Tree surgeons at work removing undergrowth from the escarpment overlooking Penarth Marina

Tree surgeons at work yesterday removing undergrowth from the escarpment overlooking Penarth Marina

Although almost all trees have now been removed from the  escarpment beneath the Penarth Heights housing development overlooking Penarth Portway and Terra Nova Way, work is continuing to clear stumps, bushes and undergrowth from the steep slope.

Penarth Marina Residents Association have continued to protest about the loss of local wildlife habitat and to question the wisdom of the clearing so much natural growth from the escarpment.The Vale of Glamorgan Council claimed that the trees on the steep slope could make it unstable could cause landslides.

The houses pf Penarth Heights now enjoy an unobstructed view over Cardiff Bay

The houses of Penarth Heights now enjoy an unobstructed view over Cardiff Bay

The houses of Penarth Heights – including that of Deputy Health Minister Vaughan Gething – now have an unimpeded view out over the Marina , Penarth Haven and Cardiff Bay – including the Welsh Assembly.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council  has told Penarth Marina Residents Association that it has no plans to re-plant any trees on the on the embankment.

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  1. Tony Sawyer says:

    Does not the goons in the vale council know that trees and their roots secure ground and do not cause landslides. I think there’s more to this tha. Meets the eye!!!

    • Frank Bird says:

      Agreed Tony Sawyer, although nothing much now meets the eye except of course the view which perhaps was the whole point of the exercise!

    • whatsoccurin says:

      Think you are spot on-basic O level geography taught us that vegetation and it’s roots help bind the soil together and prevent landslips-the slope now looks very exposed and the new houses on top look very vulnerable-layman’s opinion I know but I would feel a bit uneasy living up there.

    • Peter Church says:

      Doesn’t the Labour AM Vaughan Gething live near to there, perhaps he wants a clear view his kingdom. Splott, Butetown and Llanrumney don’t look after themselves?

  2. Martin gossage says:

    The highland clearances were a little more than trees .There were thousands of crofters displaced and left homeless by callous landlords .

  3. Frank Bird says:

    Your point is clear, as is the view.

  4. anne says:

    I think PDN has hit the nail on the head here – maybe some peoples views ARE top priority here. However, I fear for the escarpment and the danger and damage that could be caused by a landslip.

  5. Louise C says:

    What sort of idiot risks a landslide for a better view?

  6. Martin Coffee says:

    Once again I note that those complaining loudest are not those who would be directly affected by a landslide.

  7. Mark Foster says:

    Cardiff Bus’s Cynthia Ogbonna gave them a new bus service to Llandough Hospital too.

    “In 2012 the Vale Council had noted that no details of landscaping had been submitted for the plots in the application and said landscaping was required to “safeguard local visual amenities“, and to “ensure compliance” with the Unitary Development Plan.

    The planning permission that was granted in 2012 came with 25 specific conditions attached. They included not only landscaping requirements but set down standards of insulation of houses, provisions for bat welfare and parking facilities for bicycles amongst a plethora of other requirements.”

    Note the “safeguard local visual amenities“ and “provisions for bat welfare”.

    What are these Welsh Assembly and Vale of Glamorgan people up to? Time to kick them out.

  8. David Davis says:

    Its as obvious as the nose on your face that this tree clearance is part of an hidden agenda , after all those who can afford to live in the Penarth Heights took over their properties with the idea of having a great view . and money , influence and corruption talks as I said you would have to have the intelligence of a breeze block to see exactly what the game is . As one person said the roots of trees actually stabilise the embankment not the removal as the part of the excuse used . I know we are kept in the dark like mushrooms and fed bull…t by those who would spout the nonsense excuse to remove the trees.

  9. Martin gossage says:

    When council took. Over Windsor Gardens in the 30,s one of the conditions was to maintain tree cutting to maintain the “magnificent views across the channel” As we know it was the gentry who used Windsor Gardens and looked down on the rabble below . ( Please insert your own metaphor)

    “A little case of history repeating itself ” ??

  10. Fiona Whitfield says:

    Well I live in the social housing part on phase 2 but when the winds are high im glad I live at the bottom of the street, if I won the lottery id want a sea view well away from the edge!

  11. David Davis says:

    And ive said it before this Council has no idea of Conservation or woodland management , it was this Council that removed the Bluebells from the entrance to the Dingle by digging them up , thus breaking the law as Bluebells are a ‘protected plant species’ now, anybody been charged with the offence yet? It is this Council that enjoys cutting down trees at the drop of a hat whilst at the same time ignoring potholes that need filling in , broken and uneven paving , who in their right mind would install dimmer street lights , to darken the street but leave the paving in a poor state of repair?? if I worked for the Council I would ensure the footpath was safe to walk on before dimming the lights thus ensuring the safety of pedestrians and avoiding claims for broken legs etc put to the Council by their irresponsible priorities and actions. But then again i’m talking common sense and that’s unknown territory to this Council apparently or should I say without doubt as we are painfully aware.

  12. Timothy Hughes says:

    The VoG is clearly following the correct professional engineering advice here despite the comments above to the contrary.

    • anne says:

      You can pay for the advice you want to hear. Removing trees to prevent a landslide is contrary to advice from environmental organisations such as the woodland trust.

      • Timothy Hughes says:

        Why do all these posts always rely on slurring somebody. I think I would rather trust someone who understands geomechanics (and I expect the VoGs insurance company would to).

  13. AK says:

    Just google ‘deforestation and landslides’ for expert answers worldwide (other search engines are available).

    But of course, the V of G knows better than the experts.

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