The Penarth Renewal Scheme under way in 2010 in King St

The Penarth Renewal Scheme under way in 2010 in King St

Members of the public have tabled three awkward questions for the  Vale of Glamorgan Council over its management of the Penarth Renewal Programme – the  programme to renovate substandard housing in older parts of Penarth.

The full Vale of Glamorgan Council  is due to meet tonight in Barry at 18:00 at which the questions are to be answered. In common with all Vale of Glamorgan Council meetings it is not being streamed live on the internet.

Cllr Bronwen Brooks (Labour Court Ward Barry)

Cllr Bronwen Brooks (Labour Court Ward Barry) has to answer all three questions from members of the public about the Penarth Renewal Area

The first questions from Ms N Ross is directed at the ‘cabinet’ member for Housing, Building Maintenance and Community Safety Cllr Bronwen Brooks (Labour Court Ward Barry) . It reads as follows: –
“Can the Regeneration department inform me if Building Regulations were obtained
for any properties in the 438 properties included in the Penarth Renewal Programme?”

The second question raised – again from Ms Ross – is :-
“Can the Regeneration department inform me why the building regulations were not sought in respect of replacement roofs as regulations require in Phase 5B Penarth Renewal Scheme, further, can the Vale confirm that the other phases in the Penarth Renewal scheme do / do not have the correct regulations ? If only Phase 5B are missing, and therefore liable to prosecution, can the Vale state these properties were not dealt with to the building regulations issued at the time?”

A third question has been received from Mr. D. Jenkins is also directed at the cabinet member for housing and is about alleged “asbestos mishandling” on four separate occasions in the Penarth Renewal Phase 5B.

It reads: “Asbestos mishandling has been brought to the Vale’s attention on four separate occasions regarding Penarth Renewal Phase 5B. To date there are no records indicating these complaints have been recorded, can the Vale detail what the procedure should be for reporting asbestos and how the records should be kept?”

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  1. Alwyn says:

    These would be the regeneration projects carried out under the period of Conservative (mis)rule, wouldn’t they?

    • Frank Evans says:

      Same argument as I bought the car without tax or insurance so why is it up to me !! Current administration is labour I believe?

      • Alwyn says:

        Vael Tory cabinet had to be dragged kicking and screaming by the Assembly Government into undertaking the whole regeneration project in the first place.

      • Peter Church says:

        gosh, touchy alwyn aren’t we.
        Can’t get the words vael tory out quick enough it seems… 🙂

      • Alwyn says:

        Well Peter, I have no regard for Labour’s Assembly complacency or incompetence either. Just pointing out that for the great majority of the period from 1997 onward it was the self-satisfied and inactive Tories who ‘ruled’ the Vale and neglected Penarth. Who was it who didn’t build the headland walkway, who left the Esplanade in a parlous state, who failed to provide an esplanade bus service and – of course – presided over the initiation and errors of the ‘regeneration’ scheme? Vale Tories totally ignored Penarth. I agree on managers’ failures, but who appointed those managers, and were complicit with their errors? If a company fails, then it’s the directors as much as the management who have to carry the can.

  2. Peter Church says:

    The Labour Assembly argument is we have only been in power for 17 years 🙂

  3. AK says:

    Why does the ‘debate’ always end up as a ping pong of party politics.

    Surely if there is a failure to apply building regulations or asbestos control regulations, then it is a management incompetence(and a safety) issue, not one of party politics.

  4. Plain jane says:


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