The now-iconic "Picnic" logo welcomes visitors to Station Approach

The now-iconic “Picnic” logo welcomes visitors to Station Approach this weekend

Picnic Penarth has got off to a successful launch in its new enlarged venue in Station Approach despite cool winds keeping picnickers wrapped up and under canvas at the start of the street-food festival yesterday. 

Picnic has proved a popular from hundreds of people - including families with children

Picnic has proved a popular from hundreds of people – including families with children

There was plenty of beer, plenty of food to sample , plenty of entertainment and a lot more elbow room to spare for everyone in the new improved layout which now takes up the entire area of Station Approach – including the Station car park

The Umpa Lumpa sweet shop's latest branch is in pole position at Station Approach

The Umpa Lumpa sweet shop’s latest branch is in pole position at Station Approach

Although the road-signs at the entrance to the square make it all look a bit utilitarian from a distance – once imbibers and gourmets are actually inside the fenced off area –  and within  the confines of the square itself – there’s plenty to do  and see.

Arriva Trains agreed to free up the car park for Picnic Penarth for the whole weekend

Arriva Trains agreed to free up the car park for Picnic Penarth for the whole weekend

Surrounding cafes and restaurants – including “Pizza Pronto” and “Etc…” on Stanwell Road and Penarth’s newest wine bar Ty Gwin on Victoria Road and Foxy’s are also open and joining in the fun

Street-food retailers have reported brisk business

Street-food retailers have reported brisk business

As the town’s newest tradition, this is Penarth Picnic’s second ever food festival – and is gradually developing an atmosphere all of its own. As crowds made their way to the Picnic last night even South Wales Police helicopter crews remarked on how lively and busy it all looked from 2000 feet up.

Picnic Penarth is on until 18:00 tonight.

Picnic Penarth is on until 18:00 tonight.

The Picnic continues until the end of this afternoon – and with today’s sunny weather scores more customers are likely to be enjoying a longish and unhurried alfresco Sunday lunch with free music thrown in .

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  1. Peter Church says:

    Great turnout, but not enough food outlets the queues were legendary.
    The two curry houses should have cashed in with paper plates and served their curries alfresco style. Maybe next time.

    A brilliant buzz for Penarth, none the less!

  2. sjleworthy says:

    Well, much better placement than last year, faster procurement of ales (surprisingly harldy any line waiting) but, and a huge but…. queuing up for food, any food, was appaulg. Took so so long whichever stall you went to. Ok, so all was fresh, but maybe this was the issue. After waiting 25 mins each in 3 separate lines i gave up. Really awful. Never suffered this anywhere alse with fresh food stalls before. Even the pizza place at the top of the hill couldnt cope, and those queues were most small.
    Sorry if this disappoints, but its fact. Such a shame.

    • Sue Tasher says:

      Pickled Pepper Penarth … for your information we have 6 staff and we coped extremely well we run a very professional team, and had enough food to serve everyone we turned each order around in 5 minutes we always had a queue due to our popularity , every one got served very quickly. Nobody was disappointed or moaned to us, they in fact complimented us on the fast service, we replenished our supplies 4 times so everyone could eat, some customers came back for a second helping. !!!

  3. CelticMan says:

    Just returned from Sunday lunchtime. No problem with queues for drinks but queues for food of over 40 in each line. There was no queue at Foxy’s that offered excellent value at £4 per takeaway item. Needed more food and coffee vendors but still an excellent event for Penarth and will develop further in the future.

  4. Louise says:

    This is a great event which is going from strength to strength. We went today (Sunday) and the queues were long but moved quickly. Much more seating and more room to move around in Station Approach. Looking forward to Picnic #3!

  5. snoggerdog says:

    with such a diverse population in the area not a lot of diversity,!nearly everything in a pitta or a soft white bap.where was bar 44s silver mobile,didnt the paramount want to come out onto the pavement,no cake or fruit stall was anybody doing vegetarian,i dont think so. its very easy for me to critisize but i dont want to,were the organisers pushed into doing it in april ?any way lets hope it gets bigger &better (& more diverse) also PDN putting a sign up two years running doesnt make it iconic.

    • CLJ says:

      Great event again.

      Always the moaners every year. There was plenty of cake and vegetarian in Foxy’s Deli.

      Majority of vendors had veggie options. Do people really go to street food events for fruit? Tesco was open all weekend, plenty of fruit in there.

      Didn’t see pitta or white bread at Pickled Pepper or Brother Thai.

  6. Martin says:

    We had a great day there. Yes there were queues for the food, but not for drinks but that was not surprising with the wonderful weather.

    The only worry was the helicopter thing as we were worried that it would do a Glasgow on us. We never saw any behaviour that warranted its presence and it spoilt a pleasant day. It just shows what a police state we now live in.

    • Peter Church says:

      This wasn’t the police helicopter it was the 15 min chav trips sightseeing one that spoils a nice Sunday sitting in your garden for a bit of peace and quiet.

      • ColinD says:

        I would expect most “chav’s” as you so eloquently put it couldn’t afford a helicopter trip. #justsaying

  7. Rachel says:

    My husband bumped into his mate and family waiting in the Magic Wok Saturday night who were starving because they said there was a half hour queue for everything at Penarth Picnic and they gave up in the end.

  8. A sure sign of the event’s overall success then. Long queues possibly, but then who knew how many might just turn up on the day ?

  9. Joe says:

    Maybe it’s just me but the population of Penarth appears to be totally obsessed with eating and drinking…

  10. Martin gossage says:

    HIC ,BURP HIC What did you say?

  11. Dan Potts says:

    We went along on Sunday afternoon, fab atmosphere, hope it’s even better next year.

  12. Grapas says:

    We arrived at 16:30 on Sunday to find almost all stalls packed up / packing up so disappointingly left empty handed. Unfortunately we weren’t able to come any earlier, not sure what time it was supposed to finish? I think many had just sold out, hopefully better luck for us next year as I think it’s a great idea.

  13. Ellabell says:

    Unfortunately couldn’t attend this year but looks great from the pictures. Just a thought with all the recent fuss about ‘scores on the doors’ how is the food hygiene managed at an event like this? Do all the businesses have to apply for a special licence? The HACCP documents you have to provide is written and related to the premises, equipment, cleaning schedules etc used on a day to day basis. Obviously the set up is completely different. I wouldn’t be worried and enjoyed food last year but would be interested to know other people’s opinion and whether those who were concerned with ratings were happy to eat here.

    • Martin gossage says:

      I’m would understand that all vendors have to have level 3 and over from their premises assessment to participate .One would transfer as many components as possible to the street delivery such as hygiene and temperature control .Would think it would be foreign bodies which would be most difficult to control but even then closed storage etc would be used. I wonder if Haccp inspectors were present doing spot checks? We have had this at food outlets at Music in the Park.

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