Thye narrow roads North East of Sully will choked with traffic - if the 350 home Cog Road scheme goes ahead - say protestors

The narrow country roads North East of Sully will choked with traffic if the 350 home Cog Road scheme goes ahead – say protestors. The yellow posters “Say No to Cog Housing” are everywhere

Vale of Glamorgan councillors are to be faced with a demonstration on Thursday by local residents and members of the Saving Sully group when they conduct a site visit at the location of the controversial Cog Road housing  development between Sully and Penarth.

The controversial scheme – by developers Taylor Wimpey – is to build 350 new houses on agricultural land off Cog Road – on the north West perimeter of Sully.

The Contentious Cog Road site in Sully where Taylor Wuimpey want to build 350 - and ultimately over 500 - homes

The contentious Cog Road site in Sully where Taylor Wimpey want to build 350 – and ultimately over 500 – homes

Ultimately this proposed development would probably contain more than 500 homes with maybe 700 cars – most of which – opponents say – would be choking the local country roads and then heading to – or through – Penarth thereby adding to the existing commuter and school congestion here.

Councillors who are members of the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s planning committee are to carry out a “site visit” to the Cog Road location on Thursday morning May 12th prior to a formal meeting of the committee on Thursday evening at 18:00 at the Vale Council HQ at Barry at which the scheme will be discussed

Prior to the site visit, the Saving Sully Group will march to the Cog Road site with placards and banners – setting out from the lay by opposite the BP Sports Club at 10:30 – and hold a “peaceful demonstration” whilst the councillors are carrying out the inspection.

That same evening a number of the protestors are expected to attend the meeting of the Vale of Glamorgan Planning Committee and are expected to exercise their right to speak at the meeting . The Saving Sully campaign is reminding anyone who does wish to speak at the meeting that they must let the Vale of Glamorgan Council know of their intention to speak 24 hours in advance.



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  1. Christopher David says:

    And from what I’ve seen they wont be quality houses either. Instead of trying to make the world big enough for Sapiens population why don’t we start making Sapiens population small enough to fit the world. David Attenborough is credited with saying something similar and he’s a lot brighter and experienced than most of us.

  2. Big Davey says:

    Most house holds have two or three cars these days so more like 1000 to 1500 cars will be added to the load on a very small quiet country lane.

    Thee Vale should make the developer plan a new road through to the main Lavernock road B4267 as part of the initial development and enlarge the junction with a roundabout with Swanbridge Road and Beach Rd. As this is what will need to happen in the end but we the tax payer will pay for it 10 years later after much hassle and possible road traffic incidents.

  3. Paul says:

    Given the speeds people drive along Lavernock road now, this is only going to add to the problems. It’s a B road not a race track. It’s not uncommon to see some idiot driving along it at 60 + already. If there are going to be an additional 1,000 cars driving along it then there’s going to be more accidents. Its madness to build more houses and ignore the infrastructure that goes with it, Lavernock road and Redlands are busy enough as it is

  4. bizzilizzi says:

    Google David Attenborough’s speech to The Royal Society.

  5. john dawson says:

    If new houses are so bad maybe the planning application should be to knock down the last 500 houses built in Sully so that congestion and such things could be relieved.

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