The Welsh Labour Government’s Deputy Health Minister Vaughan Gething has said in an election flyer distributed in his home town of Penarth  that “NHS Wales isn’t perfect, and where the it needs to improve we will act”  (sic) .

The somewhat mangled claim in Deputy Health Minister Vaughan Gething's election flyer

After 17 years of Labour control of the Welsh Assembly the Deputy Health Minister Vaughan Gething’s mangled election flyer admits that “NHS Wales isn’t perfect, but where the it needs to improve we will act”.

The somewhat mangled claim has come in a publication called “Labour News Cardiff South and Penarth Election Edition “.  Last night children on scooters were being used to deliver it .

The "Labour News" flyer reassures Penarth residents that it's "delivered free in your area"

The “Labour News” flyer reassures Penarth residents that it’s “delivered free in your area”

In the flyer, Penarth resident Vaughan Gething – who is Assembly candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth and technically continues to hold his job as Deputy Health Minister until Thursday – claims  “NHS Wales is as least as good as in England” .     

But Gething’s misgivings about the state of the NHS in Wales – which he is partially responsible for running – were also endorsed by his boss – Welsh Labour Government First Minister Carwyn Jones in Wrexham yesterday –  who said the NHS was “on the ballot paper on Thursday and admittedWe know the health service has faced some challenges, in North Wales in particular.”

[ PDN Note:  The notorious Betsi Cadwaladr NHS Health Trust was placed in “special measures” in June last year – and is still in them. Across Wales NHS waiting lists are growing as are ambulance response times] 

Welsh Conservative Leader Andrew R T Davies

Welsh Conservative Leader Andrew R T Davies

Andrew R T Davies, the leader of the Welsh Conservatives (who is contesting the South Wales Central constituency which includes Penarth) says: “Labour’s management of the NHS proves they’re not up to the job. The election this Thursday presents voters with their best opportunity in nearly two decades to deliver new leadership for Wales, and secure a strong, properly-funded NHS backed up by a strong economy. With Labour only one seat from losing power, a new start for our NHS is within reach. The Welsh Conservatives are the only party to have made a manifesto commitment to safeguard the NHS budget and to increase spending on health services each and every year during the Assembly term.”

RE-EDITED 26/5/2016

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  1. EH says:

    But Labour haven’t acted have they? When we moved to Penarth 10 years ago, it took two weeks to get a doctor’s appointment at Stanwell Rd Health Centre…I felt his was unacceptable and complained to our AM. Last time I tried it’s four weeks now, unless you’re lucky enough to get into the today/tomorrow pool with whomever is available. We’re going backwards Mr.Gething…and as for A&E/Hospital waiting times, well somebody else will comment on that I’m sure.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Having seen Andrew RT Davies Kitchen on Welsh News last night and having been given the freedom to vote tactically on the Regional List I it could just be Andy —“out of the frying pan in to the arms of the far right UKIP”——- gets my vote.
      I have become middle class aspirational overnight and slept with a copy of the glossy “Vale Life” full of delicious Fitted Kitchen ads under my pillow.

      Anything but UKIP for me! So it looks like you’re on a promise Andrew!1

      • Frank Evans says:

        Yawn 😦 philip rappier off on an RT rant again. Talk about Labour Phil never mind the other parties.
        Two words will sink labour…..


    • whatsoccurin says:

      Good point-I returned to Penarth ten years ago and as I had been “on their books” from 1980-87, I attempted to re-register with Stanwell-no chance they were full-managed to register with Redlands who I must say are very good-you can get an emergency appointment with a GP but it will not be your OWN G.P-fine with me.-Recently tried and failed miserably to get NHS Dental treatment-did get excellent but expensive private treatment locally-my view is that with a Labour Administration NHS staff will always be prioritised over patients.

    • AK says:

      You’re lucky.

      If you are at Albert Rd, you have to phone at 8am for a ‘same day’ appointment only. Tough luck if you are already at work at the other side of Cardiff.

