The Orchard Day Nursery in Clive Place Penarth

The Orchard Day Nursery in Clive Place Penarth

Penarth’s Orchard Day Nursery at 46 Clive Place has emerged well from a routine unannounced inspection by the care watchdog – the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW).

The nursery is described as being based ‘in a large, traditional semi-detached house and has a secure garden to the rear, which is used by the children’.

It  provides full day care for a maximum of 36 children aged under 8 years of age  – five days a week and is operated by  Mrs Justine Dobbs. During the inspection the CSSIW “found areas of consistent good practice” and there were no compliance issues identified  .

Points the inspectors did raise were: –

  • The need to  ensure that the person in charge remains supernumerary at all times ( a staff member taking the day off hadn’t been backfilled on the day of the inspection) .
  • The need to ensure that the ground floor children’s toilets have individual screening to protect their dignity and privacy. ( CCSIW inspectors noted that the ground floor children’s toilets did not have doors or screening and now – to  protect children’s dignity and respect – screening will be installed) .
A new inspection report is published on Orchard Day Nursery Penarth

A new inspection report is published on Orchard Day Nursery Penarth

Inspectors found that “children were happy and occupied and staff were
attentive to their needs.”. A designated member of staff oversees each child and shares information with the parents. Assessment records are maintained – identifying children’s learning needs and next steps for development.

Staff were found to be flexible in responding to children’s wishes. When  a group of children listening to a story said they wanted  to play with the dressing-up clothes, once the story was finished a large box of role-play items was produced for the children to select outfits they wanted to wear.

Inspectors said “Children are active, positively occupied and stimulated, as a wide range of activities and resources were available to meet their ages and stages of development indoors and outdoors”. Outside space was made good-use of with areas for
digging, planting and exercise, with a good supply of physical toys for children’s use and
a covered section providing shelter in inclement weather.

Indoors, the ground floor space was used to care for the over-two-year-olds and the first floor primarily used to care for the under-two-year-olds. There’s also an `overflow’ room  including a sofa for quiet time and relaxation by all ages.

There are areas for “construction, mark making, reading, role play and crafts” for all ages.
Inspectors said “We observed staff dispersed evenly around the rooms, skilfully interacting with the children”

Food  includes fresh vegetables and fruit from the allotment belonging to the nursery.

Hygiene:  The report says the nursery was maintained in a clean and hygienic state and hygiene routines were in place, such as washing hands using antibacterial soap at appropriate times and nappy changing procedures displayed in the toilets, and a record of when they took place.

Safety :Staff kept sound records of accident and injuries that had occurred in their care, and children’s records and information records and been satisfactorily completed. Risk assessments were completed and a fire log book was found to be in place detailing all the fire-drills carried out at the nursery.

The full CSSIW report is available on http://tinyurl.com/gw4e4r2



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  1. pompousfruit says:

    I would have thought having toilet cubicles with doors was a basic requirement for being allowed to continue to operate.

  2. Helen says:

    My daughter went here. She loved it. She still talks about how much she liked it there and she’s 9 yrs old now! The staff were kind and lovely. Well done Orchard!

    • Sarah says:

      My daughter went to Orchard when it very first opened. It was amazing then and it still is now. Well done to Justine and all her team.

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