The Vale Council's £40 Council Tax "discount" offered to qualifying pensioners has long been eaten-up by at 18% increase in Council Tax .

The Vale Council’s £40 Council Tax “discount” offered to those pensioners who meet the restrictive qualifications has long been eaten-up by an 18% increase in Council Tax over 4 years .

Yet again the Vale of Glamorgan Council is to freeze the “discount” on council tax that it grudgingly pays-back to Penarth pensioners*  at just £40 per annum.

In the last four years the Labour-run Vale Council has increased Council Tax by over 18.2% – but, despite this huge increase, the so-called Council Tax Discount- designed to help some of the poorest pensioners in Penarth – has been held at a flat rate of  £40 a year.

Now, yet again, the council is to hold down the discount at the current £40 level for a fourth successive year (2016/17) – the same cash level it was set at 2013.

The decision hits some of Penarth’s poorest people who find meeting the ever-escalating cost of the Vale’s constantly increasing council tax demands more and more difficult to meet.

The Vale Council says * The discount is payable to Council Tax payers aged over 60 who are in receipt of an award under the Council Tax Reduction Scheme and those who are over the age of 70 who are not in receipt of an award under the Council Tax Reduction Scheme” but it only applies to those pensioners who are actually personally liable to pay the Council Tax

The Council Tax pledge originally made by Labour in 2012 was firstly withdrawn and then considerably watered down

The broken promise: The Council Tax Discount pledge was originally made by the Labour Party in 2012 and was to have applied to all households in which there was a resident aged 70 or over.

When the scheme was first floated out as a naked pre-election bribe in 2012 the Labour Party said it would apply to all households in which there was someone over 70 who wasn’t already receiving benefits.

After the 2012 election the Labour-controlled Vale Council denied it would introduce the promised discount

After the 2012 election the Labour-controlled Vale Council  denied it would introduce the pensioner’s Council Tax discount – a discount it had promised during the election campaign

Once in power, the Vale Council’s Labour administration dropped the scheme and tried to deny all knowledge of it – but after a public outcry it was belatedly introduced in a much-watered-down form which  excluded most of the households it had originally been intended for.

Because it isn’t linked to inflation, the payment remains static and it has not increased to keep step with annual increases in Vale of Glamorgan Council Tax Bills – which have relentlessly risen above inflation every year  since the Labour administration came to power in 2012 .


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  1. Christopher David says:

    So the question is: if the facts above are correct are the “Vale Council’s Labour administration” dishonest? liars? Anyone.

    • Brian Pearce says:

      “The decision hits some of Penarth’s poorest people” The very poorest will be getting a discount and indeed those in receipt of Pensions Credit will be paying none at all.

  2. Silverfox7 says:

    I would like to leave a comment about the “Front Page Headline” of last weeks Penarth Times “Dog’s Serious Injury” after being hit by “Speeding Cyclist” !!! as a Resident looking out to the “Footpath” which after a lot of controversy about the scheme there have been quite a few accidents especially with pets, children & Adults who are walking along the path by “Arrogant” Speeding cyclists & I mean they think its a “Race Track” !! especially along the Green Path …Sully & Archer Terrace Green Space where Children Play kicking balls, playing Tag etc. … I believe that Cyclist should be Banned form the Pathway between Archer Rd Bridge to Alberta Place & join the the “Quiet Sully Terrace Road”. So the Public can enjoy this “Green Space” without FEAR of being struck by these “Gung Ho” Speeding Cyclist’s they believe they are a Law unto themselves … there are Laws in the Highway Code they must abide by …do they ….I think not … a Red Light is a nuisance to them … they flaunt that law to …. they should be licenced by passing a Riding Test & be Plated to show this & Respect the people who use Paths & Road as they do its long Overdo !!!

    • whatsoccurin says:

      you are spot on-cyclists especially behind pedestrians do not realise how QUIET they are or how FAST they are-a while ago in the Marina one gave me a load of abuse because he almost collided with my car door as I opened it-but I had seen him some way off on the CYCLE TRACK-he obviously thought-the road looks quiet I will switch!-numerous other incidents like this and we need to consider that if there is a serious incident, the pedestrian or pet is the one that gets injured,motorists are legally obliged to have insurance,cyclists can just disappear into the distance.

  3. Philip Rapier says:

    Stunning result for Labour in Wales and London Mayor- Thanks PDN for all your coverage.

    UKIP come ” last in London” with just a pathetic 3.63% of vote as Sadiq Khan Labour new Lond Mayor wins biggest personal vote in UK Political History. over 1million votes a whopping =44.23%

    Congratulations to all first past the post winners in Wales including Ms Wood of Plaid Cymru
    Personally I would not have let any one stand for the Welsh Assembly unless they knew the first verse and chorus of the Welsh National Anthem by heart, could order a cup of coffee in Welsh and also pass simple examinations in Welsh Culture including the rules of Rugby Football. (The sort of policy UKIP favour in England)
    We have an Election system in Wales that favours the biggest “Losers” that is how UKIP got seats and the only reason they came over the Border.
    Wales is the only place in the UK where “losers” get seats. My predictions passim on PDN as to the results by the real political parties were 100%. correct. We have an Election system in Wales soundly rejected by the whole UK which let in UKIP

    Yes you are “right PDN” on this specific issue.
    The London Borough of Hillingdon continues with a Labour introduced scheme although now under Conservative control.
    from the current Hillingdon Website—–

    “Council tax reduction for those aged 65 and over”

    In April 2007, Hillingdon introduced a reduction scheme for households where the taxpayer or their partner was aged 65 or over. Since then the discount has continued, effectively freezing the council tax for the seventh year where households have qualified for the discount.

    This year (2016) the Council has announced an overall freeze on council tax for all Hillingdon residents and, in addition, the over 65s’ discount scheme will continue. Households where the taxpayer, or their partner, is aged over 65 will be entitled to a discount of 3.91% of the overall charge.

    • Peter Church says:

      Not really sure what the London elections have to do with Penarth, but then again I’m not really sure your interested in Penarth either.
      To busy spouting off endless statistics.

  4. Philip Rapier says:

    Please let me have the details of these incidents including photographic evidence if available. Send them via Penarth Town Council if you wish.

  5. Christopher David says:

    What a mish mash of a post Mr Rapier. Yes Wales has been stunned once again- tazered with another long period of mediocrity. But with no professional alternative to feckless Labour its an inevitable and meaningless result. And what the hell has Khan or Hillingdon got to do with anything in the headline? Makes about as much sense as Silverfox raving on about cyclists- another headline Mr Fox. So back to the point- given the assertions in the PDN article here is the VOG Labour administration dishonest? Are they liars?

  6. Dizzydeb says:

    I feel sorry for pensioners in Wales trying to make ends meet and being faced with ever increasing council tax hikes. Now we have labour for another 5 years we can only expect them to spiral further!

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