      But it keeps the statistics looking good – no-one has to wait more than 24hrs to see a doctor (if you can get through !)

  2. Christopher David says:

    I see only a few points to initially consider here. 1) Labour have had 17 years in power in Wales. The GDP of Wales is still 72% of the UK national average. We spend circa 40% of our annual budget of £15 billion + (which largely comes in the form of a grant from Westminster because Wales is bust) on the NHS and its still got major problems. 2) Mike Baker in the only candidate for police commissioner who is independent. He Baker is the only one with real police experience and is a barrister to boot. All the others are political puppets who will have a hidden agenda and will be driven by the party whip. More gravy train club members. They, the politico’s also have their expenses paid by their respective parties, Mike Baker has to pay his own. This is all wrong- indeed is should outlawed. All candidates should be independent and elections costs should be on an even keel. Bent?

  3. Betsie Twp says:

    OMG, Vaughan Gething could see both Severn Bridges from his lounge now they’ve cut down all those beautiful trees for him.

    I used to see trees from my apartment now I see sawn-off stumps, and all the birds and bats have flown away. I don’t hear birds singing any more in the mornings.

    I don’t think I can vote for Vaughan Gething in Thursday’s election. Can you?

    • Big Davey says:

      Now it makes sense why those trees were felled.

      VG had bought a house without a view and now low and behold it now has a view.

    • EH says:

      I don’t think they cut them down just for him…

      But, to get back to the NHS, I’m not convinced by the statements of the other parties either…so what to do? I really don’t know how to vote tomorrow. The NHS is probably the top issue for me, but it needs radical reform in my opinion, and not everything can be free for everybody and ever more (heresy I know). But any party suggesting such a thing would be committing political suicide. They’re all just shuffling around the pieces of the same model which dates back to 1947…time for a major re-think that reflects today’s realities I think.

      • EH says:

        I missed the “NHS Wales is as least as good as in England” statement…wow, that fills me full of confidence!

      • Big Davey says:

        Are there others Ams living in that street then?

      • Jane Foster says:

        “I don’t think they cut them down just for him…”
        Strange that those houses (and of course the Billybanks before that) have been there all this time without any issues with the trees until recently.

        Betsie Twp is right about the dearth of wildlife. I miss watching the twilight aerobatics of the bats and the dawn chorus of the birds. But the real unintended consequences of the devastation will start later in the summer when the midges start swarming up in clouds from the marina like they do every year but this time without the birds and bats to pick them off.

  4. Carwyn Jones sprouting off on the bbc programme last Wednesday about what labour has done for the health service all BULLSHIT. Why did it take eight and a half hours to admit a 78 year old lady with terminal cancer to llandough hospital.[ Expect this at the a& e at the heath] A doctor was called to her house and told me to take her to hospital and there was a a bed waiting. 8 and a half hours sitting around in the waiting room .Bet carwyn and his mob would”nt have to do this. STRAIGHT TO BUPA. Like I said their all liars

    • Jane Foster says:

      Not to belittle the obvious emotional thrust of your post, but in your hypothetical situation, “Carson and his mob” wouldn’t be treated any differently as Bupa is a private insurance service who don’t run any hospitals, and even if they did they wouldn’t be applicable to this scenario as private hospitals don’t deal with A&E or other emergency admissions.

      • Jane Foster says:

        So it seems autocorrect changed my quote. No idea who “Carson” is, sorry.

