The Vale Council is doubling  the charges for Green and Blue bags

The Vale Council is doubling the charges for Green and Blue bags

There’s bad news looming for gardeners, householders, film-makers and people moving house in the Vale of Glamorgan.

The council is proposing the double the charge for re-useable green garden-waste bags from £1.00 to £2.00 . Charges for recycling boxes and blue bags are also going up from £1.00 to £2.00 each.

The council says the increased charges will contribute to what the council calls “savings” [in non council-speak “cuts”] of £64,000 which it says are required from this particular council budget for financial year just passed –  “2016/2017 ” .

The BBC's medical soap "Casualty" on location in Cliff Street. Penarth

The BBC’s medical soap “Casualty” on location in Cliff Street. Penarth. Residents don’t get consulted and aren’t paid anything for the disruption – but the Vale Council pockets a “facilities fee”.

The “facilities fee” – which the council makes to film and tv companies for filming on a public  highway (something which regularly happens in Penarth) – is going up.  Charges are to increase from £243.33 per day to £260.00 a day.

Finally for anyone who’s moving house – or just thinking about changing the name of their existing house – the charge the council makes for this is going up from £74.54 to £76.03.

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  1. AK says:

    The green/blue recycling boxes are a bargain (although I fail to see why the co-mingled recycling can’t be put in a good old fashioned dustbin for collection).

    Can you explain what the charge is for moving house or changing a house name ? That sounds like a proper rip off

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Casualty in this situation is the poor Council Tax Payer and BBC Tax Payer. Casualty has fewer viewers than the low budget cookery -fest Masterchef. This is what plummeting ratings Casualty costs. (BARB Ratings statistics 20-27 March 2016)
      The British Broadcasting Corporation typically use three different Penarth Houses and Locations per week as they shoot up to six episodes at once -out of plot sequence-.e.g. In other words the -tear jerking – relatives reconciliation scene round the “Bed” at the end of “every” episode (which I suspect as it is so similar every time it is written by a BBC computer) is often filmed first -so here is the approximate cost.
      House 1 Kitchen Hire owner Fee £1500 (chip pan fire)
      House 2 Bedroom Scene Hire £1500 (Fiery Passion)
      House 3 Garden Hire £1500 ( Shed or Lawnmower fire for plot variety)
      Roadside Facility £260 x3 £720 (Council Tax going up in smoke at the Vale)
      Leading Actor Male per week £2000 (Weren’t they once nearly famous in 1972?)
      Leading Actor Female per week £2000 (Didn’t they use to be in Corrie-Dale-Enders?)
      Other Actor x 2 per week £1200 ( Dad- Mum – in Law -was in Minder series 1)
      20 Supporting Artistes per week £2000 (claim they could do it all better for less)
      TOTAL COST including Technicians back office and Director about £20000 for approximately ten minutes transmitted Location Television at the Penarth Council Tax Payers expense

    • Lindsay says:

      I agree, even at £2 an absolute bargain. I’d also wager that there are plenty of folk who use them for purposes other than recycling, as a cost effective alternative to shop bought products. By the way, in Westminster government speak, “cuts” are “efficiency savings”. I have to go now, I’m off to have a hair efficiency saving.

      • Peter Church says:

        Looks like all the Labour folk have got in with a reply to the first post again!
        “I agree aren’t the Vale Council are wonderful……..”

        Also glad to see Phil (the post) Rappier is keeping up with quality TV

      • pompousfruit says:

        To replace a lost or damaged wheelie bin in Cardiff costs a lot more than £2 so it is a bargain.

  2. Sarah says:

    Sits all very well but what about the green bags you lose I have lost 2 so far and we have only had 2 garden collections this year, the collectors could put one bag into another so they don,t blow away,,,

    • snoggerdog says:

      sarah, maybe your green bags are “aving it away on their toes”?

    • AK says:

      I agree – the green bags were not really thought through by the Council.

      (no surprise there…………………….)

      Perhaps they could put the empty piggy bin inside them when collected ?

  3. sjleworthy says:

    havent got an issue personally. tis only a quid.

    but am confused about house names. so if i want to add a name to my house, in front of the house number, i must pay for this honor? meaning i must register this? really????
    i know a fair few people who’ve taken the liberty years ago of naming their houses without council backlash. whats that all about?

    (not that i want to name my house or it means anything anyway)

  4. Lindsay says:

    Strewth, I was thinking of changing the name of my house to Chez Lindsay. The extra £1.49 has put the kybosh on that.

  5. Martin gossage says:

    Ref competitive posting .we only have ourselves to blame if labour gets ” the first deckchair”
    AK posted at 8.37 and PR at 10 47 .where were we?? My plan.. Write out a post detailing EG the disruption to the red squirrel population from the influx of foreign greys .This while the govt stood back and watched etc etc.Then. add something about ..oh I dunno.. The challenge for the Blue Whale surviving on dwindling krill quotas while Europe sat on its hands .
    Then just copy across as a reply to first PDN article of the day . Bet you it will be like horoscopes where some part or some analogy or metaphor fits perfectly. Come on let’s try it !!

  6. Frank Evans says:

    Why does this money not go to penarth town council. Uncle Barry mitts are too clingy for my likes.

  7. AK says:

    Martin, I do hope that you don’t have me down as a Labour supporter. You are sadly mistaken, I am old and have a long memory.

    I firmly believe that local politicians should be acting on behalf of their local area, not banging any particular political drum.

  8. R says:

    OMG £2 to get my garden waste removed!!!!! Stuff that i will put it in the back of my car, drive to barry, unload and drive back, clean car….. and repeat from april till november every other weekend. MMMMMM £2 bargain.

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