Doughty led the pro-Gaza anti-Israel march in Cardiff on July 26th. (Photo Jim Wood)

Stephen Doughty (Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth) has previously publicly espoused the Palestinian cause and in 2014 took part in a pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel march in Cardiff by “Free Palestine” protestors  (Photo Jim Wood)

Stephen Doughty the Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth is amongst Labour Party members who have called today for the former Labour Mayor of London Ken Livingstone to be thrown out of the party for alleged “anti-semitic” comments . 

In  tweet this morning Doughty – who marched with protestors in an anti-Israel, pro Palestine march from Cardiff City Hall in 2014 – asserted there was “no place in Labour for anti-semitism”.

One of MP Stephen Doughty's "tweets" this morning

One of MP Stephen Doughty’s “tweets” this morning

He followed this up with a further tweet saying  Livingstone should be “immediately suspended”

A second "tweet from Stpehen Doughty today on Ken Livingstone

A second “tweet” from Stpehen Doughty today on Ken Livingstone

The row had developed when Livingstone was interviewed on BBC Radio London and had  said he had “never heard anyone in the Labour Party say anything anti-Semitic“.

Later, as Livingstone  arrived at tv studios in Westminster he was accused by Labour MP John Mann of being a “Nazi apologist”

A set-to outside the BBC studios today between Labour MP John Mann (left) and former Labour Mayor of London Ken Livingstone who is accused of having made "anti-semitic" remarks

A set-to outside the BBC studios today between Labour MP John Mann (left) and former Labour Mayor of London Ken Livingstone who is accused of having made “anti-semitic” remarks

Livingstone said later in an tv interview that Mann had gone “completely over the top”  – but John Mann stood by his remarks and quoted comments which Livingstone had allegedly made about a 1932 plan by Hitler to deport Jewish people to what was then Palestine. Mann  called for Livingstone to be suspended from the party.

Livingstone  said he had simply been quoting historical facts adding  “Let’s remember, when Hitler won his election in 1932 his policy then was that Jews should be moved to Israel. He was supporting Zionism before he went mad and ended up killing 6,000,000 Jews.”

In an earlier BBC interview Livingstone had said “One of my worries is this confusion with anti-Semitism – and criticising the Israeli government policy – undermines the importance in tackling real anti-Semitism.”

Livingstone has now been suspended by the Labour Party and is to be investigated for allegedly “bringing the party into disrepute”.

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  1. Christopher David says:

    For crying out loud- when is Doughty going to do the job he’s paid for and stop meddling in things he doesn’t understand. Publicity seeking buffoon. Doughty litter and potholes.

  2. David Davis says:

    So when Doughty was supporting the Palestine cause he wasn’t remotely anti- semitic ??? whatever happened to free speech in this country??? To me Doughty is an opportunistic MP he will champion any cause or join in any outrage just as long as he gets noticed for doing it , to some he will seem like h’s trying too hard ‘to be taken serious or ne noticed. As for the Mann idiot he behaves like a total cretin , id bet a pound to a penny he has never touched Mein Kampf never mind reading it, he seems the type who would become easily confused with big words . Although im not a fan of Livingstone’s , I believe in freedom of speech , especially and more so in a democracy! being shouted down and silenced by idiots is not free speech. Neither is joining in with the feeding frenzy as Mr Doughty has done .

  3. Mark T. says:

    How is stating an historical fact “anti-semitic”!Doughty is a publicity seeking clown, who himself brought the Labour Party into disrepute with his last attempt to emerge from obscurity, his “live” resignation on the BBC.

  4. Martin Coffee says:

    It would be better if Doughty put his efforts into representing his constituents rather than petty political squabbling. I took a letter that I had received from the police to him but he still hasn’t had the courtesy to let me know what he’s doing about it. As far as I’m concerned he’s a waste of space.

    Regarding their petty squabbling it seems to me that correctness is being used to stifle debate, especially if you don’t agree with what is being said.

  5. Anne Greagsby says:

    I agree with Martin that Doughty should spend his time working for his constituents rather political I fighting. Seems to be the culture in the labour party.

  6. Jeanette Graham says:

    You can see what is happening in the Labour party of late?
    Let me put this gently without any risk. They are becoming more and more dependent on votes from sections of the community that have a natural hostility to Israel and the Jews. As for Doughty, yes I agree with other comments on here, he should concentrate on local politics, rather than hopping on every Butetown march against Israel.
    But maybe this is local politics in Butetown, in which case, what has our country become?

  7. Rich says:

    If Doughty got paid on results he would be on job seekers allowance for sure , The guy is lazy and a publicity seeking fool . He is taking his money for being an MP but does nothing for penarth Time to kick the fool out and get someone who will do the job they are paid for ..

  8. Christopher David says:

    He costs over £430.000 a year and as Margaret pointed out on another post he can’t even get a pothole filled or a street cleaned. Were not paying him to play the big shot. We want local issues dealt with. Mind most of the other 649 MP’s and 850 unelected Lords are the same- what do they really achieve? then we have the AM’s, even more ineffectual- playtime politics. What a waste. Really- think about it, what do we need over 1,700 representatives for. Mr Doughty I suggest you get back here and roll your sleeves up.

  9. Margaret says:

    “Margaret ” did not say that! I said that the potholes are not his responsibility. Contact Andrew RT Davies, he might get them filled.

    • Lindsay says:

      Don’t bother trying get some perspective on here Margaret. It really isn’t worth the effort.

  10. Christopher David says:

    You did – per defaltam Margaret. The points expressed remain.

    • Mark T. says:

      Margaret said:
      “As an MP he has no power to ensure potholes are filled and litter collected as that is the role of the local authority”
      No fan of Doughty, but he doesn’t get to decide what the Vale spends our money on -Tree destruction and High-Tech cameras to monitor something that doesn’t even happen every year, and is mostly predictable when it does!

    • Lindsay says:

      Omnia dicta fortiora si dicta Latina!

  11. Christopher David says:

    The whole point Margret and Mark T is that the role of MP’s needs to change. Why have we got 650 MP’s, 850 Lords, and then the assemblies if they don’t concentrate of the key issues and only the key issues, at national and LOCAL level? The issues needed to keep the country running- indeed improving it. Why are you happy to keep Mr Doughty at a cost of over £430,000 PA if he has no effect? Do you care what his views- or rather ignorance on/of Haavara are? He’s just trying to boost his own profile and agenda, and this goes for most of them. All these “worthies” and we still have a failing NHS, crumbling infrastructure, poor educational standards in many areas etc etc. labours had 17 years in Wales and our GDP is still 72% of the national average! Given the set up that wouldn’t change much under any party. The clubs looking after the club and you probably aren’t in it.

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