Losers: Vale Council Labour Leader Neil Moore and Penarth Vale councillors Lis Burnett and Gwyn Roberts found prevailing opinion was against them at last night's council meeting

Losers: Vale Council Labour Leader Neil Moore and Penarth Vale councillors Lis Burnett and Gwyn Roberts found prevailing opinion was against them at last night’s council meeting

The Labour hierarchy of the Vale of Glamorgan Council has received an unprecedented rebuff from fellow Labour Party members in a meeting of the council held at its Barry HQ last night.

The Vale Council’s six-member ruling ‘cabinet’ had decided to support the Welsh Local Government’s Association and issue what it called a “recommendation” advising ordinary councillors (and presumably ordinary voters too) that they should vote for the UK to remain within in the EU.

Cllr Kevin Mahoney (Independent Sully) was formerly a UKIP councillor

Cllr Kevin Mahoney (Independent Sully) was formerly a UKIP councillor

When the agenda for last night’s the meeting had been issued,  Sully independent councillor Kevin Mahoney had emailed all councillors pointing out that this issue was none of the council’s business and said “It is not the remit of the Vale of Glamorgan County Council to be issuing statements in support or not in support of a National Referendum on EU membership.”.

Despite Cllr Mahoney’s intervention the Vale cabinet pressed ahead with a vote at the full council meeting – only to find that most councillors  – including Labour members –  didn’t think much of the idea.

The so-called “cabinet” was comprehensively routed by 20 votes (against) to only 7 (for) and with no fewer that 15 councillors abstaining – easily the most catastrophic reverse the top tier of the council has ever suffered.

Amongst those on the losing side were Labour leader Cllr Neil Moore (Cadoc Ward), and two prominent Penarth members Cllr Lis Burnett and Cllr Gwyn Roberts (both Labour St Augustines) who all found themselves at odds with prevailing opinion.

Cllr Stuart Egan (Labour Buttrills Ward, Barry)

Cllr Stuart Egan (Labour Buttrills Ward, Barry)

Even the council’s Deputy Leader Cllr Stuart Egan decided to abstain. He said no one should know how he intends to vote in the forthcoming referendum.

Other councillors were totally against the idea that the council should adopt any particular view on the EU issue . Cllr John Thomas said the matter for was individual members – and not for the Vale Council  . Cllr Richard Bertin said it was “not appropriate” for the council to take a view on matter.

Cllr Bob Penrose (Independent Sully)

Cllr Bob Penrose (Independent Sully)

Cllr Bob Penrose called for members’ votes to be “recorded” – which means that the way each councillor votes would actually be written down and be available for public inspection – something that usually doesn’t happen in the Vale Council.

Cllr Jeffrey James (Conservative Rhoose) f

Cllr Jeffrey James (Conservative Rhoose)

Cllr Jeff James (Conservative Rhoose) says that if the Vale Council took what he called “a political view” that might influence ordinary voters – and that was not the council’s job.

School chief Cllr Chris Elmore (Labour Castleland Ward, Barry)

Would-be MP Cllr Chris Elmore (Labour Castleland Ward, Barry)

The result of the vote was an overwhelming defeat for Cllr Neil Moore -the Leader of the Council- and for the six acolytes who supported him  – who included Cllr Chris Elmore (the cabinet member for schools who is standing as the Labour parliamentary candidate in the Ogmore by-election on May 5th 2016)  and Cllr John Drysdale (Labour Illtyd Ward)  .



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  1. Timothy Hughes says:

    Nice to see democracy working then.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Does anyone actually care? (yawn- zzzz) at 2/13 odds on with BetFred to stay in its all over anyway. Farage has all but given up. Gove and Duncan Smith are on Gardening Leave from the Cabinet spending more time with their money just like all the other Brexit Millionaires.

      Vale Council motto “Ignorance is Bliss where it is folly to be Wise” They are entiltled to a view just as Cameron’s Cabinet . They chose not too but———
      You can’t have it both ways by claiming they are incompetent and then deny them the opportunity to develop the Political Education and Debating Skills they are clearly lacking. Every time they ask on our behalf for EU funding that is tacit approval of the EU
      The English Local Government Association consults its members all the time on the EU. and because the majority of Vale Councillors -not surprisingly- fail to understand the concept does not render, the process, undemocratic or unconstitutional as long as it passes the 28 day prior to the Referendum Test.

      • Peter Church says:

        Hi Phil, Will you be writing anything on the growing Anti-Semitism, in certain ranks of the Labour Party?
        An historical perspective from your good-self might be in order, after all Red Ken took us back to 1932, which I thought amusing when we read some of your history lessons 🙂

  2. Christopher David says:

    “Cabinet” hah hah. You could better getter in MFI. How much did this joke non meeting cost I wonder. Anyway, that’s helped the out campaign.

  3. the 2-13 odds quoted above are currently wrong anyway but just a day before the last general election it was 1-100 a hung parliament and look what happened there!!

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