The newly sown seed bed for wildflowers at Dingle Park

The newly sown seed bed for wildflowers at Dingle Park (Photo Robert Donaldson)

Wildflowers have now been sown at Penarth’s Dingle Park – marking a  further development in the progress of what was once Penarth’s most neglected public park.

Over the last three years the energetic voluntary group “The Friends of Dingle Park” have carried out a considerable amount of work to improve the appearance of the park and have developed a strong working-relationship with the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Parks Department.

"Bee-friendly" signs have been ripped up and thrown into refuse containers

“Bee-friendly” signs have been ripped up and thrown into refuse containers

Countless little jobs have been carried out in the park –  ranging from the installation of  benches at the park to clearing litter . All these taken together –  have transformed the area – which is now a tranquil and attractive space even though sandwiched between Windsor Road and the railway track.

The appearance of the park is all the more remarkable considering that there is a continuing battle against local vandals .

Depressingly this month the vandals targeted the park’s recently-installed notice board and also up-rooted the “bee-friendly” signs in the park and deposited them in a refuse bin.

The Friends of Dingle Park may be mature citizens but they are, however, no pushover and immediately set out to rectify the damage.

For years the little park didn’t appear at all on the on local maps, but now the latest editions of the maps published by the Penarth Tourist and Visitor Association highlight the presence of the park as a pleasant alternative to the trudge along heavily trafficked Windsor Road

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  1. Martin gossage says:

    Robert Donaldson ..citizens award Top Man

  2. Martin Coffee says:

    I’m always assumed that the zig zag at the top of the park was to dissuade pedestrians from using the park as a through route. I’ve certainly not walked through the park since it was constructed.

  3. 249ers says:

    Wild flowers are once again appearing along the railway walk, due in some part to its neighbours planting and tending small areas, as well as nature reclaiming its own.
    However I was astonished to see someone picking the bluebells and annoyed enough to ask him why. His response was that wild flowers were for picking although he was sorry that it upset me he would continue to do so!

  4. David Davis says:

    Bluebells are a protected plant species so should not be picked or dug up , it seems I may have been wrong to blame the Council for digging up the Bluebells that grew near the railings, it could have been the ‘ Friends of Dingle Park’ as I did not know of their existence?? . And if vandals are disrupting the Park one would imagine the flower bed created would be an easy target for vandals !!?. If your plagued by vandals you don’t make easy targets for them , and what is wrong with sowing wild flower seeds amongst the trees (where wild flowers grow in the wild ) a wild flower bed set apart is a target.

    • SYLVIA free says:

      Why be so negative when someone wants to make somewhere rather nice to walk?

  5. David Davis says:

    Sorry Sylvia but facts are facts and it wont stay beautiful for long if the vandals have their way. And talking of beauty , yesterday I counted 12 mature trees on Cornerswell Road and not one leave between the 12m, not even a bud, the Council in their wisdom pollarded the trees , which restricts or stops root growth, but not content with that they have made sure every sapling or new growth is cut off too depriving the trees of the very things they need to be have to enhance the Road, at the moment its just a row of ugly logs , well done Council. I do realise shoots that appear say up to approx. 6 feet from the ground need removal as they will look unsightly and grow outwards but the trees are about 16 feet tall and not one shoot has been left on them , over the top and ridiculous.

    • Ivor Bagman says:

      You know well what comes in quick
      Shoots and leaves – ?
      It must be the Vale tree assassin !
      Not the panda .
      Which eats shoots and leaves .

  6. Martin gossage says:

    ” We don’t negotiate with vandals .” Move the flowers and they have won .

  7. Fishhenge says:

    How about some gates? the ones with spikes on top, or razor wire. Anyone found vandalizing the place could be publicly impaled.

  8. David Davis says:

    Well the ‘Friends Of The Dingle’ will no doubt find some way to deter vandals how about a couple of CCTV they could club together and /or talk with the Council or you could have lights that are movement sensitive and only switch on when someone is close by , but this will only deter people if its dark or twilight. Or the ‘Friends Of The Dingle’ could take turns in doing patrols to deter vandals this could be done on a rota basis and in pairs as long as they are armed with a camera and or mobile phone and a torch. They do have wardens in Nature Reserves on the same idea who wear some form of badge or hat or whatever to indicate they are assigned to that tract of land.

  9. Guido says:

    As a regular user of the park, access through which is now much easier with the construction of the cycle path, albeit I would still question it’s originally designed purpose, I applaud the efforts of those locals tending and maintaining the site. Sadly, there will always be issues with vandals but as stated previously, you cannot let them win. I would however welcome a couple of more bench seats especially on the upper level Windsor Road side to catch the afternnon sun. Compare this park to the much smaller Golden Gate park off Wordsworth Av which boasts ugrpward of 6 or more bench seats.

  10. John says:

    How can we help the Friends of the park?

    • Martin gossage says:

      I cant remember Roberts ( chair FODP) contacts at the moment but if you leave a message \ contact on Friends of Belle Vue Facebook I can get it to him.
      MGGossage Chair FOBV

  11. David Davis says:

    You can help Friends Of The Dingle by contacting their Chairman (if they have one?) if they have a phone number? , website or an address for people wishing to help them ?, its up the group to give people a way to get in touch.

  12. AK says:

    Thank you for your efforts, FOTD. Such a pleasure now to walk through the dingle (apart from the slalom path at the far end which I realise is not your doing!). I can’t understand why the VOG did not also install steps in the corner for those who can manage them, likewise on the marina slalom !

    I look forward to seeing the wild flowers when they have sprouted.

  13. robert donaldson says:

    FODP,Robert, e/mail ;- r-donaldson@virginmedia.com
    for urgent matters;- TEL 02920705480.
    top of hill terrace has now been cleared of fly/tipping/litter.

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