The red T shirts don't mean Labour - they mean "Leave"

The red T shirts don’t mean Labour – they mean “Vote Leave”

With the Welsh Assembly elections out of the way – now comes the really serious business – the referendum on Britain’s  continued membership of the European Union.

As might be expected these days , every political campaign seems to be fought out on that bellwether turf of British politics  – the pavements of Penarth – and this one is proving no exception .

Today the “Vote Leave” campaigners were out leafleting Saturday-morning shoppers in Windsor Road and – according to them, persuading quite a few local residents that Penarth – and the rest of the UK come to that – would be much better-off out of the EU.

A reminder that the main issue in this campaign is Immigration – and the regaining some sort of control of Britain’s borders – wasn’t far away as a Romanian accordionist across the road serenaded the campaigners with an unidentifiable Eastern European medley.

The Financial Times polls of polls shows that opinion is almost neck and neck - with "Leave" support increasing but Remain support still the majority

The Financial Times polls of polls shows that opinion is almost neck and neck – with “Leave” support increasing but “Remain” support still the majority

The Financial Times poll of polls indicates “Remain” is at 46% whilst “Leave” is at 43%

Polling is on June 23rd

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  1. Christopher David says:

    I wouldn’t say the main issues is immigration. So just a few other points to dwell on.What about potential new members being considered, some that may not be compatible socially or politically let alone economically.Turkey for example- their entry could make Greece (which fiddled its way in then the “Greek club” ripped us off leaving its populace in dire straits) look like an unpaid bar bill! Then the fact that the EU commissioners are unelected. That not democracy. Club helping the club again, What say that over £5 billion yes billion goes “missing” every year and the accounts have not been signed off for 19 years! Auditors have even received death threats. Ttip must be avoided at all costs and we cant believe the tripe put out about trade deals either way. I’m still not sure what is the most prudent for the UK, no one knows but don’t trust the pap the club’s pushing out. Its a gamble either way. Immigration although a major consideration is not the only or the biggest concern. If we could see major reform and a return to what was just an economic union- in at a lower cost may be best…….but!

    • Peter Church says:

      Yes, I have to agree with most of your comments. The EU is fundamentally undemocratic.
      The thought of Turkey entering the EU (half the country is not even in Europe) would be a disaster.
      Does anyone get a vote on ever closer union or letting in more and more countries?
      There are economic trade deals around the world e.g. ASEAN which has free trade and allows movement of people to visit without visas, but not to move from the poorest member to the richest as is the barking mad case in EU Europe. Result there is a shortage of doctors in Hungary.

      • Lindsay says:

        So, how are you two luminaries advising us? In or out? Innit or Brexit?

  2. Martin Coffee says:

    I don’t think I can take another month or so of this poll business. The sooner this is over the better.

    It’s no wonder that people are getting fed up with these politicians and losing interest. That explains the reason the normal people cannot be bothered to vote.

    • pompousfruit says:

      Actually normal people do vote. Turnout is usually higher than 50%.

  3. johnm says:

    Pedantry time, again … ‘Half’ of Turkey is not outside of Europe, 97% of it is.
    I saw the Leavers in town earlier, they didn’t seem overwhelmed!

  4. Christopher David says:

    Well “Lindsay” (the aluminous) one luminary only comments, I just pontificated. So you have two hurdles. Finding the additional luminary and understanding text.

    • Lindsay says:

      I understand “pontificated” as expressing pompous and dogmatic views. Couldn’t have put it better myself. Thank you for saving me the trouble.

  5. Christopher David says:

    Well well Lindsay the hidden, we’re getting there with the help of Google eh! Now all you’ve got to do is actually understand the real text. Take your point johnm but were not talking geography anymore are we. So johnm in or out?

  6. Lindsay says:

    Nope, something far less techy, a dictionary. May I repeat your question to Mr M? No problem if Messrs Church or Sarchus care to reply on your behalf.

  7. Christopher David says:

    Question! ? The only question I have for da lightweight you is who are you Mr Coward 😉 Only because I’d like to use you as a case study. But plenty of you’s eh! 😉 x

    • Lindsay says:

      Pretty poor response Christopher. Scores high on personal abuse but I still ask the question. Are you advising us to be innners or outers?

      • Christopher David says:

        Jeez you just don’t understand one simple string of text do you. On any level- you cant even tell when………………oh forget it. I’m advising you have lie down. 🙂 x

  8. Christopher & Lindsay; gentlemen, I have grown to like the comments that both of you place on PDN, regarding you both as two of the more erudite contributors to PDN.

    I agree with much of what Christopher has written regarding the EU:
    It’s not all about Immigration, by any means.
    Beware of TTIP, which would allow corporate America to sue EU nations and organizations such as the NHS, sell currently banned products in the EU (or again, sue if denied – chlorinated chicken etc.), Why do you think Obama was so keen to maintain the UK within the EU?
    As the UK is the fifth largest trading nation on earth, I am sure that it could survive outwith the EU,
    Article 8 and Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty are exemplar literature regarding how continued trade with the EU would continue upon the leaving of a member state.
    Other trade agreements with emerging nations, which the UK cannot pursue whilst remaining a member of the EU could be signed. (NZ, India, Canada, Australia, African Nations)
    Our voice within the EU has been beaten back over 70 times in the last 10 years as we currently only have one twenty-eighth of the parliament and this will diminish as more states are admitted.

    However, I would advise nobody to take my word for any of this. It would behove everyone to try and discern the facts from the spin and then come to his or her own opinion.

    I love Europe, and was lucky enough to avail myself of the Penarth, St Pol de Leon exchange several times in the 1980s, love the culture and general way of life. Similarly, from that time till about 10 years ago I have felt that the expansion of the union has diminished its strength as a trading bloc. I am also less than keen on closer and closer political union. Other Free Trade Agreements (such as NAFTA) do not require political union at all.

    There we are, these are my thoughts on the matter – feel free to discuss or even repudiate them, but try not to go for the ad hominem attacks.

    • pompousfruit says:

      TTIP is going to happen regardless of staying in the EU or not. They only way to fight it is to raise the issue and protest.

  9. Christopher David says:

    Knock John one cannot attack a person ad hominem if they don’t exists- as in Lindsay. Fun though and so easy 😉 You I wouldn’t dream of attacking personally as you make some very good and educated points. I think a major issue you raise is the expansion problem and that is only going to grow (pun intended) Some of the “cultures” that have joined are struggling on economic and social grounds. Some prospective new members could deepen the internal divide exponentially. If we could reform the EU I’d be for staying in, but the club will look after the club- not the populace. We’ll continue with unelected commissioners, accounts that are “fiddled” and not signed off and £5billon a year going missing whatever we do. Ttip is very worrying and I’ve no doubt we would continue to trade on the world stage very successfully if we were out of the EU. But whatever we do its an unknown gamble regardless of what the club tells you. Advice- you make a very good point indeed- people have to actually do some research and make their own mind up. Whichever way we must move onto to major reform at home. Its just unfathomable that the British populace put up with our own political system that serves the politician more than the voters.

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