Campaigning in Penarth today with Green Party Leader Natalie Bennet (centre) were Hannah Pudner (left) and Anthony Slaughter

Campaigning in sunny Penarth today with UK Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett (centre) were candidates Hannah Pudner (left) and Anthony Slaughter

Visiting Penarth, the leader of the UK Green Party Natalie Bennett has appealed to local electors – whichever party they support in the Cardiff South and Penarth ballot  – to cast their to cast their second (Regional List) vote tactically – in favour of the Greens.

Bennett has been campaigning in Penarth Town Centre this afternoon in support of  local Green candidates and in encouraging “strategic voting” sees the regional list vote as a “huge opportunity to elect the first Green Assembly Member” . 

The Greens had set up their stall outside Windsor Arcade as part of a last push to garner local support. Anthony Slaughter is standing in both Cardiff South and Penarth and the South Wales Central (regional list) constituency. Also standing in South Wales Central for the Greens are  Hannah Pudner, Amelia Womack, Christopher von Ruhland and Alison Haden .

First Minister and Labour Party Leader Carwyn Jones today

First Minister and Labour Party Leader Carwyn Jones today

Labour Party leader Carwyn Jones has already attempted to dissuade Labour supporters from supporting the Greens –  or any other parties – with their second vote .

He said “If you’re thinking about voting Liberal, or Plaid, or Green in the seats where it is a straight fight between Labour and Tory – think about that risk” .

The latest opinion polls show that in Thursday’s Welsh Assembly Elections Labour is likely to end up with only 28 seats in the Welsh Assembly – 2 short of an overall majority.

However ITV Wales is to publish the results of its final Assembly Elections opinion poll tomorrow (Wednesday May 4th) .


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  1. Mike Baker says:

    In the election on 5th May, it is only right that you vote your conscience for the Welsh Assembly, but you will have noticed that none of the political candidates for the Police and Crime Commissioner has published a leaflet (unlike me) and the main media (Radio and TV) have shown no interest at all. I have traveled throughout the South Wales Police area to speak to as many people as possible. I have been told by almost everyone I have spoken to that they are disillusioned that they have not been given details of the candidates and that I am the only one they have heard from. This is too important an election to have people just vote on party lines, please consider voting for me as the only independent candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner, but if you feel that you must vote on party lines then please give me your second vote, look at my web page..www.mikebakerforpcc.com…

  2. Christopher David says:

    I certainly will be and anyone with any common sense whatever their politics will vote for the only independent surely. I can’t believe the public don’t see how dodgy a political appointee is.

  3. Dan Potts says:

    no one in their right mind would vote for shoughter, he only cares about his own publicity. Mike Baker gets my vote.

  4. hopenotnasty says:

    All a bit naive. I am 100% sure that with the election being held on the same day as the Welsh assembly Alun Michael will be returned with a much larger majority than in 2012. Independents have always found it difficult when elected to councils where party machines are in control. In my experience they have difficulty in putting forward a motion as no one wil second the motion. As for Mike Baker dream on.

  5. Andrew sarchus says:

    Yes Hopenot- Wales is sunk

  6. Christopher David says:

    As is Wales

  7. Peter Church says:

    Aren’t the Slaughter mob up protesting about Welsh Coal being dug out of the ground?

    They want green power, except when the its neither sunny nor windy, then we have to wrap up with the lights off and tell industry to stop production.

  8. Christopher David says:

    Ah well there we differ. Greens may not be up to it now but we’ll all be green soon. Have to be. Coals a dinosaur but don’t be kidded by the likes of wind farms. Solar may be the future, but its not coal or oil.

  9. Frank Evans says:

    Never understood the greens me. Not sure what they stand for? Ban economic growth is there only policy. Not sure how they think we have progressed from the stone age and the hunter gatherer society ? The family name “slaughter” sums it up😅

    • Martin gossage says:

      You are correct ie if you think todays asset grabbing , tread on everyone else , selfish Society is progress . yes we don’t want to go back to hunter gatherer but todays Society is not effective in its current form . Ps using someone’s name as a vehicle for attack is lazy and poor form . stick to a reasoned argument or shut up!

  10. Christopher David says:

    Frank really- just open the curtains, look out then settle down to a cuppa a good relevant read. Bye the bye- when people really wake up to the fact we will have to evolve green- they’ll also realise we need a new world economic model, non growth reliant. Think about it Ralph- perpetual growth…think man.

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