      • It was”nt an emergency admission the doctor phoned up and they told him there was a bed waiting for her. Like I said bet one of them would”nt have to wait around for 8 HOURS

  5. New to Penarth says:

    I am not sure anyone can fix our NHS but I think we need a new set of hands on the tiller and some fresh ideas. My own experience after moving to Wales from England nearly two years ago has not been good. I have to book a month in advance to see my GP. I have glaucoma but have not been able to see a specialist for almost a year. Appointments keep getting cancelled the latest one being put back from this month to September. A study by the RNIB of eye care services in Wales two years ago cast a damming verdict and revealed that over 80 people across the country are going needlessly blind because of a lack of treatment. Mr Gethin and his boss should hang their heads in shame. Finally some food for thought. On last weeks televised leaders debate from Cardiff one member of the audience had the nerve to suggest that those who can afford it should pay for prescriptions. I am sure that the residents of ‘posh Penarth’ and other very affluent parts of the Vale wouldn’t mind parting with a few quid to get their drugs. Obviously pensioners and those on benefits could still get theirs for free. Even a token amount of a couple of pounds would help if it was ring fenced say just to provide funds for badly needed cancer treatment.

  6. Cymry Llundain says:

    I think that Penarth Daily News is absolutely fantastic BUT sometimes the right-wing bias can be a little over the top. Having said that it’s often done in a very humerous way and comes across as tongue-in-cheek.

    I’m not defending Labour here at all – far from it – but the stuff about the value of Vaughan Gething’s house and the lack of Port Talbot steel in his private car made me laugh out loud.

  7. Dizzydeb says:

    Agree with New to Penarth, I am Welsh but have also moved back from England. It was easier to get a doctors appointment and we didn’t wait so long at A&E. We really need an A&E in Llandough hospital, the HEATH just can’t cope. Thus should be a priority. I find the staff in both these hospitals always very friendly and efficient though.

  8. M davies says:

    So for those of us who believe the role of Police Commissioner should not be political that leaves one choice
    But at least he has experience of policing

  9. Peter Church says:

    I love Labour’s values, nice big houses, german sports cars, high salaries…
    Sod the real working class who vote for them like stupid bleating sheep. (or is it the donkey vote, I get my livestock mixed up sometimes)
    Does this remind anyone of Democratic Republic North Korea?

    • Lindsay says:

      Really St Peter, I’ve read some daft posts on here but attempting some sort of correlation with North Korea is pretty close to taking the biscuit. Like London Welsh, above, it gave me a real belly laugh. Keep ’em coming. Boom, boom!7

  10. The Tax payer says:


  11. Christopher David says:

    J Foster is that a joke? “Don’t know who Carson is” Anyway- Labour will get back in but may have to tickle Plaid a bit. What a farce Wales is now. Brian Rix would have loved it.

    • Jane Foster says:

      “Carson” is a name dreamt up by my autocorrect. I was trying to quote a post with the word “carwyn”.

  12. Christopher David says:

    Yeah I think we all got it Jane F, teasing 🙂 . I see some now consider Plaid a progressive party. I’d just like to know what their economic plan for Wales is and how will they couple it when they double the half a billion pounds WG spend on Welsh language support every year?

  13. Peter Church says:

    I too despair at a Labour/Plaid coalition.
    The worst of both worlds, socialist dogma badly translated into Welsh!

    They’ll let migrants in, but only if they can speak Welsh and don’t support Israel.

  14. Christopher David says:

    Indeed AK the system is all about meeting Government targets and not care. Mind it would help if the hangover and free paracetemol nutters could be weeded out. Mr Church I just see no way forward for Wales. We just don’t have the talent – or at least it doesn’t appear to stay in Wales and PC / party politics is intensely retrograde.

  15. ColinD says:

    Having worked with (not in) the NHS I would suggest cutting back on the huge numbers of administration staff who contribute absolutely nothing and re-invest that money into the front line staff Dr’s and Nurses etc. Visit any NHS administration building and you’re see first hand a good example of formation wandering… hold a clipboard, look busy and no one will ask you any questions!!

    like Local Government its an old outdated business model and changes need to be made top down rather than papering over cracks which obviously isn’t working!!

  16. Andrew sarchus says:

    From what some health care professionals tell me there is a lot of truth in that. But why then cannot Stanwell surgery run itself properly? Small unit, managed by themselves but no. Can’t organise a small business properly despite the excellent Doctors and Nurses!

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