Albert Road Primary School

Albert Primary School will admit 55 new pupils in 2017 – subject to confirmation

A total of 386 admissions is being planned by the Vale of Glamorgan Council to Penarth’s 8 primary schools (including the Welsh-language school Ysgol Pen Y Garth) for September 2017.

The council says the proposed admissions are “currently under review” and could be subject to change after consultyations with the schools . Currently the primary schools have the following admissions numbers pencilled in for 2017:-

Albert Primary 55
Cogan Primary 30
Evenlode Primary 60
Fairfield Primary 45
St Joseph’s R C Primary 26
Sully Primary  50
Victoria Primary 60
Ysgol Gymraeg Pen y Garth 60

Getting a place, even in a primary school in Penarth, is becoming an increasingly competitive process. Some of the children may already be attending the associated nursery classes at these primary schools – but the Vale Council is warning parents “Attendance at
a nursery class does not automatically entitle a child to a reception class place in the same school.”

There is growing concern about the large numbers of children which the town’s primary schools are now having to accommodate – numbers which are likely to be further increased by forthcoming housing developments in the South of Penarth.

St Cyres Secondary school Penarth

St Cyres Secondary school Penarth

There’s also competition for places in Penarth’s secondary schools . The Vale Council wants parents that “requests for places in certain schools may exceed the number of
places available“.  The 2017 intake for Penarth’s secondary schools is being set at 509 comprising:-

St Cyres School 210
Stanwell School 299

The two secondary schools will also be involved in consultations before the final figures are set .

Parents of both primary and secondary schoolchildren are also being told  they will have to provide “documentary evidence to support the address they wish to be considered for allocation purposes.”

The council warns them “Where a parent provides fraudulent or intentionally misleading information to obtain the advantage of a particular school for their child, to whom they would not otherwise be entitled, the council reserves the right to withdraw the offer of a place”.




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  1. David Davis says:

    Please don’t anyone tell the Council about the saplings planted near the entrance to St Cyres School or they will be round with their chainsaws.

  2. cardiffstu says:

    Are children still brought in from Cardiff to either of Penarth’s secondary schools? Surely if this practice stopped it would benefit the children of those living in Penarth.

    • Penileaks says:

      Yes, and the Primary schools.

    • Grapas says:

      Yes, I know a family from Grangetown who last year had their children accepted into Victoria Primary, however our neighbour here in Penarth could not get a place for their child at Victoria despite it being our closest primary school – very frustrating, not sure why this is allowed….

  3. Fishhenge says:

    Drive through Cogan ten minutes before opening time and you’ll see a small proportion of the non-Penarth children going to St. Cyres (or PLC as it’s otherwise known) who catch the train to school. I’d hazard a guess that many more get there by car. I guess it’s swings and roundabouts though, plenty of Penarth children head in the opposite direction too, to the religious schools and sixth form colleges.

  4. Martin gossage says:

    Good god no wonder there arnt enough spaces .Just look at that waste of space at St Cyres . LOOK AT IT FIVE I SAY FIVE saplings .Could get four portacabins in there .

  5. David Davis says:

    That’s the real reason they cut down the trees at Fairfield school , because they had other ideas for that space despite it being a vulgar case of vandalism ….. seems the Council have quite a lot of such philistines !?

  6. Roger says:

    Blame the Sunday Times…

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