It's feat of carpentry required to complete the Welsh Assembly and to make sure all the pieces fit.

A lot of  carpentry seems required to complete the Welsh Assembly and to make sure all the pieces fit.

Even a set of cabinets from MFI or IKEA would, it seems,  have been easier to put together that this new 2016 Welsh Assembly.

Jane Hutt (Labour AM for the Vale of Glamorgan)

Jane Hutt (Labour AM for the Vale of Glamorgan)

This afternoon talks about talks  have been in progress between  former Greenham Common activist and Vale of Glamorgan AM Jane Hutt and Simon Thomas of Plaid Cymru – both out scouting to try to find  common ground. Thomas said Labour had approached Plaid Cymru.

Former First Minister and Labour Party Leader Carwyn Jones

Former First Minister and Labour Party Leader Carwyn Jones

Meanwhile  ex First Minister Carwyn Jones is said to have discussed appointing the sole remaining Lib Dem AM Kirsty Williams as a “cabinet minister”. She was the only non-Labour AM to back Carwyn Jones’s candidature as First Minister. No other party voted for him.

Such a move has already been condemned by critics as premature and presumptuous.

Behind the scenes is the slight complication that Carwyn Jones isn’t a 110% Jeremy Corbyn supporter – whereas former Health Minister Mark Drakeford very much is – and was rumoured to have ambitions to become First Minister himself

The UKIP caldron has been kept on the boil with its Assembly Group leader Neil Hamilton, calling on Conservatives and Plaid to  “stick together” – and, presumably, to carry on sticking it to Labour.

So a week since the elections the challenging process of assembling the Assembly continues – but it’s not yet clear which party – in any – holds the set of intructions and whether there will be any screws left over.

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  1. Christopher David says:

    I don’t know about screws left but certainly a few loose screws about in the so-called Senedd. So Carwyn does have something in common with MFI- A few loose screws and his “cabinet” fell down. As for Kirsty be careful- she’s the one that cost the taxpayers £100k when she stitched knee jerk Rhodri up over the bogus first class air travel IBW was supposed to have take. Doesn’t care what is costs if she can score a point. Stan the Pies must be waiting in the wings with a fair drool on hovering to see who’s next up to add a few bob to offshore empires.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      How come even Wikipaedia seem to know what the Ragbag of Machiavellian Welsh Nationalists in bed with other Party List Wannabes and the British Nationalists of UKIP are up to– and amazingly the usually so reliable PDN is behind the pace of the News.

      ————here is what wiki allege is happening——————.

      “In the elections for the National Assembly for Wales on 5 May 2016, he (Neil Hamilton) was elected as a Member of the National Assembly for Wales (Mid and West Wales Region), one of seven UKIP candidates to win a seat through the Regional List system.[30] On 10 May 2016, UKIP’s AMs voted him their leader in the Welsh Assembly. The UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, criticised the move as an “unjust act of deep ingratitude”.[31] Hamilton dismissed Farage’s criticism as “irrelevant”, [32] accused him of “throwing toys out of pram” [33] and referred to him as “the MEP for the South East of England”.[34]”

      Wikipaedia also “allege” as follows about Plaid’s potential coalition partners policies.and the extract is reproduced verbatim
      “Political ideology”
      “Hamilton holds strong conservative views. He has opposed trade unions, immigration and child benefits. He supports free market economics, privatisation of public bodies and the continuance of capital punishment. Hamilton was in favour of coal mine closures and the development of nuclear power as an alternative.[citation needed]”

      “Hamilton argued for the individual’s right to smoke. He was the only member in committee to oppose the Conservative government’s bill to outlaw trafficking in human organs.[90] In April 1986, Hamilton was one of ten MPs to vote against the government on an EEC bill. Hamilton was a member of the “No Turning Back group”, a part of the Conservative Party calling for the privatisation of schools and the National Health Service, which he described as “vast monoliths”.

      • Peter Church says:

        Talking about a rag tag bunch of amateurs, how is council life, Labour Councillor Rappier?
        One thing about your ranting monologues you never talk about Labour!

  2. Mark Foster says:

    We know that this Welsh Assembly was created by Peter Mandelson and Tony Blair as part of the ancient divide and rule geopolitical strategy of their global Zionist masters. The British beneficiaries, the corrupt democratic political class, is never ever going to turn off the gravy train and shut it down.

    What a perfect opportunity for our monarch to execute the Royal Prerogative and shut down this Welsh Assembly, to the eternal benefit of the British people! For this, she would go down in history as the saviour of the United Kingdom and of its people.

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