The car involved in last night's Westbourne Road crash

The car involved in last night’s Westbourne Road crash

South Wales traffic police have been dealing with a  car crash in Westbourne Road, Penarth at the end of yesterday afternoon.

No details are yet available beyond the fact that no one was injured in the collision – which appears only to have involved one vehicle.

The car clearly clouted something hard enough to detach its right front wheel .



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  1. Jalopy says:

    I would say it hit the driver’s ego.

  2. Fishhenge says:

    There were two vehicles involved: both ended up with damage to the offside front of their cars and both had their drivers side front wheels Badly damaged. Further damage was caused to the vehicle not pictured (a Citroen?) when the recovery vehicle reversed into it, damaging the cars’ front. Two police vehicles were present post accident, unfortunately neither bothered to put out cones at the adjacent junctions, meaning a number of vehicles had to carry out three or more point turns, handbrake turns etc. to enable them to continue on their journeys. Speculation is rife as to the cause of the collision in an otherwise unoccupied area of a reasonably wide road thus- 1) they were jousting 2) They were both playing that well known game of “it’s my road, move over” commonplace in Penarth 3) they were texting, on the phone or otherwise distracted from the insignificant task of aiming a ton or so of metal along a wide road 4) some other reason. Immediately following the accident there was no information available as to whether or not the recovery vehicle driver lost his no claims bonus for reversing into a car but he did not leave a post it note on the affected car’s windscreen. Git.

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