment to the NHS and tireless campaigner on behalf of older people.

  2. Lindsay says:

    Hey Christopher, good to see you’re still around and in good form following last weekend off.


  4. Peter Church says:

    I hate these stooge supporters the labour party wheeled out every election.
    Also glad to see the usual suspects chip in with their lot no matter what.

  5. Shelley Ballard says:

    If you do a search for Labour election leaflets you will see that this is party trick. A concerned local resident telling “why we are backing Labour” etc. American style electioneering at its worst.
    Sadly they can not even be bothered to spell the ladies name correctly.

    Winnie Davies is a paid up member of Cardiff South and Penarth CLP and has her own twitter feed, at least someone in the Labour party is orchestrating her twitter feed for her.

    Just sums up what the labour party thinks of the local electorate, gullible.

    her twitter account.

    • Shelley Ballard says:

      Something does not sound right here. This lady who was a Labour Party Penarth Town Councillor and is now in her 80’s tweets every few hours. I wonder if labour central office have set up hundreds of twitter feeds to get the message across and are staffed by young corbynites?

      • Winnie Davies says:

        Shelley-you’ve aged me a few year” but that doesn’t worry me” I Have been a volunteer in housing and Older People’s Organisations for the last 30years I believe Older People should be treated with Dignity And Respect, The NHS saved my life when I suffered with Cancer it was only being able to Twitter and talking to people with similar complaints that kept me going. Yes I am a fully paid up member of the Labour Party have been 40 odd years.
        If you ever read my Twitter pages you will see I Tweet About Older People and housing issues The NHS and fairness for the Poor, Disabled and Vulnerable as well as the Labour Party. I don’t really care how people spell my name-as long as they get it right on my Headstone.

      • hopenotnasty says:

        Young corbynites growing day by day while more and more revelations come out about offshore fiddles. These people are real time criminals who are cheating this country out of millions. Our public services are being cut by dodgy Dave who has not the resources to properly fund them because of these scams. Joe public is sick of seeing the rich and powerful run rings around HMRC . The law needs tightening so we have level playing fields. Remember we’re all in it together. Now who said that DODGY DAVE.

      • Frank Evans says:

        It’s still dishonest pretending to be an ordinary voter when you are a labour member and a former councillor. Shame on you.

  6. Jackieg says:

    Sorry i must have missed somethingisnt this NHS where people are moving to England to get tbe cancer treatment tbey require!!

  7. AK says:

    Our public services are being cut by Dodgy Dave because the previous Government left the piggy bank devoid of any funds.

    UK plc is still bankrupt. We can only

    * increase taxation
    * decrease expenditure
    * borrow more

    Or any combination of the three.

  8. Christopher David says:

    No Mr Sarchus its Winnie not lily Lindsay, her post is far too eloquent for the stone creeper. Ms Davies you appear a worthy person. I fail to understand anyone just supporting any political party blindly but your heart in in the right place. You also have the guts to say who you are unlike one supporter here! I take it you know who Lindsay is then. Good work Mrs Davies and long may your support for the elderly continue.

    • Lindsay says:

      Stop it Christopher/Andrewsarchus you’re splitting my sides! Nice to read a few kind words about Winnie Davies but I suppose the elderly do need to stick together. Lovely lady I’m sure but not an acquaintance of mine.

  9. Some of the regular contributors actually showing their true coulours for a change ! And of course it is the very same former Cllr. Winnie Davies of Penarth Town Council, who is always very happy to support any Labour politician standing in and around Penarth. But we must not always take everything you read in your letterbox quite as intended.
    But it is a shame that Labour still only has a single supporter living in Penarth – not surprising maybe.

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