The Outhouse by Loyn and Co overlooks the Wye and Severn Valleys and is constructed in concrete

The Outhouse by Loyn and Co overlooks the Wye and Severn Valleys and is constructed in concrete

The Penarth-based architects Loyn and Co have been given the Royal Institute of British Architects South West Award for their design of a private house at Brockweir –  overlooking the valleys of the River Severn and Wye.

The house – which has a grass roof and is called “The Outhouse”  –  has also received the annual “Building of the Year” award by  Marley Eternit.

The dwelling is built of concrete and is sited on a sloping plot in the Forest of Dean near Offa’s Dyke. The adjudicators said  ” The design eloquently and effortlessly tackles many familiar issues; the blurred relationship between interior and exterior space, the penetration of light into a deep single aspect plan, the control of sustainability without flaunting it.”

The design will now be considered for the RIBA National Awards later in this year.


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  1. sjleworthy says:

    A great Penarth success. Have worked indirectly for these chaps a few times before. Not my cup of tea in this instance, but well done indeed on the award 🙂

  2. snoggerdog says:

    we had an outhouse in our back when i was nobbut a little fat boy it did not look anything like the one above,but it did have moss on the roof,i take it when they mow the roof they use a hover mower?

  3. Frank Evans says:

    Is this Vaughan Gething’s mansion? I have heard so much about? Please re-elect him folks that mortgage ain’t going to pay itself😈

  4. Big Davey says:


    Lovely bunker architecture……..nothing new or unique or intriguing about this very masculine and un-compromising architecture. It will look terrible once the concrete has weathered.

  5. Bobby says:

    I think it looks great but the photo above doesn’t do it justice in my opinion. A few more photos here for anyone interested in architecture:

    (PDN I will understand if you’re not able to publish these links for copyright reason etc but I hope you can)

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