The revised plan for Rebecca Evans's new home in Park Road - within Penarth's Conservation Area is "not being supported" by the Vale Council's Conservation Officer

The revised plan for Rebecca Evans’s new home in Park Road – within Penarth’s Conservation Area is “not being supported” by the Vale Council’s Conservation Officer

Opera star and Penarth resident Rebecca Evans

Opera star and Penarth resident Rebecca Evans

A revised plan to build a large luxury modern home for opera-star Rebecca Evans and her husband in Park Road – within the Penarth Conservation Area – has run into opposition from the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Conservation Officer.  

Two existing houses on the Eastern side of Park Road have already have been demolished to create the site-space for the new modern – low profile – detached home.

The original flat roofed design of the house was rejected because it didn't ghave pitched roofs

The original design of the house had low-profile flat roofs – but was seen as being out of keeping with the Penarth Conservation Area

The original plan was for a flat-roofed structure which, if built on the sloping site, would have preserved the open view towards the sea for those in neighbouring homes across the road – but this design did not find favour with Vale Council planners .

What they called the “unashamedly contemporary nature” of the design  “utilising a box form with flat roofs “ was seen as being out of keeping with the Conservation Area – which has homes with traditional pitched roofs.

The Mark II design has pitched roofs - but the Conservation Officer isn't happy with them - or with the amount of brick to be used

The Mark II design (seen here as it would look from Park Road) has pitched roofs – but the Conservation Officer isn’t happy with them – or with the amount of brick to be used

The architects literally went back to the drawing board and came up with a different design – this time substituting the flat-roof design with pitched roofs in what the  Vale of Glamorgan’s Conservation officer Peter Thomas calls ” an attempt to create a more traditional form of development”  . But for Mr Thomas, the proposed pitched roofs weren’t acceptable either

He says the proposed “shallow pitched, hipped roofs” are  “not considered to preserve or enhance the character of the conservation area”. [ A”hipped” roof is one which has four angled planes rather than two ]

Mr Thomas also has concerns about the “mass of the proposed building”  – but then notes that if the pitch of the roofs was increased to match the angle of other nearby properties the “mass” of the house would “increase commensurately”   .

What the front of the Mark II new house would look like seen from Park Road. It hasn't satisfied the Vale planners

What the front of the new (Mark II- design) house would look like as seen from Park Road. It still hasn’t satisfied the Vale planners.

Mr Thomas – who has said “I do not offer my support to the application”  also says he thinks the new house – rather than using “a significant amount of brick” should also incorporate Liassic limestone, ashlar or render.

The Vale Planning Officer has now told Rebecca Evans’s architects that the current application is ” not supported”.


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  1. Rod Harrod says:

    Talk about hypocritical inconsistency of the conservation officer, saying he ‘doesn’t support’ the new plans for opera singer Rebecca Evans house in Park Road, Penarth after the horrendous development permitted next to the Star public house in the centre of Dinas Powis which tore out the soul of the conservation area in this instance.

  2. Christopher David says:

    Have to say it looks out of place but Mr Harrod has a point. One wonders what the drivers are when considering some of these decisions. Witness some of the houses in Penarth, like the mock health centre in Augusta rd. No consistency- odd ay!

  3. Daft o dull says:

    Agree with RH.

    This design is a hell of a lot better than the previous one which looke more like a crematorium.

    It is also hilarious given that the Vale do nothing to enforce the renovation or stabilisation of a number of properties on Bridgeman road owned by a local ‘developer’ and clearly being left to rot beyond repair.

    This would set a standard for new development clearly in Penath’s conservation interests.

  4. Peter Smith says:

    The Vale Conservation Officer must be told that anybody who can sing like this must stay in Penarth and must be allowed to build it. The flat roof one is better.

  5. RLS Penarh says:

    Can’t understand this. A great design for the area. This design was also fully approved by the Penarth Town Council. Surely their voice should count.

    • Martin Coffee says:

      It might be a great design but it looks so out of place in that location. If they want to live in a house like this they should find a more suitable location. Or should that be less unsuitable location?

  6. Huw Williams says:

    Personally, I much preferred the earlier design by a local architect who has won the RIBA Manser Medal for a contemporary house in the Gower Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty ( . Respecting the character of a Conservation Area doesn’t require aping the existing architecture in the way this latest proposal does. Stick to the original design and go to appeal I say.

    • yourekiddingme says:

      Wholeheartedly agree, Huw. The former design was much better. The council seems intent on pushing it towards pastiche.

  7. Jane Foster says:

    Is this the same conservation officer who allowed the hideous extension onto what was previously a gorgeous house on Paget Place? And approved the creation of a concrete bunker (which thankfully hasn’t yet materialised) in the front garden of the lovely stone houses also on Paget Place? Do the words “conservation area” actually mean anything anymore? Not in Penarth it seems.

  8. Ivor Bagman says:

    It looks superb!
    Let’s hope that it
    Stimulates the development
    Of Normandie Etc.

  9. Russell Lloyd says:

    Park Road Resident.
    Most residents in the Road disliked the first design and feel the second design is more in keeping with adjoining properties. Surely finishes could be agreed at a later date. It seems strange that our local “award winning architect” who designed the first scheme also designed a house at the bottom of the road plus Bryn Terfel’s extension, which all looked similar, all boxes yet gained planning permission, yet the new architects on this project and Gardenhurst have had problems.
    We all know what is going to happen, Rebecca Evans will look for another property and a developer will build two more house (boxes) on this site and you call this conservation!!

  10. Anne Greagsby says:

    Agree with Martin – might be a great design butwo looks so out of place in that location. If they want to live in a house like this they should find a more suitable location. Why does anyone want to build a modern house in a conservation area? It is truly anti social behaviour.

  11. AK says:

    Any planning officer/committee who approved the shoe box carbuncle on the side of the former Raisdale Hotel building should be prohibited from further infuence in planning matters.

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